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US EDM producer, Beatzler has dropped their entrancingly immense release ‘Games Forever’

US EDM producer, Beatzler’s latest mix, Games Forever is the epitome of a floor-filler; even if there’s no atmosphere in the room, there’s plenty within this entrancingly immense progressive mix.

When producers can create vibes instead of just beats, that’s how you know they’re a cut above the rest, which pretty much makes Beatzler the sharpest knife in the draw. His lacerating hooks which drag you into dizzying dubbed drops are all too effective at immersing you completely in his playfully arrestive progressions.

Needless to say, fans of dopamine-teasing euphoric EDM will want Beatzler on their radar.

Games Forever is available to stream via SoundCloud. Play it loud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Never give up: Nashville’s Catelyst send us inspiring story on ‘Until I Break’

Performing with a fiery attitude that leaves no doubt about their long-term intentions, Catelyst stay strong together amid the small-minded doubters, as they stride in hot with their lively new single called ‘Until I Break‘.

Catelyst are a promising Nashville-based indie EDM/hip-hop duo fused together by the talented singer/guitarist Olivia Floyd and skillful rapper/producer Carlos Powell. They make that thrilling music that has you hooked like a fish in the ocean, as their stirring sonic soundscapes crashes in enthusiastically, like a fresh summer wave you can’t help but love and ride as long as possible.

Her stunning voice echos warmly through the noise and the powerful production is a perfect beat for this glowing effort. His riveting raps shows district frustration amid dealing with doubters, as he simmers in with a verbal barrage that impresses mightily.

Until I Break‘ from Nashville’s indie EDM/hip-hop duo Catelyst, is that supremely catchy and thoughtful track you put on when you need some inspiration, as the relevant lyrics have you feeling that you are supporting the underdog, their raw sound is an action-packed adventure and you nod your head boisterously to the gripping sound you are curiously immersed in.

Never giving up from following your dreams is the only way to fully realizing your potential, as if you believe in yourself enough, anything is possible.

Stream this rousing new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Feeling like a hundred grand: NiSa Pasha is feeling real good and ‘Rollin’ with her crew on this party starter

After the huge success of 2020’s ‘Godfather‘, NiSa Pasha elevates her music to another level on her fourth single release and this one will have you dancin’ while ‘Rollin‘ into the club.

Chicago, Illinois-based American-Albanian EDM singer-songwriter, rapper, nature enthusiast, artist and dancer NiSa Pasha, makes that fresh kind of music that comes from her unwavering belief, that she can do anything she sets her mind to. Her mindset is truly soulful and she sings with such passion and stunningly projected vocals, as you feel her absolute love for this exhilarating journey she has chosen to embark on.

This is the story of cruising with the ladies to the local club and ignoring anyone with bad vibes or with undesirable motives to selfishly drag you into their self-destructive lifestyle choices. The freeing way with how she sings is such an inspiration to all those, who think you have to do certain things in order to be cool. Her message is that of pure love and here is a grounded free-spirited woman, who is doing things the right way and not cutting corners on the way to the top.

Rollin‘ from highly motivated Chicago EDM singer-songwriter NiSa Pasha, is a party grooving track which shows us that if you feel good and you have a loyal team around to keep an eye out, you can achieve anything you want. With a fiercely independent energy and that extra willpower to achieve her dreams, you just know that this artist is headed up the stars.

Eliminating unnecessary distractions and the noises inside your head are challenging things to do, but with that inner self-discipline inside you, it is possible to work hard and have fun at the same time too. After all, feeling like a hundred grand is only going to help you open the right doors in life.

Hear this hot track on her Spotify and see the journey to reaching her goals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


All about the party: Subterranean Polar Bear drops simmering summer EDM gem ‘Let me tell you the 10 commandments of being a Raver’

With useful help from his trusty pug Taco, Subterranean Polar Bear is back with his latest dance-laden catchy new track, that will lift your body from the couch to the dance floor called “Let me tell you the 10 commandments of being a Raver“.

Subterranean Polar Bear is an exciting EDM producer and vocalist, who makes that party music which swirls into your heart like flying down a invigorating water slide, as your willing soul laps up this wonderful experience of breathtaking beats.

This is the summer story about knowing you are the life of the party and want nothing more than a good night with the crowd having a great time, while you have your own exciting house party before starting it all over again the next day.

The beat is marvelous as it captures those fun times out with friends at the club or by the pool, with added vocals that are raw and capture the mood perfectly.

Let me tell you the 10 commandments of being a Raver” from Subterranean Polar Bear  is an EDM smash-through that will have you tapping your feet and turning the volume up. Being the life of the party is the best way to ensure a happy heart after all.

Hear this fast-paced track on Soundcloud and see more exciting adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Eiffel 65’s cult hit got catchier with Artuga’s trancey remix ‘Blue (Da Be Dee)’

Hitting play on Eiffel 65’s 1999 cult hit ‘I’m Blue’ is a sure-fire way to get a sweetly potent shot of serotonin. That also goes for Netherlands-based artist and producer Artuga’s rework ‘Blue (Da Ba Dee)’.

20 years have passed since the original, that’s reflected in the artist’s mix which extracts the 90s pop elements and replaces them with harsh trancey layers which lacerate the iconic soundscape with lashings of reverberant biting bass. With plenty more reverb on the higher-energy vocals, there’s little separation between the vocals and the surrealist escapism-aiding beats which tear you away from reality and throw you into the reality of the blue alien we fell in love with when MTV still played music.

Artuga’s remix of Blue is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Can’t tell us what to say: Passionate LA singer Eriel Indigo drops sensational video for ‘Renegades’

On a mission to tell us how it really is in the USA right now, the dynamic Eriel Indigo opens the door for the world to see her at her most vulnerable, yet never stronger on ‘Renegades‘.

Eriel Indigo is a supremely gifted Los Angeles based indie-pop, EDM, Hip-Hop music artist and captivating creative activist, with a true story to tell. She makes that music that eats deep at the core issues and she brings her awakened sounds to the world, through her brazen style that leads you inside, if you want to learn more.

Taped up to a chair and clearly tired of current affairs that are thrown at us each day which are so hard to ignore, she sings with such velocity and cuts right to the bones of major issues such as divisiveness, hate, media-controlled state-sponsored narrative, brainwashing society and other problems that shouldn’t be happening, in a supposedly smarter world. Sadly poor leadership at the top for too long, has caused these issues and this young artist is fed up with it all.

Renegades‘ from multi-genre LA singer-songwriter/EDM and Hip-Hop artist Eriel Indigo, is the wake-up call for all those who have been hiding under their blanket with the blindfold on recently. She tells it straight up in her own open-minded way and passionately speaks out about the current issues that she feels is wrong and needs changing as soon as possible.

When things are at its worst, we need love and strong leaders to come to the front and do what is right. This is a talented artist who is using her vast platform wisely and has sent Earth an eye-opening and truthful music video, that lays it all on the line for hopes of better days ahead.

Hear this fiery track on Spotify, watch this stunning video on YouTube and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


MADHAPPY prove that pop, trap and electronica combined is the perfect formula for high-vibes with ‘Freethrow’

MADHAPPY is the electronic alt-pop project by bedroom producers, Adam Coe and Spencer Vann, with their influences combined, they’ve created the perfect formula for high-vibe EDM.

With nuances of pop, trap and punk grooving through their latest track, Freethrow, the earworm isn’t just fresh, it’s galvanising. After starting with muted staccato guitar chords, the track doesn’t hang around before revealing the infectious potency of the melodies. From there on out, the hooks will leave you ensnared until the dizzyingly  subversive breakdown.

When dancefloors are accessible, Freethrow will undoubtedly fill them. If this is the future of EDM pop, colour us excited for the electronica of tomorrow.

Check out MADHAPPY’s latest mix via Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Baby Rose xo – Honey Honey: Empoweringly Salacious Queer Pop

Instead of pandering to pre-existing narratives around sexuality, Baby Rose xo changed the script with her latest single, ‘Honey Honey’, and is following in the footsteps of the likes of Peaches to create salaciously empowering Pop hits.

Anyone who grew up on 90s Riot Grrrl but appreciates danceable electro pop grooves, will undoubtedly want to adopt Honey Honey as a high-vibe playlist essential. It smashes the preconception that female sexuality exists solely for the pleasure of men. As Kathleen Hanna notoriously said, ‘I believe in the radical notion of pleasure, babe’.

Honey Honey is available through Apple Music. Hit play and find your new queer pop icon.

Stay up to date with Baby Rose xo via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Moving on upwards: Scottish producer Gary Dewar is ready for what’s next on top notch debut single ‘No More Tears’

Gary Dewar is quite excellent on his debut electronic offering and this one will pull on your heart strings but eventually lift you into a better place on ‘No More Tears‘.

Mysterious Scottish music producer Gary Dewar somehow balances a full time job, being a Dad to young kids and finds time to make atmospheric edm soundscapes with that rhythmical bounce to lift you off your feet.

The wonderful mysterious female vocals are so sweet on the ear- like getting a kiss on the cheek from a crush you truly care about. The busty bass flies on upwards with wings that are wide and makes you float in the sun-filled sky, looking down at this crazy world and having a cheeky grin planted on your face as you get away for a short while.

The story about not crying anymore and the tears has dried up as its time to move on from the past. Sometimes we need a little bit of motivation to rise again and this is the perfect tonic. Crystal clear vocals with skilled production is the order of the day here on a terrific single that is full of class and poise.

Debut Spotify release ‘No More Tears‘ from soulful Scottish producer Gary Dewar is an indie-electro single with so much stylish sonic landscape that it puts you into a mood to get up again after falling down.

The last year has been horrific but luckily thanks to top notch music like this, the world can be a better place for a few minutes as it transforms your heart to be happier. When the going gets tough, the tough get going they say.

Hear the new single on Spotify and see the visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Life is better with the right mindset: Scottish DJ Cherry Joy drops an absolute dance gem on ‘Let It Go’

Cherry Joy is ready for whatever comes her way on the bass heavy gem via dance/edm track called  ‘Let It Go‘.

Cherry Joy is a supremely talented and self-motivated female singer-songwriter and radio DJ based in Edinburgh, Scotland. After dealing with being made redundant due to this horrific pandemic recently, she is a role model to us all by pushing hard to find new work, while also putting in 100% to get her long-awaited music career off the ground.

This is what she absolutely loves and feels this deep inside her soul. After studying music after school, she got into the normal work way of life and left music behind until 2018. Then, deep inside she felt the urge to get back into it and slowly but surely, the hunger and fire has built up to a stage where it feels like she truly believes in herself and this is her time.

Her stunning vocals grab your heart and take you for an exuberant ride. The real lyrics are a pleasure to hear as this is authentic dance music that is so rare in this genre. The obvious honesty and consistently excellent beat gets you into a happy but thoughtful groove; as you turn your lights off and all self-doubt away from anywhere close to you.

There is so much to love here and when clubs and festivals come back from the darkness, they need to book a DJ of this calibre to kick the crowd up to top gear and get them dancing all night to this.

Life is about just going for it and not worrying about material things. Scottish DJ/singer-songwriter Cherry Joy shows so much self-awareness on the top quality ‘Let It Go‘ and you can see why this is her favourite release so far.

The scary part is that she is only getting warmed up. This outstanding musician has the inner motivation and nothing can stop her doing what she loves.

Hear this top dance track that will uplift you on Spotify and see her incredible journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen