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The love doctor is here: EDM producer/singer Deep Gordon tells it how it is on ‘Your Horoscope’

He has an unmistakable style, full of originality in an often sheep-filled world of cliched clones. Deep Gordon is back with the enthusiastic debut track from his ‘Horny‘ EP called ‘Your Horoscope‘.

”A song about being in the moment and doing what you like to do..if you like that.”- Deep Gordon

With an abundance of vivid lyrics that soaks the song up with a fun vibes to party with, this is all about just going for it. Deep goes all the way in here and isn’t holding back at all. He is in love and what to show it- nothing is holding him back now.

This is an artist who has found his niche and is making sure that his music is like no other. A trait that we can all appreciate, even if you aren’t an EDM fan.

The beat grabs you by the ears and wants you to lock in, this is a jam to play with friends on the weekend house party with a swimming pool close by. The songs saucy lyrics will make you a bit sweaty with all the dancing and playful banter.

Deep Gordon is a likable personality and ‘Your Horoscope‘ is the kind of EDM song that you either love or hate, there is no in-between. One thing we can all agree on is that this is so entertaining and will draw a smile from most. This is what music is for- to entertain and break down barriers.

Hear this unique track here on Soundcloud and follow his journey on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Party it up at home with ‘Tequila Movement’ thanks to entertaining Leeds producer Big Jadavid

Even though the UK is engulfed in another lock down- much to the searing frustration of the locals- great music is made each hour. This is one of those times as Leeds based EDM producer Big Jadavid has just blessed our party-hungry souls with an absolute ripper called ‘Tequila Movement‘ that Shane Warne would be proud of.

With a sweaty beat that reminds you of the good times in the local nightclub, Leeds based EDM producer Big Jadavid gives us something to be happy about with ‘Tequila Movement’, a pumping dance single that has a smashing beat and lyrics that helps us reminisce about being friends, meeting new friends, and drinking those tasty but headache-fueled shooters. The power of the song is like a strong wave in the ocean, and is equally refreshing for the tired hearts out there in the world.

This is an entertaining EDM song that pushes our mood up all the way to 10, and doesn’t stop the whole way. A welcome track to help us forget about previous worries, even just for 4 minutes and 15 seconds.

Here is the Spotify link to hear this new track.

Find out more on the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


I Passed Away serves a smorgasbord of 80’s Goth, 90’s Emo and Electro Alt Pop with ‘Brainwave’

I Passed Away

Starting off as a modern hyperpop dance/rock banger, ‘Brainwave’ showcases I Passed Away’s versatility, moving through 80’s goth, 90’s emo, and electro alt-pop disco crossover at the swelling instrumental middle eight breakdown.

There are elements of early 90’s alternative rock around the vocal production, coming across at times like a slightly more mellow Layne Stayley, but overall I Passed Away has a unique and instantly recognisable vocal sound. ‘Brainwave’ is a well-crafted piece, marrying solid, gripping melodies with catchy keyboard hooks, a driving bassline, and clean, crisp production. There are clearly influences of hip hop and ambient artists in ‘Brainwave’ too, along with the more obvious indie and emo tropes, but primarily I Passed Away has crafted a novel, individual, and mature piece of modern dance/pop crossover that bodes well for future releases.

Check out I Passed Away on Soundcloud and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes


EDM artist ZacTomRob lays down galvanizing euphoria-laced progressions with “Light That Feeling”

Wisconsin-based EDM artist ZacTomRob premiered the music video to their new track Light That Feeling on September 25th, it’s already on its way to becoming a viral hit, and with the galvanizing euphoria-laced progressions, it’s easy to see why.

ZacTomRob takes his inspiration from a wide range of artists and employs the very same versatility in his own sound. Light That Feeling is all about the rhythm, the electronic drumbeats have been replaced by the indistinguishable snaps and symbol rattles of acoustic drums, which brings an incredibly naturalistic texture to the entrancing mix. Hit play, and you may just find yourself wondering if you have been sleepwalking through life before you embraced the reviving energy in this ingeniously crafted, sonically electrifying mix.

You can check out the official video to Light That Feeling for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Eliza May extends the timeline of Future Bass with her latest EDM track “I’m Coming Home”

Right from the start, Eliza May’s latest EDM Pop track “I’m Coming Home” offers dizzying rhythmic hypnotism. The sonically-crafted soundscape was crafted to offer entrancing beats along with sweetly enrapturing vocals which implore you to delve deep into the mix and drink in every ounce of honest emotion which was poured into it.

The basslines may carve some fairly caustic cuts, but in its essence, the intricately textured and layered mix is as sweet as Future Bass gets. There’s serious commercial potential behind the LA-based DJ and producer’s sound, practically celestial vocals and ability to make no compromise between danceability and sincerity.

You can check out I’m Coming Home by heading to SoundCloud or YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


San Francisco based Cailo inspires us all with the beautiful call for help from the universe on ‘Miracle’

San Francisco based Cailo inspires us all with the beautiful call for help from the universe on ‘Miracle‘, this is a new song with so much heart and love. You can’t but help like this female artist, her EDM style is a welcome addition to the dark days of 2020.

Cailo is an American EDM producer, singer and also a well-respected songwriter. She is an artist with so much creativity and makes music to help us heal.

Miracle‘ from Cailo is a track that you can’t help but like. The world is looking for a miracle right now and the message here is of peace. The vocals are beautiful here and the beat keeps you hooked throughout. This is a song to turn on loud and tell your friends about.

Here is a self-aware female artist who makes music that means something and was made with purpose. A single that will surely become one of the more inspirational tales of 2020.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Lose control of your rhythmic pulses with Riesenradler’s fiercely sonic electronica single “The Unsung Hero”

“The Unsung Hero” is the sonically-enticing recent release from Austrian artist and video game developer Riesenradler, with passions for both classical music and Electronica, the artist electronically achieved what composers have been doing for decades; orchestrating soundscapes which become so much more than an aural experience. ‘Mesmeric’ doesn’t seem to cut it when it comes to Riesenradler’s production style, you’re practically vexed by the visceral futurism contained in their releases.

The Unsung Hero is just one of the mind-melting mixes which you’ll find on their sophomore album Under the Nanorain which is due to drop later in November. If The Unsung Hero is anything to go by, you definitely won’t want to miss it.

You can check out The Unsung Hero which dropped on October 20th for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Zen Clef is back with the mysterious debut edm banger ‘Memory Lane’

The talented Zen Clef is back with the mysterious debut edm banger ‘Memory Lane‘ and this one is a track to turn up loud.

This young Music Producer is from New Delhi in India and he makes House, Future Bass and RnB. You can feel this skillful energy on the song, the vibe is electric and you get lost in this song.

You remember those good times, those fun nights out when nothing else mattered. This is that music that makes you smile, makes you dance and get you into the mood. The type of music to enjoy with friends when the world is a fun place again.

Zen Clef mesmerizes with the punchy edm single ‘Memory Lane‘ and this one will take you back to the club without doubt. For a debut track, this is a powerful effort that is full of incredible beats. This multi-talented musician makes other genres and this is a top debut effort.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Head through to the Facebook link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Newah and Amber Prothero have jazzed up the airwaves with their Electro Pop single “Let It Burn”

Newah & Amber Prothero found the perfect balance between sensuality, soul and jazz-laden ecstasy in their new electro jazz pop hit “Let It Burn”.

The UK-based duo brought a brand-new meaning to the term let it burn. They tear the narrative away from arson and offer inspiration through their lyrics which invite you to embrace the fire within. So, if you’ve been feeling a little stagnant lately, Let it Burn is the perfect aural warmer. It brings Electro Jazz into the mainstream while never compromising on the earworm accessibility.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who will be hoping that there will be more to come from the already iconic duo. They’re firmly affixed to our radar.

You can check out Let it Burn for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



Rinor drops fab EDM jam ‘You Got Me Down’ that will get you off your feet

Rinor drops fab modern club EDM jam ‘You Got Me Down‘ that will get you off your feet and dance the night away. This is that golden sound that comes around elegantly when you least expect it.

After an intensive creative process, founding his own label. After his summer tour in Croatia was postponed, Rinor focused on the upcoming album a mix of several genres, with artists from Los Angeles, Sweden and Sydney in Australia. With a global team of artists all contributing to make a worldly sound, this is an International standard effort.

You Got Me Down‘ is a night time cruise blend of goodness, all wrapped up in a classy style that is sure to pick up many new fans. This is a familiar beat that has been re-invented, you feel happy while listening to this and are all warm inside. The visuals are fantastic and this will be a song that is played all over the world. The quality is just too good and glistening little bit of extra bounce, only makes this is a pleasurable listen.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Head through to the Instagram page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen