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Gothenburg singer-songwriter The Moniker painted a future we all want to embrace in his celestially soulful single, Someday

Gothenburg, Sweden singer-songwriter, The Moniker, used his optimism to look to a brighter future, where pure souls such as the one pertaining to his single, Someday, can experience more than just ephemeral bliss from fleeting connections.

He’s been elevating the Scandinavian music scene for the past decade since the launch of his debut album, Oh My God! It is more than about time that he started illuminating the airwaves in the UK with his secular gospel soundscapes and vocal range that rings with celestial beguile. If Purple Rain by Prince has the capacity to drive you to the brink of tears, Someday, with its resonant longing for meaning, will tip you right over the emotional brink.

The reverb-swathed production oozes class as it sweeps through the cinematic crescendos, leaving you more immersed in the shimmering orchestration with every progression.

Someday will officially release on December 2nd. You can hear it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

When I look At You: DURA LUNE wants those chocolate kisses on I Fly Alone (feat. Christine Ringborg)

As the craving to hold hands only grows through time, DURA LUNE is rather magnificent on their latest single that might make you feel you can go up into the clouds with that ultimate partner on I Fly Alone (feat. Christine Ringborg).

DURA LUNE is a Gothenburg, Sweden-based indie electronic pop/disco duo who makes a beautiful blend of scintillating music wonder.

The duo consists of Mateo Raspudic and Simon Duchén who met at the university in Gothenburg. Mateo and Simon started producing in 2017 in the progressive house genre.” ~ DURA LUNE

Taking us on a journey high above from the smoke of this burning world, DURA LUNE shows their close friendship with Christine Ringborg on a sizzling song that is quite inspirational. Washed in a beat that will probably excite your veins, this is a song to turn on loud when you need to get better energy in your soul and feel that kiss of life again.

I Fly Alone (feat. Christine Ringborg) from Gothenburg, Sweden-based indie dance duo DURA LUNE is such an enthralling mixture of replenishing brilliance to snack on hungrily. With a tremendous vocal explosion that is blended together so wonderfully, this is a special song that has the production excellence you have been waiting for.

if you have the strength within, anything is possible.

Listen in on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Swedish pop act Laptop Singers leads us away from any contaminated rays of doom with, ‘Time for a change’ (feat. Chris Con)

Bringing us a song about taking steps in a positive direction and with a clear mind, Laptop Singers urge us to awaken our lungs as we look above to those frolicking birds and take in a deep breath with, ‘Time for a change(feat. Chris Con).

Formally known as Smile, Laptop Singers is a Gothenburg, Sweden-born indie-pop brother duo who makes that harmonious music that has your ears alive with excitement.

The two brothers have had a number of different music projects throughout the years, but for the last couple of years, they focus solely on their group Laptop Singers. Having one foot in traditional songwriting and the other foot in contemporary pop music, they strive to create strong and beautiful melodies paired with relevant and meaningful lyrics.” ~ Laptop Singers

After many years of being in various projects away from creating together, Laptop Singers show their renewed connection with a simply elegant effort to wash away all your worries into the ocean.

Time for a change(feat. Chris Con) from Gothenburg, Sweden-born indie-pop brother duo Laptop Singers show us that being in a self-dreamed jail is not the way to free your soul. This is the call to break free and to see something new, as time goes rather quickly and shall sap your strength away if you let it take your heart’s innocence.

With an elevated mindset, this is a single to play loud when you need to move on, to a new town that shall revitalise your whole perspective.

Hear this lovely single on Soundcloud and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Keep Your Cool: Gothenburg-based soul artist Otson reminds us to look up and enjoy the ‘Sunshine’

With a bluesy ambience radiating through the clouds above our mindset to bring a much clearer perspective to proceedings, Otson shows us that by keeping that temperature just right you can achieve anything you set your heart to with ‘Sunshine‘.

Otson is the alias of the Gothenburg, Sweden-based indie-soul/blues musician and mightily skilled music producer Otto Nilsson.

We feel so welcomed by a really talented musician who projects his positive message to the world, which is intertwined into your thrilling consciousness. The lyrics are so well written and the melodies catch you feeling so much more positive than before – which is only a blessing in this wind-filled world – that can shake you around like a rollercoaster at any moment.

Sunshine‘ from the energetically proficient Gothenburg, Sweden-based indie-soul solo artist and music producer Otson, is that ravishing ray of fresh air that comes in after a long stormy and unfulfilling year. He sings with such a likeable style and has you thinking that anything is actually possible, despite what happened before in the past.

This is one of those truly absorbing tracks – that has your happy heart warmed by all the heat – which your healing body just needs to capture before the rains come down again.

Hear this top new single on Spotify and see more moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She’s Not Yours To Keep: Prodigious Swedish act Mata Kopa urges us to move on with ‘Go Buy the Sun’

Formally known Tellus Children when they first formed a few years ago, Mata Kopa show us their growing maturity on the strikingly real story about swiftly moving on when you are in a stagnant relationship which needs to end, so you can both be truly happy on ‘Go Buy the Sun‘.

Mata Kopa is a Gothenburg-born, Stockholm-based, indie garage-rock quartet. This sensational Swedish band bring an immaculate experience to the table on a groovy song, that gives you some inner perspective of the highest order.

After releasing their debut album and touring Sweden as well as different parts of Europe in 15’ and 16’, the project’s composers Miranda Raeder and Boris Grubesic have changed base to Stockholm, gone back to school, started new jobs, traveled and focused on writing new material.” ~ Mata Kopa

You feel like you are floating on a peaceful cloud above all the pollution of the world – on this terrific track which shows you how you really need to let go – for the betterment of your partner and yourself. Hanging on isn’t going to help at all, in fact it will only lead you astray as you try and fight love, which is such a natural process.

Go Buy the Sun‘ from the Swedish indie garage-rock band Mata Kopa, is a really terrific song that is one of the most enjoyable releases of this year so far. Their musicianship is top drawer quality and the soundscape rather world class – as you miss that special soul who you thought was perfect for you – when actually they were in your life to lead you into a new direction entirely.

Hear this new track on their Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Swedish alt-pop artist Paperwing swoops in with stunning ”I See You”

Paperwing is a Swedish artist, composer and producer born Jenny Soovik. ”I See You” is a spectacular background of absolute magnificence. She sends a whirlwind of beautiful energy into our ears with this stunning new single. I feel like I’m in a movie while listening to Paperwing as her voice is incredible and the music sounds so timeless.

With fire in her bones, we are taken on a fight of a supremely talented alt-pop singer-songwriter who has such a memorizing aura about her that is peaceful and meaningful. Sweden’s Paperwing highly impressed on ”I See You” and is in top form through this soundtrack of 2020. I feel like I’m in the highest mountains with her guiding my every move.

With inspirations such as Björk and Robyn, you can feel these heavy influences in her deep music. This is a magic ride and will thrust this young artist into the waters of greatness in the not too distant future. The Gothenburg singer is headed to the very top.

Stream this track now on Spotify to get the full flow of this beauty.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A&R Factory Present: White Limo

Following the single Queen in October 2016 comes the brand new single Fixing Replacing. The track is a big but intimate rock anthem, with a groove that oozes of epic arena rock.

White Limo has been around since 2012, and with our luxury arena rock we’ ve managed to fill the void that is in the Rock-scene today. Influences from the Foo Fighters, Muse, Queens of the Stone Age and Biffy Clyro is heard clearly in our music. The debut album “Secret Sounds” was released in 2013. The album was praised in the press and took us around Sweden. The second album “Magic Formula” was released in February 2015 and that album was praised as well.

Magic Formula goes deeper into the polished arena rock and makes it clear that they have found there sound. They also started their own podcast ”White Limo Rocks Podcast” late 2016, and it has been an exiting thing for the band.

The band consist of 4 driven guys who wants nothing more than to put you in the limo and give you the ride of a lifetime. Manager for the band is the eminent Roger Östman, who has over 20 years in the music industry.

Nisse Lindberg – Lead Vocals, Guitar

Andy Larsson – Guitar, Choir

Oliver Gonzales – Bass

William Kjellgren – Drums & Cymbals