Find Myself: Qadian-raised rapper JJ VirK lets his actions do the talking on ‘Free’

Showing us his ever-evolving artistry with UK-based sound engineer, AdamLewis, JJ VirK is at his untouchable best with the latest track from his expanding collection which is all about being ‘Free‘.

JJ VirK is a tunnel-focused Qadian, India-born, Centreville, Virginia-based indie hip-hop artist who grew up listening to the greats like Eminem, Nas and 50 Cent.

Having spent years learning, implementing, and finding his sound, now ready to take his music to the forefront of the industry. His first EP “Dreams To A Process” EP was an incapsulation of this journey so far.” ~ JJ VirK

JJ VirK displays a high echelon rap skill that shows us what he has been working tirelessly on all these years. He is totally honest and cautions us that it’s not at all about being cool and flashy like so many think they need to be. On a busty beat that seems to fit like a glove with an artist like this, you feel like you have just unearthed one of the most criminally underrated hip-hop artists in the world.

Free‘ from the Qadian, India-born, Centreville, Virginia-based indie hip-hop solo artist JJ VirK, is a  full-powered track that shows us his unbelievable technique that is highly underground and profoundly effective. He just wants to be authentic and stay away from the sheep who keep on getting sucked into the false narrative, that has so many lost in the wind like a lonely sock without a shoe to fit inside.

Hear this top new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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