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East London’s Muzuri has made his dark hip hop debut with ‘0127’.

UK Hip Hop artist Muzuri has made his debut with the dark and trappy drill track, 0127. Around the solid rattle of the 808s, there’s ambient haze breathing through the mix, putting plenty of atmosphere behind Muzuri’s convictive rap bars that prove his artistic hunger and his ability to make rap bars unravel like gritty urban poetry.

Right from his first release, the French, East London-based artist has found his authentic voice, a voice that any fans of Static Major, Kendrick Lamar and Drake will want to find a home for on their playlists. You just can’t help warming to his infectious vibe.

0127 is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Praise My God: East London rapper Romu Nassah appreciates those around him on ‘Blessaid’

As he slides in that tape to remind him of those better days ahead, Romu Nassah walks down the road which has the future ready for him whilst remembering those who have made those doors open for his mind to be free on ‘Blessaid‘.

Romu Nassah is an underground East London, UK-based Hip-Hop artist and chemist who flows with an inner essence which is almost Earl Sweatshirt-like.

With an instrospective style which is a such a blessed listen, you feel like you are witnessing an artist who is only going to improve dramatically over time. Each word is ultimately meaningful, his mellow tone grabs you close and takes you places you feel like you haven’t been to in a while.

Delving into pers al matters in a digestable form, Romu continues to rhyme over a large multitude of sounds, especially those which have roots present from his Southern Asian ancestry.” ~ Romu Nassah

Blessaid‘ from the East London, UK-based rapper Romu Nassah, is a respect-driven track which shows us a man who isn’t taking anything for granted. He realizes that he is onto something special, as he takes the DLR into a new place to find extra inspiration. With a pure delivery and and an honest lyrical ability which is well-penned and thoughtful, this is a track which facinates at every turn.

Hear this deep track on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Want You To: Laughing Boy drops dashing love-scorn soul debut single ‘You’ll Never Say I Love You’

Blessing us with his first release from the three-track EP ‘A Commuters Guide To Avoiding Interaction’, Laughing Boy tells us a true story about wondering why they never said those special words which you were longing for on ‘You’ll Never Say I Love You‘.

Laughing Boy is a Northern-born, East London, UK-based indie-soul singer-songwriter. He makes that cinematic experience which is such a fantastic listen, as his profoundly eloquent vocals are matched with such heartfelt lyrics.

A chance meeting with members of the backing band ‘The Under-sink Essentials’ led to the collaboration that shaped the sound to come, drawing influences from classic soul, funk, jazz, 90’s R’N’B, Neo-soul and Acid Jazz.” ~ Laughing Boy

You feel his tranquil energies shine through the closed door as he torments himself – whilst wondering why they didn’t take the step he did – as his mind washes around quickly like being in a cold thunderstorm, to a place he knows isn’t healthy for his broken heart.

You’ll Never Say I Love You‘ from the expressive East London artist Laughing Boy, is a stunning song which shows you his deep regret that his partner scorned him, for no particular reason. All he did was show love, but perhaps this was not meant to be. With a terrific vocal ability and a supremely thoughtful style, this is a rather reflective song which is a fantastic debut.

Sometimes the search to finding your true love leads you to unexpected places. The person you thought was perfect for you, was actually just there to teach you to only open your heart, to those who are truly worth it.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Time Is Soon: UK Electronic artist Bitvert gets his mind ready to conquer on ‘Nowism’

As he studiously works out his plan of action to do what he needs to do, Bitvert gets ready from just around the corner on his bass-heavy new electronic single that is ominously named ‘Nowism‘.

Bitvert is a well-known underground music producer and artist from East London, England. He makes that raw thumping soundscape that is late-night perfect for when you just need to take the edge off, and get all that frustrated energy out of your pulsating body.

Drawing on a DIY ethos of punk applied to nocturnal electronica and mechanical disruption, Civil Serpent was born in the warehouse subculture of East London, drawing together evil strands of pounding 4/4 techno, darkened electronic textures and stupendous sub bass frequencies that pull the head of the listener straight to the floor.” – Rough Trade Records

With a mysteriously fascinating hard nosed edge, this is a powerful song that sets the mood on the current climate in the UK, which is supremely unnerving to say the least. He layers up real warm and takes us for a fastidious journey to the outer reaches away from all the sinister cameras of the city – who watch and control – as he shows us where to start from instead.

Nowism‘ from the East London, England-based electronic music producer Bitvert, shows us a man who is on a well-thought out mission to get all his goals no matter what. He is looking away from the bright lights for now, but is on the right path and knows what to do. This is a fast-paced track with plenty of grit and desire, just like where he is from. Nothing can stop him from grabbing his elusive treasure.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Art pop meets hip hop in Drawn Tide’s latest single, ‘High Rise’.

Drawn Tide’s latest release, High Rise, is unquestionably the most haunting hip hop release of 2021. We may only be halfway through the year, but it’s hard to imagine any viable competition for the glitchy, pensive glitch-hop beats beneath ethereal art-pop vocals.

The East London based artist created a grimy vignette of her hometown that plenty of people will find resonance within after we’ve been enclosed in our isolated homes for most of 2020 and 2021. You’ll feel the sense of loss and yearning right the way through the downtempo single that becomes even more evocative when Darren Mason lends his grimy rap bars.

Without a hint of hyperbole, Drawn Tide is a phenomenally mesmerising artist whose sound falls outside commercial mainstream realms, but any true fan of the aural form will find themselves absorbed.

You can check out the official music video to High Rise that premiered on May 28th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Survival Mode: East London’s Sarah Isabella is honestly exquisite on ‘Pressure’ (feat. Tolu Shorts)

As she curiously wraps her head around the past, present and what the future holds in a sometimes bleak world around us, Sarah Isabella is quite simply incredible with a single that is so relatable to so many on ‘Pressure‘.

Sarah Isabella is an exceptionally gifted indie RnB/jazz and hip-hop fused singer-songwriter from East London in England. She brings onboard the top class production of Tolu Shorts for this one – which will have you lighting up the healing candles in your room – to importantly meditate those bad vibes out of your body for good.

For those sleepless nights, repetitive days, consuming self doubts and compressing unrealistic self expectations – ‘Pressure’ is my honest ode to all the moments spent feeling trapped and lost over these last couple years.” – Sarah Isabella

Her stunning vocals transforms your fragile emotions and has you closing your tired eyes to filter out all the negative thoughts and undesirable energy fields, that need to be closed off like a dusty tap.

The production and accompanying instrumentals are so classy and cool, as the song fills you up with sadness but shows you where to go so you may be free again, and unshackle your deepest thoughts from the wholesome treasures that awaits you.

Pressure(feat. Tolu Shorts) from the sumptuously talented East London, UK singer Sarah Isabella, is a true story about how things that happen in the world and with your life can really cause you to overthink and start to doubt yourself. You feel like you are being weighed down by a ton of bricks and can’t escape – when all you need is a change of scenery and perspective – to feel alive inside your precious soul again.

Flicking the inner switch from survival to winning mode is possible, if you open yourself up to the possibilities which are awaiting your eyes to see.

Hear this terrific new single on Spotify and see her stunning visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Heavy Sound: Bitvert turns up the volume to impressive levels on ‘Bad Influencer’

With a deeply heart-stopping driving sound that has you thinking about all those fun days and nights at your favorite festival pre-covid, Bitvert has our alert minds in a terrific twist of brewing excitement with ‘Bad Influencer’.

Bitvert is an established DIY electronic music producer and live performer, who cleverly fuses through the underground soundscapes within, to bring us bass-thumping electronica and total ear-loving disruption, throughout this hair-lifting experience that has you feeling alive.

You close your eyes and imagine being all sweaty and damp with total excitement, your body sways with the vibe and you feel like you are alight with desire, edged hungrily into your eyes.

Bad Influencer’ from the supremely creative East London electronic producer Bitvert, shows us into the world from before, as we bounce up and down from the powerful bass that has you in absolute joy. This is a fast-paced song that is full on techno-filled, for your happy body to wrap tightly into.

Stream this top track on Soundcloud and see more visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Brushing Away The Doubt: East London rockers Howard And The Leaves drop new single ‘Broken Rocks’

Recorded after the first UK lockdown at Stratford’s cozy Mustard Seed Studio, Howard And The Leaves sweep away the treacherous ‘Broken Rocks‘ to mend all past worries away into the distance forever.

Howard And The Leaves is an exciting East London, UK-based alt-rock band, who after writing this song during an improv jam, show their creative skill set with music that soothingly gushes at the sweet spot in your stomach, and never lets go easily.

They give a story about wanting someone so badly, as they race into your mind but it feels like they don’t really want you. You feel like you are sliding down and are picking up so many cuts on the way, as you want something you can’t have right now.

With a catchy chorus that has you reminiscing about those dusty music festivals that you feel a band like this would absolutely revel in, they power into steal your heart on a fantastic single with so much to like.

Broken Rocks‘ from the quality East London rockers Howard And The Leaves, is a motivated track that shows their intent to get off the slippery cliffs and only be on dry land again. They morph a sound that gives you a tremendous boost that blasts into your speakers and makes you real sweaty. Just the way music should be.

Stream this top new song on Spotify and see more stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All About The Paper: Excellent East London emcee LetKoJoFly cuts the ‘Cheque Freestyle’

With a smokey street energy spark that flows through like that foggy midst in the harrowing jungle as he returns from it unscathed, LetKoJoFly slices us the superb ‘Cheque Freestyle‘ into our minds with brooding appeal.

LetKoJoFly is a thriving East London, UK-based alt hip-hop artist, who fuses his own brand of music that intertwines his deep-rooted love of upping the standard, to making music that has your whole body bouncing to in a state of adulation.

This is the story of not worrying about anything as he feels invincible right now, he slips quietly through the door without a noise of any unnecessary flash and dash, which can get you into trouble if you push your luck.

You feel his quality flow light up brightly and pull through so nicely, each lyric is performed with optimal meaning like he knows exactly the direction he is going in like an Olympic gold medalist. This is that rare underground sound that many people try and copy but fail to master — as they have only watched some movies on the telly — without actually starring in them as they are stuck to the couch.

Cheque Freestyle‘ from East London rapper LetKoJoFly, leads us into a world of mystique, as he drops those gangsta bars that lets you know that he is for real. With an ominous tone, you know that he is an artist who doesn’t mess around with his art-form, as he is head for the heights of the top only.

He knows his true value and is only doing things that provides that financial stimulus, so he can make those moves which are entrenched inside his mind forever.

Stream this top notch new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Nights Feel Long: Soulful London-based singer Essosa searches for that true place that feels like home on ‘Belong’

Yearning for that true place that she feels comfortable inside, Essosa sings with so much class and promise, on the excellent lead single from her upcoming EP called ‘Belong‘.

Essosa is an East London-born, Toronto, Canada-raised dancer and neo-soul/RnB singer-songwriter who has that rare type of voice that will make you shiver in your spine.

Her crystal clean tone has you gazing outside the dusty window, wondering when you will find that elusive soulmate who you desire so much to stay warm with.

This is the story about feeling like you are in the wrong place in time, everything feels off and you can’t quite put your finger on it. You have been trying to get out there but are feeling despondent and people forget you too quickly. The world is moving so fast but you are an old soul who loves authenticity, rather than fake conversations about nothing.

She sings with such grace as she opens the snowed under window to let us inside — the freezing temperatures have her mood in a sad state of affairs — as she wonders if things will change around, so she can feel real love again.

Belong‘ from enchanting London neo-soul/RnB singer-songwriter and dancer Essosa, is that incredible real single that is too common in this socially distanced world. Life does indeed feel lonely and cold when you feel like you don’t belong, as you look for your tribe, that truly get you.

Stream this smoothly delivered track on Spotify and check out her IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen