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New artist ToleX fires out the gates with smooth Drum & Bass flyer ‘’Runaway’’ ft TobiSAX and Natalia Ibadin

If there’s a thing called love, I want you to show me. Promise me. I’m all yours. This is exactly the type of lyrics we are looking for in these at times- terrifyingly scary world of bleakness.

With sexy sax vibes illuminating at the beginning on this striking single, ‘’Runaway’’, has all the right energy to be turned up loud at any time of the day. The new track soon gets going with pumping Drum & Bass beats but maintains it’s pureness and melody expertly. I feel in a good zone listening to this style of music, reflective but with a smile on my face, feeling positive and relaxed at the same time.

ToleX has London’s TobiSAX (on sax) and the superb vocalist Natalia Ibadin in fine form, singing her heart out to the wonderful beats.

If this is the standard of ToleX’s music, we are all in for a treat to come. This production is fantastic and with the sax and stunning vocals adding a fine element, bring on more music like this.

Stream new artist ToleX here on Spotify and see the growth to come.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Pitch’s ‘Best Friend’s Clothes’ is feel-good London-lo-fi

London-based artist Pitch has released new track ‘Best Friend’s Clothes’ – a breezy feeling spoken word and electronic R&B-infused effort.

‘Best Friend’s Clothes’ doesn’t shy away from the creator’s identity and helps encapsulate a good part of Pitch’s presence – with the track’s concise feel and pleasant composition greatly helps it from overstaying its welcome. In fact, it helps give Pitch’s stoic, if not languid, voice a rather impactful feel, with some enjoyable streetwise lyrics sometimes shining through at the moment they need to. 

‘Best Friend’s Clothes’ is worth a listen if you want to explore some more alternative avenues of lowkey, independent lo-fi rap that fits as a solid halfway house between dreary boozy lyrics, and rhythmically carefree flows.

You can listen to and watch ‘Best Friends Clothes’ on Pitch’s YouTube channel here.

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Bug Operator releases new ethereal electro ‘Unblinking’

Electronic music producer Bug Operator has released a new track ‘Unblinking’ from their latest project Extraordinary Popular Delusions (And the Madness of Crowds).

Sparkling into place with some Mike Oldfield-esque keys and twinkly pads, ‘Unblinking’ doesn’t blink before cutting into a more driving European club-inspired space with a harsh saw bass coming into play alongside a heavy dose of reverb-heavy drums. It has a videogame style playfulness that doesn’t tire too long on one single melody, and you can hear an intelligence in the track’s frequency mix which gives it the feeling of an experienced production. 

‘Unblinking’ will work better for those who enjoy electronic music that wouldn’t feel too out of place in a more soundtrack-oriented playlist, and it’s worth checking out if you want to explore the edges of the internet’s vast denizens of hazy, ethereal, mildy-experimental electronica. 

You can check out Bug Operator’s ‘Unblinking’ on the artist’s YouTube channel here.


Altared Sounds – Grow the Bones: Eerily Transcendent Downtempo Experimental Electronica.

Altared Sounds

US-based artist and producer Altared Sounds made an unforgettable debut with their downtempo psychedelia-laced experimental electronica album “Red Wing”.

In a time when our physical freedom is limited, tracks such as “Grow the Bones” are more essential than ever. The consciousness-consuming absolving nature of the single offers all the adventurous mental stimulation you could possibly ask for.

With slightly eerie tones creeping into the mix, Grow the Bones takes you on a very different aural trip to most electronica. The sheer ingenuity thrown into the mix compels you to immerse yourself deeper with each progression. Under Altared Sounds’ deft orchestration, the energy, tone and momentum of the entrancing mix to transpose seamlessly throughout the epic 7-minute duration.

If David Lynch was asked to create a Resident Evil soundtrack, I have the feeling that it would sound fairly similar to the unpredictably mesmeric soundscape which is Grow the Bones.

You can check out Altared Sounds’ single Grow the Bones along with the rest of their album from 8th of May 2020 via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Everyday Avenue has dropped single Peace

Everyday Avenue has released single ‘Peace’ this piece is filled with energy, upbeat melodies and a funky style.

Only using a shortened amount of lyrics throughout, the same repeated lyric that flows in the chorus soars throughout, keeping the words that are sung to a minimum and letting that lyric really come through in each second as the powerful beat takes it to another level.

The melody in this track is what makes it stand out, at the start it’s fairly slow, and takes a while to actually build up into that more electronic style melody. Increasing the volume and pace and really letting that upbeat melody push through.

Listen to Everyday Avenues release Peace by heading on over to YouTube now.

Review by Karley Myall


CD97 releases I want to go outside: An rather intriguing piece solidly based on instrumentals

CD97 has dropped his latest piece ‘I want to go outside’ this track is based on sound and the combination of an array of sound effects and instrumentals.

Starting off with the distorted beat that has this overwhelming suspense about it as you listen, then adding in this high-pitched eerie chime that cuts through. Each element begins to pick up in terms of pace which gets faster and faster, adding in more energy and becoming more  upbeat as the suspense begins to build up.

Then adding in the sound of the trumpet as that original beat is still getting quicker having that more synthesized effect on the rhythm going into that repetitive tap on the drum whilst adding in the catchy melody from before.

With every piece of sound that was put into this piece, it gave it this anticipation like a big drop is about to happen, keeping you pulled in as you listen. But rather than that happening the use of instrument changes and took a different turn in terms of sound with the banging of the drum.

This piece was interesting to listen too, the way in which it builds up and the way it takes you by surprise just by the use of sound and how it can all come together to create a piece of music, without adding in the vocals is what proves just how incredible sound really is.

Listen to Cd97’s I want to go outside by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall


Obsolete releases Tripzilla Dub from Versus the Rogue Frequencies

Artist Obsolete has dropped the latest single ‘Tripzilla Dub’ focusing mainly on the use of sound with the occasional few words being said in a distorted electronic way. It combines different sound effects to create this intriguing piece.

Many variations of sound are combined into this one, but there’s something about a piece of music with sound that is so interesting to listen too. How sound can have such a powerful use and can create something that many will delve into.

It starts off with the sound of rain and adding in a little tap to this loud beat that pierces through, adding this dark and eerie sound to it as what sounds like the scratching of a record begins to play as a slight scratchy vocal appears for a few seconds, beginning to fade out in places.

Towards the end, the sound of the guitar that begins to synthesize as the drumbeat gets louder and the same eerie high-pitched sound plays through.

Listen to Obsolete Tripzilla Dub by heading over to bandcamp now.

Review by Karley Myall


Swissalpz releases latest single Roll Up

Swissalpz releases infectious and upbeat single ‘Roll Up’ infusing that electronic style of music and creating some killer beats to go with it.

From the get go, it takes you on this journey through the use of sound effects and how combining them together in a short amount of time can create an insane piece. Having that suspense fill the air, as you wait for the breakdown to hit and the beat gets higher and more distorted, which it does in certain parts.

There are a lot of eerie sounds and some vocals that sound more robotic and autotuned to add to the melody that flows throughout. The rhythm gives of this heart-pumping feeling as each second is filled with these manic high-pitched melodies that just pulse through every element.

Considering it’s a shorter piece, what has gone into it is impressive each part combines with one and another perfectly and not one bit seems out of place, the use of effects gives it a different tone and it’s not all the same, it makes you feel good as you listen.

Listen to Swissalpz Roll Up by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall


Alex Oka – Glyphs – Where is my mind?

Water is pulled in, dragged across a shore like an unending breath, that rises so it can fall into the arms of ambience. Although you might think we’ll be spending all our time here, there’s no point getting comfortable. Even as one wave is hauled upwards, bracing itself for whatever comes next, we are taken elsewhere.

Subtle beats, that rise from beneath your feet as you forgo land for something airborne, are accompanied by lyrics. Hints of Tycho are evident, but such comparisons are only a guide for what to expect from an artist who cites the Mayan calendar as an inspiration for his music.

There is a sense of serenity in this ethereal track, which many will find comforting, so why not take a chance and see where your mind takes you.

Instagram / Spotify / Apple Music / Facebook / Soundcloud

Review by Lisa Knight


Fright Night By Steve Riven: A Frightful Futuristic Fantasy

Just think of a Tim Burton movie that has gotten into your head. Mix that with the goriest Steven King thriller and add a dash of M. Night. Shamalayan’s ‘The Sixth Sense’ and you’ve got this song. A phantasmagoric mash-up of your worst nightmares set to luxuriously dark chords and lyrical suspense. Steve Riven lets his imagination run wild in his latest release ‘Fright Night’ and the audience is treated to a sexy, shadowy musical invitation of the most sensual kind.

The orchestration is sound and the pulsating, crawling rhythm takes you to another world. The vocals are far back in track but, for some reason, this decision only adds to the suspense. Rather than a face to face conversation, Steve Riven creates a terrifying voice in your head that is impossible to ignore, with a lush, hedonistic bass line that leaves you in two minds as to whether you want to. If thought provoking and chilling is what he was going for, then this track is a monumental success.

Listen to ‘Fright Night’ by Steve Riven on YouTube but be warned – you’re gonna want to let the dog sleep on the bed, just for tonight.

Review by Susan Harriott