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Mumbai producer Axesgray brings Golden Goddess on board for beautifully crafted ‘’Precious’’

Formed in 2017, ‘Axesgray’, is a popular producer all the way in Mumbai, India. A haven for cricket, this artist has broken through and is featured on lots of Spotify playlists which shows his knack for making some good music that is loved worldwide.

‘’Precious’’ features the stunningly voiced ‘Golden Goddess’ on this very mellow but enjoyable track. The song takes you on a deep journey, full of good energy and funky beats. ‘Axesgray’, a computer science engineer who is now fully immersed in music, much to his delight. He is clearly talented at this and a real natural.

Let’s see what else he can deliver as this producer is fantastic at what he does. By making happy music, he has opened up a door of delight, inspiring fellow Indian producers to up their game and learn from ‘Axesgray’.

Stream all of this on Spotify and enjoy the progression.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Southsea’s MATTE! brings ambiance to wild world with new single ‘’’Aurora’’

There is something quite comforting about this new track from ‘MATTE!’. I feel like it would be perfect late at night while just chilling with friends after a late night out. The perfect tonic from those busy crowds.

‘MATTE!’ is the alias of James Dinsdale, an electronic music producer from Southsea in England. He combines minimal electronic and lo-fi house vibes, his use of layered rhythmic elements and deep bass, shows off his signature style which is really soul-clenching. In a good way.

After being in bands when he was younger, I get the feeling that ‘MATTE!’ makes music for fun now and for that, I applaud him. The music scene is fickle and the whole point of music is to inspire and reach the real music fans. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind his music featured in a series, advert or movie of course, but this is someone who sees the bigger picture. Music is meant to be pure.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Melodrame – A Thousand Times: a melodic new-wave atmosphere

In the process of mastering and getting ready to go live on a number of new tracks, A Thousand Times is the latest effort by Melodrame, released on May 1st 2020.

Championing EDM through a heavy emphasis on multiple percussions and a handful of harmonic synths, A Thousand Times presents a melodic new-wave atmosphere with a rather original structure. Drawing bits from dancehall music, the track strikes as a perfect upbeat track whether you are in a club or just want enjoy some good chillout.

Playing with catchy melodies, Melodrame is not just a person but a project that the artist puts together to talk us through his life experiences. Through reviving memories, people and personal events, Melodrame moves through a personal catharsis leading towards rebuilding something positive – a promise for himself as well as his listeners.

Check out A Thousand Times for yourself on Spotify.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Toronto’s The Silk Demise stalk in with seductively haunting single ‘’Professor’s Lake’’

Wrapped in a promise, under stars. I set our feet as we melt in the dark.

Founded in 2006, this is the ultimately dark ambient electronic, trip-hop, and chillout music for the soul- to be enjoyed with the lights ideally off. 

The Silk Demise’ are highly influenced by trip-hop legends Massive Attack and Portishead and they expertly conjure their own smooth brand of the genre, relying on samples, synths, and melodic drones. Their music is a bit scary but enjoyable and this is a quality outfit.

Let’s enjoy this top act from Toronto, Canada and hope for more quality release while they create that one massive hit to propel them to the front of the queue. 

Stream more from ‘The Silk Demise’ here on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Outer Space visitors Burnt Umber Penumbra send electronic signals via music with ‘’Juno Morning’’

Very seldom does music give me chills like this. ‘Burnt Umber Penumbra’’ aka BUP is the name. Their self-titled album has recently dropped and I feel like the world is sleeping on this wave of magnetic energy forces, sent from a different galaxy.

Not much is known about ‘Burnt Umber Penumbra’. Perhaps they are hiding this away for now, building up their music collection before unleashing a wave of information and music to us mere mortals. I kind of like it when artists hide away, it makes my job harder but a challenge is always accepted. Music-wise anyway.

I feel like this band should focus on getting their music in a movie. From there, they will surely explode. Or wait to be discovered. No matter what they choose, this is really enjoyable music that puts you in a weirdly enthusiastic mood. Bring on more ‘Burnt Umber Penumbra’. A perfect name for a cat I’d say.

Get more Burnt Umber right here on their Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Leon Seti’s effeminate, ethereal electro-pop hits its apex with ‘Silver Lining’

Italian electronic artist Leon Seti has released his new track ‘Silver Lining’ from his chart topping new album Cobalt

Pulsing, fabricated synthetic waves of wavering vocals and silky sonic textures are quick to overwhelm on Seti’s new single. ‘Silver Lining’ is unrelentingly full-on in driving forward with mournful, high-pitched quivers alongside stuttering high-hats and blubbering electro grooves. It’s eclectic electro pop that has an appreciation for the sensibility needed to match art with pure, unadulterated enjoyability. 

Leon Seti is an exciting artist with a strutting, confident vocal prowl – evident in his grandiose falsetto on ‘Silver Lining’. Check it out if you like Pet Shop Boys-influenced work that takes on a completely modern, reinvigorating artistic presence and aesthetic. 

You can check out ‘Silver Lining’ on Leon Seti’s Spotify page here.


Kid Icarus is back with electronic reflector about ex-friends with ‘’Femto’’

With a popular name, ‘’Kid Icarus’’ is hard to find out much information on but he does bring out good music. ‘’Femto’’ is the latest release and it’s got Electronic soul written all over it.

There are a few artists with the same name but no one with the same vibe as this US based musician. He comes up with sing–along music that is meant to be all about love and peace. There is no ego with this artist and his grounded music is there for all to see. 

‘’Femto’’ is all about friends that we used to have that are no longer. This is a deep song about memories and moving on due to the energy-sapping nature of trying to make things work that aren’t there sadly.

Get more of this peaceful Kid Icarus vibe here on his Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


A mellifluous, almost lustful voice: HXVE MXND releases his new track Colors on Rewind

Colors on Rewind is the new single by up and coming artist HXVE MXND, a hypnotizing electro-pop tune from the very beginning.

Playing around with his mellifluous, almost lustful, voice, HXVE MXND waves through a range of harmonic tones that fluctuate from bass to high-pitched notes reaching limpid, somehow heavenly vocals in the choruses. The music is minimal: only a few slow beats and melodic loops neatly flutter throughout the song, giving HXVE MXND as much space as possible to fill it with his vocal overdubs.

Achieving a beautiful combination of electro-pop and indietronica, Colors on Rewind classifies as a cutting-edge pop song that flourishes for its multi-hued soundscape and comforting style – still drawing from HXVE MXND’s charmingly comforting vocals. It would be interesting to see how he’d perform a cappella.

Dive into Colors on Rewind by clicking play on Soundcloud now.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Classical piano meets electronic in Joseph Strauss’s latest Einleitung

Airy sounds and celestial melodies proliferate in Joseph Strauss latest release Einleitung.

Starting off with classical piano arpeggios surrounded by synth sounds, this instrumental piano-based tune evolves into a postclassical endeavour through the cunning use of electronic loops. A twist arrives halfway into the song when additional beats arise to accelerate the tempo and allow Joseph Strauss to play with more harmonies, enriching the atmosphere.

From classical to electronic, Joseph Strauss takes a brave leap that’s paid off by an original and inspiring outcome, that can be appreciated for its variety of effects and digital add-ons.

The way this song shifts from one genre to another is seriously impressive and you must not wait to check it out for yourself on Soundcloud.

Review by Jim Esposito.


New artist ToleX fires out the gates with smooth Drum & Bass flyer ‘’Runaway’’ ft TobiSAX and Natalia Ibadin

If there’s a thing called love, I want you to show me. Promise me. I’m all yours. This is exactly the type of lyrics we are looking for in these at times- terrifyingly scary world of bleakness.

With sexy sax vibes illuminating at the beginning on this striking single, ‘’Runaway’’, has all the right energy to be turned up loud at any time of the day. The new track soon gets going with pumping Drum & Bass beats but maintains it’s pureness and melody expertly. I feel in a good zone listening to this style of music, reflective but with a smile on my face, feeling positive and relaxed at the same time.

ToleX has London’s TobiSAX (on sax) and the superb vocalist Natalia Ibadin in fine form, singing her heart out to the wonderful beats.

If this is the standard of ToleX’s music, we are all in for a treat to come. This production is fantastic and with the sax and stunning vocals adding a fine element, bring on more music like this.

Stream new artist ToleX here on Spotify and see the growth to come.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen