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Kyle Byrne sets the pace in his chilled tropic pop single, Chase, featuring Schmorgle.

For his latest release, the UK-based artist and producer, Kyle Byrne, teamed up with Shmorgle to offer chilled tropic vibes, sweet harmonic pop vocals and melodic hooks that won’t fail to pull you into the centre of the soulfully orchestrated hit that works its way through façade-less romanticism.

Chase stands as an incredible testament to Byrne’s stellar songwriting ability and talent in composing beats that you’ll want to get lost in time and time again. Don’t be surprised if his sound goes viral.

Chase is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

No Control: Pins has their excellent creation taken to another dimension on ‘Ghosting’ (Hard Dub Stal Mix)

As he ingenuously sauces up the breathtaking beat to keep us sipping on the delicious water like a thirsty kitty cat, Stal is at his best with the Pins track ‘Ghosting‘ (Hard Dub Stal Mix) that certainly raises the temperature to cooking hot.

Stal is a passionate and multi-talented self-taught Leeds, UK-based indie EDM music producer, pianist and guitarist, who has gotten back into music again after getting divorced.

The band Pins had the artistically innovative idea of releasing the stem files for their track Ghosting, so that anybody who wanted to could remix the song tracks and add their own feel.” ~ Stal

The unit-breaking speakers seem to shudder collectively in unison to a thunderbolt of electric rays from a different planet to ours – as this sonic experience only gets better and better throughout – while you look around and nod in approve at the mesmerized crowd who are sweaty and loving every moment of this powerfully constructed track.

Ghosting(Hard Dub Stal Mix) from Pins, is an I-can-control-myself type of track that is full of electric energy and flashing lights for us to delve deeper into. The mood is rather ominous and the silky energy is deep inside your carving bones, as the moody sound seems to warp wonderfully through your alert body to give you those excited chills.

This is a highly worthwhile remix from an artist who is back and not going anywhere else again.

Hear this new track on Soundcloud and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Love Like This: B9DGER sees the sun turn into the moon on ‘Waste The Day Away Together’

With a sun-soaked beat and lots of dancing involved, B9DGER brings us some feel-good, summer vibes that was made during lockdown to help feel safe and inspired with on ‘Waste The Day Away Together‘.

B9DGER is a Scottish EDM music producer, pianist and composer who makes that vacation-type of music that takes your mind into a more positive place than before.

B9dger’s music is most notable for upbeat, summer vibes, catchy vocals and melodies that stick in your head all day.” ~ B9DGER

The energy is alive with those sunset type of pictures that you never forget, as you hold each other close and stay in the moment. With a sizzling ambiance of love, this is a track that comforts the speakers and has you feeling like you could spend the rest of your life with this special soul.

Waste The Day Away Together‘ from the Scottish EDM music producer and composer B9DGER, is the kind of track that takes your attention from work and onto more exciting things. He is in love with a special soul who makes his smile beam so wide, as the time seems to go so much faster when they are together. When you are with someone who you click with, it really doesn’t matter where you are. That natural energy will always make things so much better.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Eyes Collide: Electrifying Atlanta singer Norwood dazzles our senses alive with that sexy ‘Morning Light’

Recorded in both Atlanta and London during this horrific pandemic which has wreaked the world to its core, Norwood chose to use this time to be creative despite the closed doors as he opens up the ceiling to let in the crisp air of the sizzling ‘Morning Light‘.

Norwood is an Atlanta, Georgia-based experimental-hyper pop/EDM artist who bravely explores important topics about sexuality, empowerment, positive energy, cultural diversity, and creating an atmosphere of only inspiring vibes for the world to embrace.

Recorded in the midst of the pandemic, Norwood and producer Antunes collaborated virtually to make this EDM magic thousands of miles apart.” ~ Norwood

This is a sensual experience from an artist in his prime, as he flexes his vocals in such a romantic way and without too much effort. Everything seems to be so fresh and sexy – with a cheeky eye contact that leads you into this sexy story – about two hearts who just want to be together and feel safe in each others arms.

Morning Light‘ from the flourishing Atlanta, Georgia-based experimental-hyper pop artist Norwood, is that this-love-is-hard-to-explain type of vibe, as the steamy beat and passionately toned vocals has you feeling rather uplifted. This is that romantic track to play when you want to express your emotions to that person who you feel safe with, as you both own the night. Dancing together and being held tight in this scary world, is all you want and desire.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more from the exciting artist via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Find Your Way: Winchester’s JayetAl are at their imperiously ingenious best on ‘Moonshot’

Released from Strong Recordings UK, JayetAl lights up our curious minds like a match on paraffin with the lead single from their new mini-album ‘Connected‘, on the reach-for-your-dreams ear-shaker called ‘Moonshot‘.

JayetAl is an indie EDM duo who are based in Winchester, UK. They fuse a stunning spark-filled blend of magnificently projected pulsating Post-Rock and ambiance-packed apocalyptic live Electronica into one sound, for your surprised senses to dig deep into like a cheeky cat on a comfy cushion.

Featuring outstanding visuals that gets you in the mood to party all night, this is a terrific track to gather your thoughts so you may reach only upwards. With outstanding solo guitar riffs filled full of easy-to-spot greatness, intriguing vocals which has you listening closer, and a busty beat to get your hands raising only one direction, there is so much to wrap wonderfully into.

Moonshot‘ from the confident and well-respected festival regulars from Winchester, UK named JayetAl, is an EDM party guzzler that will have you taking a strong sip of that electrifying music you really want to bathe happily inside like a foamy dream. This is such a radiant effort that swirls tastily into your music palate, to give you a sense that you have just witnessed something rather special.

Check out this well-made music visual on YouTube and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dutch EDM trailblazer Sub Caesar has released his sixth single, PUSH!

PUSH! (back and forth) is the 6th single released by Dutch EDM producer Sub Caesar; his filthy techno-driven floor-filler finds the perfect balance between bass-drenched aggression and seductive groove. He may have only made his debut this year, but already, his sonic style boasts the versatility and ground-breaking gravitas that labels are constantly on the hunt for.

I just wish I could have been on a dancefloor to hear that euphoric drop for the first time; Sub Caesar knows exactly to leave you gripped in his progressions.

PUSH! is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

I Feel So High: San Francisco EDM artist Mellow Marsh is so happy they stuck together on ‘So Proud of You’

With a loving glance at the now and a reflective look at the past which almost ended such a lovely relationship, Mellow Marsh reminds us all that its so important to say thanks to those who you truly care about on ‘So Proud of You‘.

Mellow Marsh is a Chicago-born, San Francisco, California-based indie EDM artist, half of Bay area group Jazzo-Marsh, singer-songwriter, and music producer.

He mixes in RnB, Pop, Hip-Hop and catchy Dance music into one incomparable bundle of happy energy – that is so genuine in nature – as you feel so much more relaxed than before.

He writes his music from a very honest and personal perspective, crafting engaging stories and developed melodies while bringing the excitement of his music through producing and mixing it himself.” ~ Mellow Marsh

So Proud of You‘ from the San Francisco, California-based indie EDM artist, singer-songwriter, and music producer Mellow Marsh, is that groovy praised-soaked experience which shows you that dreams can indeed come true. Things were tough before and the scary battle to pay rent some months was real, as you both somehow joined up and worked it all out.

True love really does shine like a beautiful rainbow, after those windy storms that threatened to break you down into firewood.

Hear this highly likable new track on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Tranquil State Of Mind: scal35 takes us to a peaceful planet with ‘Launch Day’

After the marvelously breathtaking and pure sound that had us feeling somehow both mystified and calm at the same time on ‘Orchid‘, scal35 wonder fruitfully into a new and fascinating dimension and kindly take us by the hand so we can go too on ‘Launch Day‘.

scal35 is an EDM artist who makes tasty music to satisfy all the desires of being fully independent and never being put into any box that might suffocate complete freedom.

We(they/them) make music and are here to share! I am a non-binary artist that prefers to perform in my own cosplay; dragon themed of course, as internet culture and all the amazing music I’ve listened to over the years has encouraged me to share my own creative self expression.” ~ scal35

Launch Day‘ from the exciting indie EDM artist scal35, shows us that it is indeed possible to be whoever you want to be. With a determined outlook, a rather stupendously sounding ambiance and filled-up rays of happy sunshine, plus a wave of beauty that transforms before your very eyes, this is a real underground gem that needs to be heard.

Our sad hearts need all the love we can get right now.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more moves via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Goshok subverts summer pop stereotypes with his latest single, Hold it Down, featuring Darren Fewins.

Treat your synapses to a shot of serotonin with Czech music producer, DJ and songwriter Goshok’s latest dance-pop single, Hold it Down, featuring vocals from Darren Fewins. Which specific EDM umbrella the visceral beats fall under may be hard to discern, but what is strikingly evident in the ebbs and flows of the single is the ardent passion within it.

Instead of crafting your average pop anthem that obsesses over skin-deep connections, Hold it Down delves into a sincerer pool of affection. The euphoria-packed track celebrates unconditional love and reminds the listener that no one is too idiosyncratic in the presence of true love. That will quite literally be music to plenty of people’s ears.

Hold it Down was officially released on October 1st; you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Don’t Get Me Wrong: Berlin’s State Space reaches for his dreams on synth-filled single ‘Saint’

As he skillfully boosts up the engine packs and slides smoothly into our fascinated minds with a positive message, State Space returns with party boosting dance hit with a I-won’t-leave track that has you believing that anything is possible on ‘Saint‘.

Vova Tumasiants aka State Space, is a free-thinking Ukraine-born indie dance artist who likes to transcend genres and is based in Berlin, Germany. He makes a blend of classic Synthwave sounds with modern EDM beats attached, that are packed with tasty chocolate treats of 80’s-style alt-pop to nibble on hungrily.

Growing up Vova was heavily influenced by the Pop and Dance music of the day. However, the 90’s Brit-Pop and Alternative Rock of artists like Oasis ultimately inspired him to seriously pursue music.” ~ State Space

You feel that extra zest in his step – as the liveliness swarms over your speakers – the catchy dynamism engulfs your soul and has you flowing with an energy that has your heart beating rather quickly.

I think that there should be no genres anymore, because they limit the imagination and the flexibility of many artists, who don’t want to care about genres but do want to create whatever comes in their minds.” ~ State Space

Saint‘ from the Berlin, Germany-based indie dance solo artist and electrical engineer State Space, is a transfixing star-like mesh of delightful which takes you on a rocket-ship journey above the clouds, that is full of lights and action. He sings with an expressive nature that is exciting and fresh – as you feel his enthusiasm-soaked passion – that is easy to like and dance to all night long with a smile on your dial.

Check out this new track on Spotify and see more stories on his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen