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Hold On: Bungalow know they need to mend that weak spot which won’t heal on ‘Voodoo’

After the whirlwind success of their previous single called ‘Make It Right‘, Bungalow just do that on their new smoothly-lit release that urges summer to come a bit quicker, so that the bleak winter days of lost love may be instantly forgotten with ‘Voodoo‘.

Bungalow is an Amsterdam-based alt-electronic duo, who smartly bind together fragments of love stories that was so strong, but is harder to fix than first thought. They make that reflective music which sparks vividly in your curious mind as you try and be stronger inside your fragile heart.

Voodoo is about not being able to fully let go of someone after a breakup, with that person still being very much part of many aspects of your life, including very mundane and everyday stuff. It’s almost like you need to detox from being so used to getting their love, approval and support. The song circles around the irony of wanting their support and comfort while you’re dealing with the sadness letting them go which is of course a big contradiction in itself.” – Bungalow

Taken from the upcoming six track EP named ‘Rockets‘, that is set to drop from outer space on May 14th, ‘Voodoo‘ from The Netherlands-based Bungalow, flies high above your consciousness with a mind-warp of sounds that has you listening so intently. This is the message of trying to forget about that one which you love as you can’t be together — but just can’t seem to —  no matter how hard you try.

Stream this incredible new single on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Show Me A Sign: UK-based EDM producer Vekken shows us the light with ‘Never Felt So Good’ (ft. Brooke Telling)

Dropping his debut single to have us thinking that hope is on the way, Vekken shows us that good times are coming back with his debut track called ‘Never Felt So Good(ft. Brooke Telling).

Vekken is a UK-based EDM music producer, who brings forth a real message from his creative imaginations, as he opens the door to positive energy to return again, when there was just darkness before.

With a whirlwind effect that has you smiling again, whilst peering through your window and looking a bit deeper than before. The atmospheric beat has you lifting the keys from the table and venturing out again to see if its safe outside again. This is the mood changer that is needed, as staying home and being glued to the screen and stuck into your pajamas like glue, has become way too tiresome.

Never Felt So Good‘ (ft. Brooke Telling) from UK-based EDM progressive house producer Vekken, is a catchy new single from a new artist that has decided to shove away the negative vibes, to score a goal with this awesome new single that will have you thinking that better days are ahead, no matter what it says on the news.

Watch this fine video on YouTube and check out his IG to see future releases and visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mystifying Sounds: DARTH sam / SAMDOE intrigues the mind with ‘The Phonix vol 1’

With a style that is full of wild experiments like a mad scientist in his lab, DARTH sam / SAMDOE is here to entertain with his recently released nine-track album that will have you fascinated called ‘The Phonix vol 1‘.

DARTH sam / SAMDOE is an electronic musician who makes a star-gazing sound that is packed in with various genres, all into one puzzle that has your mind and body into a different space than before. He pushes the boundaries through an art form that has your consciousness in a different world than before.

There are a few tracks to like here and particular ones to listen out for are ‘Slept Child‘, ‘Hot Leg‘ and ‘Makin Soup‘ that come to mind. They are wrapped into a layer of mystique that has you listening extra close, as you try and work out the message through the clues that he gives us all.

The Phonix vol 1‘ from DARTH sam / SAMDOE, is a stirring performance from an artist with a variety of soundscapes throughout this album, as he toys with different ideas and creations to make this a completely unique experience for your ears to embrace.

Stream the full album here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Only Looking Up: Milan’s Raed, Dante takes us through the fascinating universe on ‘Interlude (Chapter 3)’

Founder of Dark Thunder Records Raed, Dante take us into a new world that is full of incredible possibilities beyond our current thinking on his new single called ‘Interlude (Chapter 3)‘.

Milan, Italy-based rock-electronic artist Raed, Dante has an electric fusion that shocks you into action, as he brings us a spectacular song full of twists and turns, that defies what you thought was possible.

This is about starting over again as this planet has burnt itself to the ground and we need a fresh perspective. He sings and performs with a edgy cinematic style that has you thinking, that this is a track that needs to be featured in the latest Marvel movie.

The riffs are so splendid, as he transports you safely like Jason Statham to a galaxy that is fresh with new ideas and an ever-evolving perspective, which is actually helpful to humankind long-term.

Interlude (Chapter 3)‘ from Milan’s Raed, Dante, is a journey through worlds you never thought existed. He captivates us immensely on a mysteriously brilliant single, that opens up your stiff mind to music that is actually translucent and fills your heart with belief again. This is an electro-rock mix that is a quite sumptuous listen.

Hear this spacey new single on Spotify and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Spooky Edge: Sydney’s Joel Sammut is terrifyingly brilliant on ‘Home Ghost’

Returning back to where it all started after many years away, Joel Sammut opens up our curious minds with his latest striking single called ‘Home Ghost‘.

Joel Sammut is a supremely gifted solo indie psychedelic/alt/electronic multi-instrumentalist, who creates that haunted type of music that bridges the gap between total carnage and hope, all somehow at the same time.

After living and working in London, New York and Berlin, he’s now back in his hometown of sunny Sydney, Australia, working hard on his debut album set for a 30th April 2021 release.

The tremendously fascinating track strikes a wondrous mix of illusion and mystique, as his smoothly poured voice enters your veins so vividly. This feels like a headline song out of a new Guy Ritchie movie, its dark and edgy, each part feels like you are inside the haunted house with him, you feel his power and intent as the beat blusters into your mind with conflicting abandon.

Home Ghost‘ from Sydney, Australian psychedelic/alt/electronic artist Joel Sammut, is that excellent piece of original music that you don’t get to savor too often in this copy and paste kind of world but when you do, it certainly satisfies the hungry palate.

Stream this track on Spotify and see his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Psychedelic Exploration Vibrations: Mr.Eos hatch mind-bending planetary travel soundscapes on ‘Harvest Moon’

With a sound that makes you feel like you are floating in space, Mr.Eos dazzle our perspective with their supremely elevating new single called ‘Harvest Moon‘.

New Jersey, USA electronic/guitar two-piece Mr.Eos, are all about creating love and understanding with their unique mixture of potent music fusion, that sets the bar in terms of elevating creativity to a whole new level.

The layers here are quite terrific and the mystique only gains extra traction the more you really listen deeper, this is a cinematic track that will surely be in movies or series sooner rather than later.

You feel like you are exploring freely in this track, the mixture of electro, guitar and at times elements of drum and bass, jogs your memory to find similar experiences as this, the truly remarkable creation is a rare gem in this copycat world.

Harvest Moon‘ from New Jersey’s fascinating two-piece act Mr.Eos, is the hallmark of fusing different sounds to bend our ears to hear new heart-warming psychedelic sounds, to give us hope again after a dark twelve months.

Stream this galaxy-exploring track on Soundcloud and see more IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Million Dollar Dreams: Roanin keeps on reaching for his goals on ‘Perfect Picture’

As he eagerly drives towards the positive light away from the doom and gloom, Roanin unlocks the door and shows us into his ‘Perfect Picture‘ of peace and freedom.

Roanin Anwar aka Roanin is a talented Kurdish electronic music producer, DJ, songwriter, and composer, who was born in peaceful Sweden. He fuses that deep vibration about never giving up on what you want to achieve, as he breathes new life into our lives after the depressing last twelve months for the whole planet.

This is the story of having that feeling inside that you just can’t shake, as you see others veer from their dreams, you refuse to do the same and are only interested in driving toward the sun of enlightenment, where finances are incredible so you can live the life you want.

His vocals are honest and with a freshly tuned beat – this is a terrific track to turn on when you wake up each day – as the message is one of positive energy, away from the bad vibes which do more harm than good.

Perfect Picture‘ from Sweden’s electro-producer Roanin, sums up the current mood of the world as we look to keep those goals alive of living a comfortable life, that are fueled by the massacre of a year that has made so many of us jobless. With new opportunities on the way, this is the time to build up, so you can be stronger on your mountain of self-discovery.

Stream this track on YouTube and see his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Take a metaphysical cruise with Bad Wolf’s house mix ‘High Street After Dark’

Through a combination of acid jazz, Japanese city pop, indie dance, early house music and a few nyctophile tendencies, Bad Wolf sent an invitation to metaphysically cruise through urban streets with their latest house mix ‘High Street After Dark’.

The entrancing instrumental mix almost allows you to see car headlights trail by as you enjoy the sense of desolation on the streets where rampant consumerism thrives. The Manila-based artist and producer is discernibly a cut above the rest when it comes to sharing artistic vision through immersive soundscapes which are a pleasure to be consumed by.

High Street After Dark is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

That Tasty Flow: Olive On Da Beat drops superlative seven-track instrumental-filled EP ‘Bandersnatch’

With creativity oozing from each song made as it has so much diversity your mind stops in its tracks, Olive On Da Beat carefully grabs all of our emotional baggage and throws it all away, on his new seven-track EP called ‘Bandersnatch‘.

Yxng Olive aka Olive On Da Beat is an emerging indie electronic producer from stunning Dublin in Ireland, who blends in various forms of fresh music forms, to eagerly make a sensational mixture of easy-on-the-ear soundscapes that demand our full attention.

“Colourful wonderland, A simulation created through error which will lead you into a timeless universe where the darkest things are the most beautiful.”-Olive On Da Beat

There are no average fillers here, only delicious hits. Particular favorites have to be ‘Bandersnatch‘, “Hidden Hills‘, ‘Hativa‘ and drum n bass inspired ‘Ghosts‘ (feat. Daryl Bengo). His accuracy on turning sweet beats into masterpieces is absolutely breathtaking, as he seems to tease us with pleasure on each one of these crystallized tracks.

Bandersnatch‘ from the wizardly skills of Ireland’s Olive On Da Beat, is that late-night groove that simmers in hot and never ever goes lukewarm. He has the magnetic ability to fuse reflections into memories through his delightful production qualities and meshing different genres to create his own lane.

Hear the full EP here on Spotify and link in with his IG for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’ll treat you better: Angus Brill Reed is ready for when they see the light on ‘Nth Degree’

The recent EDM Winner of the 2020 UK Songwriting Contest, Angus Brill Reed returns splendidly with the wonderful new single about that deep feeling in your body, that can’t be explained called ‘Nth Degree‘.

Angus Brill Reed is a talented indie EDM/trap/funk artist from Australia, who is a fresh talent on the rise who makes music that explores love and finding those meaningful relationships to illuminate your soul.

”This song explores love without limits, where chemistry in a relationship has the potential to create forever harmony. Wrapped in an upbeat and fresh groove.”-Angus Brill Reed

This is the sweetly crisp story of that special kind of chemistry between two people that should be together, that has you dancing all over your lounge, you have been in his place when you care so much for someone, but they are taken right now. You are ready for the time when they see the light, as there is no one else you want.

The jazzy beat is a waterfall of pureness onto your body as you sense the love, and feel so vibrantly happy with his voice that illuminates the speakers and sizzles with a cheeky grin.

Nth Degree‘ from the incredible talent Angus Brill Reed, is a stunning effort from a soulfully advanced singer who brings us a true message of doing your upmost to look for something real and pure. Life is too short to have your heart played with so finding that special love, is something that is beyond valuable.

Hear this uplifting single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen