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Flash Jrive – Meant to Be: A Lo Fi Electronica Genre Mashing

Looking for a track that’s fast paced and utterly insane? Look no further than Flash Jrive’s latest Electronic track Meant to Be. His Electronically momentous Lo Fi track was one of the most enigmatic EDM orchestrations that I’ve heard in 2018. Flash Jrive clearly threw out the rule books when he composed his genre-mash EDM hit. The vocals to the track run as more of a spoken word commentary adding even more hype to the cacophonic beat which puts the happy in hardcore. The Lo Fi recording of Meant to Be proved that despite the production, Flash Jrive has the vision necessary to break up the monotony of the tracks put out there by most Electronic artists today.

You can check out Flash Jrive’s latest single Meant to be on SoundCloud, which is just one of the insanely enthralling tracks from his EP ‘Rewind One’ which was released in April 2018 and has everything you could ask for, from Chip Tune to Industrial; Rewind One has it all.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast




Empty Flies – Nobody: Dark Wave Industrial Worth Drowning In

I don’t mean to alarm you, but I found an Industrial artist whose vocals are as ethereally astounding as his beats. Nobody was just one of the pensively ambient Electronica tracks from Empty Flies 2018 album SHADOWS that left me hypnotised.

As I immersed myself into Dark Wave tsunami of sound that the Empty Flies deftly composed with their synthesised instrumentals I let the oceanic waves wash over me until the Trap beat picked up momentum and went in an unpredictable direction. The band mixed Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) style vocals, with a beat that almost translated as tribal, which detracted away from he atypical harshness that you’d expect in the Industrial genre. I’ve spent enough time listening to Industrial music to know that beats like this aren’t created every day, and with a style as unfathomably slick as the Empty Flies I have no doubt that they’ll see the same success as their influences which include Massive Attack, Queens of the Stone Age and Depeche Mode.

You can check out Empty Flies single Nobody along with the rest of their album on BandCamp now, follow the band on Facebook to stay up to date with all of their releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.


Chris Yohei Tokunaga – You and I Feat Nina Rotner

The more Berlin, Germany Electronica acts I hear I get increasingly convinced that they put something in the water to help the producers make such hyped-up beats even when it comes to the more Ambient sounds.

For his latest track Indie Dubstep Club/Dance producer and songwriter Chris teamed up with Nina Rotner who lent her sweet vocal style to perfectly round this ambiently enthralling track. The tracks seamlessly synergetic flow is light as air, yet, the beguiling effects and orchestration allow the sound to transcend above the mediocre. The iridescently clear synth style of the track is bewitchingly beautiful with the iconic stamp of German sterility to the sound. I wouldn’t go as far to say Tokunaga’s sound is pioneeringly ground breaking, instead, it has a familiarity to the sound that allows you to transcend to it without question.

You can check out the new radio mix to Tokunaga’s You and I which was released on March 2nd, 2018 on SoundCloud.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


ELD – ELD & Aceton Remix: A Mix of Electronica Euphoria & Swedish House Harmonic Transcendence

ELD has just dropped his remix of the iconic hit Eld & Aceton, originally produced by the blindingly talented Electro artist Timo Räisänen. The remix boasts the perfect balance of dancefloor euphoria with harmonic transcendence. The 8-minute track, may be a little on the lengthy side, but once you build up to that stunning drop mid-way through the track it’s pure ecstasy. ELD brought the remix to life with his signature nostalgic sound which pertains a sweet reminiscence to acts such as Human League & Duran Duran, however there’s no disputing his Swedish roots created a sound with infinitely more synergy. ELD has also just released his debut EP ‘Vokal’, comprised of 4 pensively paced tracks comprised of seamless serenity. If you’re a fan of 80’s electronica don’t hang around, treat yourself to a taste of his tantalisingly futuristic 80’s sound.

If you’re looking to add some new mixes to your party playlists check out ELD’s remix on SoundCloud using the link below:

Head on over to ELD’s official website for more blissfully composed melodic masterpieces:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Turvia – Unholy: Industrial Pioneers Orchestrate The Beautifully Dark Complexity of Electronica

Unholy is the latest single from Electronica act Turvia’s debut album “FEAR, BLOODSHED AND HUMAN SACRIFICES BEFORE WINTER SOLSTACE’. Even that album title carries its own sense of impending doom. But Unholy isn’t all doom and gloom, it’s mainly beautifully dark Industrial Techno with a twinge of Noise. Being no stranger to industrial music, I can say with confidence that Turvia are a band that pertain their own unique edge within the genre, there’s plenty of spaces wrapped up in the sound, which makes it a perfect listening experience for Electronica fans with a penchant for darker, more complex beats. What I love most about their debut track Unholy is is the pace, it doesn’t rush to the finish line, it just allows you to enjoy the slightly macabre ride through the analog synths, the rattles and snares, and the pure palpable synergy that the Argentinian musicians create.

If you’re a fan of Skinny Puppy, Icon of Coil & Grendel, you’re going to love Turvia’s latest track, you can check it out on SoundCloud using the link below:

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Review by Amelia Vandergast


XGod – Mine: Back to The Future

XGod is an emerging Electronica artist from Australia. He’s just released his debut single Mine, which is pumped full of futuristic sound it will make you feel like you’re in the 5th Element.

The intro kicks off to a good start with the synthesised analogue sound that gives you promise that you’re about to be induced into an eclectic sound that can transcend you from a static reality.

Yet, the lyrics provide to be the downfall of the latest track the vocals added distinct insult to injury. There’s no natural hint of lyrical flow to the vocals, they don’t even sound human, so it’s impossible to extract any passion or any other emotion from the track. You’re just stuck listening to someone proclaim in a robotic manor that they’re “going to set this bitch alight”.

I have no doubt that Mine could have been a stand out track without the excessive vocal mixing and mastering by A. Wright. I have no doubt in my mind that this track would have gone down a treat if it didn’t sound like it was orchestrated by an Artificial Intelligence robot.

Check out the Lyrical video via YouTube:


Creek – Endgame: Fresh New Symphony

Endgame is Creek’s new track is a bass heavy Electronica Rap ensemble fresh from Calgary, Alberta. Canadians have never been infamous for their musical talent. Yet electronica acts such as Creek invite you to explore the talent pool of America’s twin country with his sturdy beats, perfect for any mellow play list. The electronica mix is infused with sounds from a myriad of genres, from Experimental to Trap. It’s clear that the artist doesn’t strive to constrain himself within just one genre.

Sounding like something you would hear on a Resident Evil soundtrack, the track is poignantly ambient, yet there’s never a moment that your ears aren’t treated to a fresh cacophony of immersive sound. To describe Endgame as a symphonic masterpiece wouldn’t be an over exaggeration. The track flows with infinite progression, there’s no monotonous looping, each beat is perfectly placed. Yet it’s impossible to ignore the fact that the monotone vocals & mundane lyrics criminally hinder this track. There’s no artistic or rhythmic merit to the vocals, they’re just merely there and It makes the track a little bored.

No review of Endgame would be complete without the Lynchian style music video. In parts, it made the experience for me. Go and check it out via YouTube now:


Vision Four 5 – Take Me with You feat Kate Tomlinson: They’re Back With Vengeance.

Vision Four 5 dropped their new dance floor track on the 27th of October 2017. It’s got us a little bit excited. Sure, the internet is swarming with artists that promise to be the next greatest thing and follow in the footsteps of the likes of Daft Punk, Eric Prydz & Darude, but Vision Four 5 is a delight that I can honestly say I’ve never heard the likes of before. They’re a delectable mix of Techno, House & Electronica, their recipe for musical creativity have created music that’s cross generational that everyone can enjoy.

They’re a live dance music act from Brisbane, Australia who have become the masters when it comes to interactive video technology to provide a totally immersive experience in their shows. The band have been around since 1990, and it’s honestly a crime that they’re still a relatively unheard of collective of musicians. Whilst they’ve achieved notoriety in Australia with a multitude of radio hits; their splendour is relatively un-sampled across the pond.

If you’re looking for transgressive beats & stunning imagery look no further than their latest single. It encapsulates all of the dancefloor euphoria that they’ve invoked whilst they’ve been on tour with their music. They consider touring an essential part of the writing process in their refreshingly innovative way of making their adrenaline fuelled music.

Their choice to include the Sydney based singer, songwriter & DJ Kate Tomlinson in their latest hit allowed their music to delve into a new era of music. Kate has a delectably resonant power in her vocals with the ability to melodically resonate over the layered harmonics.

Check out the official video for Take Me with You on YouTube!


FELTS – Luv Her, Crush Her demo; Pure Indie Electronica

FELTS is the musical endeavour by headed by lyricist and vocalist Sean Reid who originates from Oakland, New York with the help of talented session guitarist & producer Ian Litovich whose natural rhythmic ability shines through the track. Their debut track was brought out earlier this month, they’re still very much bustling on the underground music scene, given time, I have no doubt they’ll become a household name.

Whilst they label themselves as an indie synthpop and rock couplet, they don’t quite encapsulate the raucous vibes of an indie track, they’re more in the synth pop playing field, with glitchy, electronic dubbing that overpowers any natural essence that the band may pertain beyond the excessive production.

Sean Reid has the gift of hauntingly soft vocal ability, it would be amazing to hear it in a more natural capacity. I’m under no illusion that to create a seamless electronic track such as Luv Her, Crush her takes undeniable talent, however it would seem that their talents would have been vested elsewhere.

That said; they’ve created a modern sound that will undoubtedly be many audiophiles delight, they’ve followed in the footsteps of acts such as M83 & London Grammar to create their film score sound.

Check out the Luv Her, Crush Her demo on SoundCloud & support your indie music artists!


U.N.I.T.Y. – Good Vibes Only

U.N.I.T.Y. have just dropped their brand-new EP ‘Living Inside My Head’ and it’s everything that you could possibly want from a collective of young urban artists form North Carolina. Their music is packed with upbeat energetic layers that flow seamlessly through the arrangements of talent put behind the sound.

The Hip Hop rapping wrapped around old school analogue beats is enough to make a girl feel nostalgic. I was moved by the infused message of hope, faith and positivity in their music. It’s so rare to get such a great vibe while listening to a track.

Their music is heavily influenced by all kinds of music legends, from James Brown to Bob Marley, and even Beyonce. I don’t think many male artists will be quite as brash to admit to being influenced by Beyonce, but that makes them legends in my eyes as well as my ears. The inventive use of genres creates a sound that all music lovers can enjoy. There’s R&B, rock, Hip Hop, electronica and soul all put behind one resonant sound.

In the tragic times we’re facing, we need more bands like U.N.I.T.Y to spread a little love, even their astounding artwork gives a nod to their playful sense of humour when it comes to confronting contemporary issues such as Donald Trump’s presidency, the BLM movement to religion.

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