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HUAN drops summery new single ‘Days’

When a girl in Starbucks spells your actual name (Juan) incorrectly, what are you going to do? Well, you can argue, or – if you’re Juan Mallorca – you can take it, make it your stage name, and roll with the punches.

Hailing from Miami, Floridian native HUAN, brings us his first solo single ‘Days’, a mix of soft, summery Fresh Prince hip hop beats, deep beats, and HUAN’s mellow, chilled East Coast delivery. It’s a prefect little summer hip hop track, radio-friendly and with a killer groove, HUAN’s delivery and lyrical imagery wrapped up in some serious flow and melody.

Previously a semi-pro athlete, now at just 26 HUAN has dropped a classy, sunny little hip-hop track that deserves to be blasting out of car windows all summer long.

Check out HUAN via LinkTree.

Review by Alex Holmes.


Simulated Youth bridges the gap between retro style and futuristic vision with ‘N.B.T.’ featuring Camoragi

Daft Punk may be no more, but entrancing EDM tracks are still hitting the airwaves as a curtsey of producers such as Phoenix, AZ-residing artist Simulated Youth.

With Camoragi’s seductive vocals sitting over a bed of complexly layered instrumentals which bridge the gap between retro styles and futuristic vision, their latest single N.B.T. (nice bass track), arrests you emotionally just as much as it takes control of your rhythmic pulses.

If the sonic experience itself isn’t enough to get you excited about Simulated Youth’s harsh bass-riding approach to electronica which hits just as hard as any industrial track with far more duality between the chaos and the breaks and the euphoria in the drops, the concept definitely will. In Simulated Youth’s own words, “The lyrics are about the song itself being in love with the artist, yet to the artist, the song is just his nice bass track.”

You can check it out for yourselves also via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


US EDM producer, Beatzler has dropped their entrancingly immense release ‘Games Forever’

US EDM producer, Beatzler’s latest mix, Games Forever is the epitome of a floor-filler; even if there’s no atmosphere in the room, there’s plenty within this entrancingly immense progressive mix.

When producers can create vibes instead of just beats, that’s how you know they’re a cut above the rest, which pretty much makes Beatzler the sharpest knife in the draw. His lacerating hooks which drag you into dizzying dubbed drops are all too effective at immersing you completely in his playfully arrestive progressions.

Needless to say, fans of dopamine-teasing euphoric EDM will want Beatzler on their radar.

Games Forever is available to stream via SoundCloud. Play it loud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


WHITING proves that optimism and euphoria are still in trend with their progressive DnB mix ‘Cyan Nights’

To tease their forthcoming EP, Bristol-based alchemist of electronically-crafted euphoria, WHITING, has released their progressive drum n bass record, ‘Cyan Nights’.

After a moody ambient prelude, Cyan Nights transitions from artfully intricate to a bass-drenched danceable feat of future-pop with a few alt-rock inclinations thrown in for good measure.

‘High vibe’ music may not be in short supply in 2021, but WHITING has a unique way of conjuring organically optimistic imagery and energy within their sound. You can’t help but fall into the infectious grooves, especially when the soaring 80s-style guitar hooks sink their teeth in.

Cyan Nights is now available to stream on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Embark on a spiritual journey with Makichi’s indie-electro psych album ‘The Rain Stopped’.

‘The Rain Stopped’ is the latest album released by Strasbourg-residing Iranian duo, Makichi. Their mystically experimental 10-track take on indietronica incorporates the work of Iranian poets, pulls the soul out of Persian rhythm and manifests through darkly psychotropic melodies.

The album kicks off with a semi-spoken-word piece that sets the evocative tone and prepares you for what’s to come from the border and a boundary-obliterating release that explores the duo’s experience living in and moving from Iran. But The Rain Stopped is just so much more than an account of experience. The concept album acts as a guide toward enlightenment and redemption; follow the ambient grooves, you’ll find it.

‘Wrong Humans’ follows the prelude with bass-riding indietronica beats which melodically shatter the monocultural mould beneath the overlapping dual vocals. Despite the diversity between the singles on the release, Instrumentalist and producer Ash made it practically impossible to pick out reference to other artists. Their artistic vision looks far beyond the usual fusing, reviving and recycling of former and current artists work. The album is an invitation to find piety, despite religion, despite nationality. Whatever corner of the globe you currently find yourself on, whatever the state of your faith, The Rain Stopped has something to offer everyone.

The Rain Stopped officially released on March 4th, 2021. It is now available to stream via Spotify.

Connect with Makichi via Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Exit Spells bring us a perfect slice of sparse Eighties electropop with ‘Bishops’

Exit Spells

Exit Spells – the brainchild of introspective composers Chris Kennedy and David Cantallo – is a wash of vintage synthesisers and sequencing, drum machines and samples, a batch of TR808 and Moog sounds creating ambient textures and soundscapes behind delicate melodies and breathy, semi-spoken vocals.

It’s old-school in all the right ways, a step back from the ‘four sweaty men standing in a rehearsal room’ band approach, melancholic yet hopeful, introspective yet immediate. There’s a big eighties vibe here, swathes of Ultravox, Visage, or Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, the vocals reminiscent of Ure, Foxx, or Oakey, the track sparse and electronic but optimistic and ultimately uplifting.

Exit Spells’ four track EP – from which ‘Bishops’ is taken – is out now; you can also check out Exit Spells on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes


Explord Leaves Us Wanting ‘More’

Busting out of Missouri, the US Midwest isn’t perhaps the first place you think of as the home of kicking glitchhop, but here with ‘More’ presaging his new EP ‘Exposure’, composer/producer Logan S – a.k.a. Explord – has pretty much knocked it out of the park.

Dubsteppy, dark in places yet chilled and laid-back, ‘More’s sparsely instrumented with an excellent repeated female vocal motif and reverb-soaked drums punctuating the sequenced electronica. It sounds in moments like an old-school chiptune piece, or maybe incidental music from 90’s arcade games; think Ridge Racer or Outrun, rain-soaked streets and night-time neon mixed with the Glitch Mob, Pegboard Lights, or KOAN Sound.

You can check out ‘More’, and Explord’s new EP, on Spotify, or follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes


scixnce brings in the future of future pop with latest single ‘in the dark’

in the dark’ is the latest psychedelically spacey electronic pop single from up and coming UK singer-songwriter, scixnce; it may just be the future of future pop.

in the dark puts a futuristic spin on indie dream pop by propping up scixnce’s soulful vocals with entrancing reverb-drenched electronica beats which showcase the artist’s ability to construct infectiously catchy melodies and offer organically manifested good vibes.

While some high-vibe dance pop tracks are only fit for dancefloors, the masterful production ensures that your mood will be uplifted by this hit, wherever you encounter it. It’s the perfect indie pop playlist staple.

In the dark is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


From sadness comes healing: Folga graces us with the exquisitely intimate transformation on debut ‘Moon’

After dealing with a traumatically emotional moment in her life that caused her to rethink things, Folga has emerged a strong woman with renewed purpose and insight on her outstanding debut single called ‘Moon‘.

Olga Kozmanidze aka Folga, is an enchantingly pure Urals, Russia-born, Berlin, Germany-based, organic-electronica singer-songwriter and performance/sound artist, who sings masterfully through her past experiences that have ultimately enlightened her imagination.

”I summoned this song while passing through an identity crisis some years ago and it kept me company while I was lingering in this limbo state. The song emerged with an insight, it revealed something I needed to learn from this difficult experience.”- Folga

Produced by the wonderfully talented Constantine Chistiakov, you feel like you are in an alternative universe here through the sound, your body and ever-replenishing soul.

Her captivating voice is so mysteriously wrapped in beauty, you feel each glorious note on this incredible song that is genre-bending.

She is revealing ourselves slowly and bringing forth her stunning creation that has been manifesting for so long, she looks ready to show her whole face and allow herself to be vulnerable, as the scars heal over time to make her a warrior princess who will never be broken again.

Moon‘ from Berlin’s world class talent Folga, gives you a new perspective as you glow again from troubled times, to rise above it all and look forward to new possibilities, never to return to the darkness that consumed you for so long.

See the video on YouTube or Immerse yourself here on Soundcloud and see her rise on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


George Sarpola has released their short, sweet and subversively psychotropic release ‘Kids Are Calling It…’

Beat Laboratory Experiments by George Sarpola

New York-residing drummer and composer, George Sarpola’s latest release, ‘Kids Are Calling It…’ will allow you to imagine what it would sound like if Frank Zappa still walked amongst us and found a penchant for avant-garde ambient electronica.

The short, sweet and subversively psychotropic release utilises vintage drum machines and newsreel samples which tease the dread of realism while George Sarpola stays well and truly in surrealist realms. His production style will undoubtedly be a hit with fans of artists as unapologetically eccentric as Otto von Schirach.

Kids Are Calling It… was released on January 17th, it is now available via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast