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The Nights Feel Long: Soulful London-based singer Essosa searches for that true place that feels like home on ‘Belong’

Yearning for that true place that she feels comfortable inside, Essosa sings with so much class and promise, on the excellent lead single from her upcoming EP called ‘Belong‘.

Essosa is an East London-born, Toronto, Canada-raised dancer and neo-soul/RnB singer-songwriter who has that rare type of voice that will make you shiver in your spine.

Her crystal clean tone has you gazing outside the dusty window, wondering when you will find that elusive soulmate who you desire so much to stay warm with.

This is the story about feeling like you are in the wrong place in time, everything feels off and you can’t quite put your finger on it. You have been trying to get out there but are feeling despondent and people forget you too quickly. The world is moving so fast but you are an old soul who loves authenticity, rather than fake conversations about nothing.

She sings with such grace as she opens the snowed under window to let us inside — the freezing temperatures have her mood in a sad state of affairs — as she wonders if things will change around, so she can feel real love again.

Belong‘ from enchanting London neo-soul/RnB singer-songwriter and dancer Essosa, is that incredible real single that is too common in this socially distanced world. Life does indeed feel lonely and cold when you feel like you don’t belong, as you look for your tribe, that truly get you.

Stream this smoothly delivered track on Spotify and check out her IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Feelings Won’t Change: East London’s Shannon sings lovingly from the heart on exquisite new crush-filled single ‘But He’s There’

As she nervously twists her curly hair in his presence and giggles at his jokes, Shannon was over him for a while, ‘But He’s There‘ again and her bursting heart wishes he would feel the same.

Shannon is an enchanting East London, England-based solo indie modern-folk singer-songwriter, who tells us sweet stories about love and life in this complex world, that can take your heart for a wild ride full of ups and downs, if you let it control you.

”The lyrics reveal inner thoughts of uncertainty about stepping out of one’s comfort zone to fulfill an exciting idea of love. As the song builds, the story unfolds and reflects the fantasy for a closer relationship.”- Shannon

You hear her feelings for her best friend rise and rise, the idea is firmly planted in her curious head as she listens closer and looks deeper and deeper into his eyes. Her stunning voice reflects that true love and she hopes that someday (soon), he will realize that she is actually the one for him too.

But He’s There‘ from the captivating East London singer-songwriter Shannon, is a cute story about how your fondness for a real friend can really cloud your mind. You love them dearly and the lines between lovers and friends is so close in your consciousness, but is it the same for them?

Sometimes you can’t be with someone even if you wish it so, the world has other ideas and even though it hurts real deep inside, the lesson taken is that you need to let things come to you spontaneously. The heartbreaking anguish is too sore to bare otherwise.

Stream this carefully crafted love letter on Spotify and see her adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


She rescued him: Cooper Chasse wants her to ‘Stay’ on emotional indie-folk gem

Cooper Chasse shows his appreciate for the shining angel that saved him when he needed her most, on the excellent new single that will have your eyes watering up slightly called ‘Stay‘.

Toronto-Canada-born, East London, UK-based solo indie-folk singer-songwriter, audio engineering student, electronic artist and producer Cooper Chasse, makes that deep kind of soundscape that washes over your body to purify it again after being hurt or disappointed. He sings with a transparent realness that helps you get over that heartbreak and move onto new experiences, that are fulfilling and make you happy again.

His voice is so soothing and real, each word sung is so meaningful as he stares into her eyes, asking her to stay so you can get to know each other even more. There is a real tender care here as she helped him and you can hear the appreciation from his voice and the melodies give you goosebumps, with possible tears emerging from this emotional story.

Stay‘ from East London-based, Canadian singer-songwriter/producer/MEDIATR electronic artist Cooper Chasse, is that romantic soul message that shows you can still find genuine hearts out there. In a selfish world, there are still kind people that want to be help and by showing them love, you are encouraging them to carry on being saints.

Showing how you feel can be a tricky game as you don’t want to give too much away too soon but you also want to show how much they mean to you. Simply asking is often the best way and if the feeling is mutual, your roads will join together on the path to connecting your mind and soul together as one.

Hear this excellent new single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The rise of a future legend: Fèroce drops excellent three-track EP ‘Emergence’

Fèroce is back with a supremely creative release and this time its a three-track EP that makes you appreciate his music diversity on ‘Emergence‘.

After the debut success of ‘Handy‘ earlier this year, this is an RnB fused Hip Hop entry that is almost cinematic and shows the quality of this performers strong voice and top lyrical ability.

Intentions‘ features Wxterboi and starts off proceedings that lays down a marker for the high standard of this release. The story of trying to show them your intentions but they keep on doubting you no matter what you say. The vocals are crisp and tight, the beat glows up the room and you feel the urge to turn this up all the way.

Bummy‘ features Ousha as this is probably the highlight of the EP due to its excellent lyricism and build up that soon sparks a fire within you and makes you think of living that comfortable life. No one wants to be struggling while feeding their family and this is a top track with a fiery Hip Hop flavor that sticks in your mind. Fast money is out there but the risks sometimes out way the reward as sooner or later, the blue lights shine when you least want them to and from there, everything changes.

No Banter‘ is the final track off the EP and features East London’s Just Isaiah. This feels like a track with more of an Afro-Beats vibe that certainly gets the foot stompin’ started. This is all about being taken seriously as when you are with the crew, you are out for business and the time for laughs can be saved for later.

”My music is versatile and takes inspiration from my own experiences and experiences of those around me. I speak on movements and ideologies that I’m passionate about.”- Fèroce

Emergence‘ from the wildly talented Fèroce is an excellent three-track EP that showcases the incredible variety that this young musician has deep inside his soul. He is trying out a few different styles to find which one he enjoys the most and this is an exciting period for him, as he build up his fan base and also knowledge of the wild music game.

If he can stay focused and not let unnecessary distractions lead him astray, we could be witnessing a special artist and future legend, who seems to have it all in his armor if he wants it enough.

Stream this wonderfully constructed EP via Spotify and see the visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


East London’s underground comes alive: The Miller Test brings the old school class back on ‘Better Than You’

After years of being the house band, they have lifted up about of their local pub, to morph into a recording act. The ultimate underdogs of the UK music scene, are now ready for their time to go global. The haunting start brings back some memories of that 80’s kind of feel, and it gets better and better with melodies that catch your heart jumping a beat or two. East London’s The Miller Test have been playing together for over 10 years, but bring their long-awaited sounds to help inspire us all, during these tough times on ‘Better Than You’.

His voice hits the heights that are deemed too hard to try, the dancer is stuck in the bottle for the time being, and you wonder if she will ever come out. She spins around and around, just like 2020 has been for most of us. You can feel that the band know each other so well, the former house band at Hackney’s classic pub Biddles Bros, their name is known all over the East part of London, as the unknown legends.

The music is so intertwined with the old school sound and they have ignored all current fake fads to make something so real to the soul, a hug to the heart even if the mood is quite sombre.

This Funk Is Political, the album that they have probably been talking about for ages, has come alive and re-awakened their soul, to add their name to the recorded band’s around the world. A true sign of respect from the music snobs who scoff at the lack of music output, their noses now down very quick, as the band smile in reflective mood on this victory from within.

The Miller Test are supremely intelligent on ‘Better Than You‘ and this is the start of something so glorious. The dancer made it out of the bottle, and so did the band.

Follow the journey here on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Sensual East London singer Kateshia Marie is spectacular on move-making ‘No.1 Girl’

The sensual UK singer Kateshia Marie is so spectacular on her move-making ‘No.1 Girl‘ single that has just dropped.

East London native Kateshia Marie is back with a song that shows her intentions. She wants to be number one and sings with such genuine soul and her music is one to be played loud, late at night. The R&B songstress with a sensual style that is always classy, this is a woman who knows her value. Coming family of musicians and music fanatics, Kateshia has been getting her music together and you feel like she is in the zone right now.

You don’t want to be thought as a side thought. You want to be in their life but they have to let you in. You are ready and know what you want.

London’s Kateshia Marie sings with courage and determination on ‘No.1 Girl‘. Her voice is easy to get lost in, you can feel her presence as her uplifting style pushes her above most of her peers. The sound is crystal clear and strikes you inside, she has that rare ability that comes from hard work and dedication. An authentic style helps too.

Head through to the Spotify link.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Here is the Insta link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Leogang – Chance In Hell: A Moody, Rocky Fusion of Alt-Pop and Punk

Leogang are an up and coming indie five-piece from North East London. ‘Chance In Hell’ is a moody, rocky fusion of alt-pop and punk, the verses bass-heavy with a rolling picked guitar part behind the vocals before the chorus kicks in, all angry distortion and power chords.

‘Is There A Chance’ comes from the forthcoming (self-produced and self-released) ‘Shots Are Coming’ EP and given their pre-lockdown gig calendar there’s no surprise that this sounds like a band playing live, hungry, energetic, the bass a funky, rolling number before the ‘Is there a chance’ breakdown at 2’09”; there’s a Kasabian feel to parts, but it sounds original, comfortable, and fresh all at once. It grooves, it rocks, and it’s got a great earworm hook on that mid-song breakdown before the band rock through to a slow final fade out.

‘Shots Are Coming’ is out now on all major streaming platforms, or you can find Leogang on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes


Polyna transfixes our hearts on ‘Angel’

Angel‘ is the brand new release from the fast-rising Polyna and she certainly has our attention.

Polyna originally hails from a ‘dark town’ in Siberia which doesn’t appear on any map at all and is a Plutonium making town. She wasn’t going to let this stand in her way and embarked on an artistic career which eventually saw her go on to become one of the most successful performers in Moscow’s artistic community.

Polyna now lives in East London in the UK. She is currently preparing to release her debut album which is a collection of Arctic, frosted art-pop with emotional and sometimes dramatic intimacy. This is such a cinematic marvel to behold and you can see the talent dripping off the speakers. Her music could be called angel-pop as her music has that effect on your soul.

Angel‘ from Polyna is a terrific song and I get lost in her music. She is one artist to keep an eye on as you just know that she would be amazing live.

Stream this new dance track here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Indie artist Bonsai Bison trims off the edges with ”No Respect”

Bonsai Bison is a musician and visual artist based in East London in the UK. ”No Respect” is the new release for the newcomer in the music scene and this is an enjoyable single.

This is all about getting that respect that you deserve and not settling for anything else. This is a vital way to go about things otherwise you can go crazy. Being manipulated and hearing lame stories all the time that you know aren’t true is no way to live. This is experimental electronic music and I haven’t heard any style like this before. The beat takes me to a strange place and I am reflective and feel like I am in a far away place. Quite a lonely place.

Bonsai Bison is creating a niche for herself and this East London artist doesn’t conform to any particular box which is refreshing to see. There are some creative sampling here and I like the home kind of feel. This is an artist keeping busy during these crazy times and getting better and better.

Check out the Instagram page now for more info.

Click on the Spotify link to hear this new track from East London musician right now and more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


East London artist SmoothVee strides through stylishly with real ”Surviving”

Directed brilliantly by FourtyFourFilms, this is the brand new music video from the soulful and consciously self-aware UK emcee SmoothVee titled ”Surviving”.

We are taken a local gig where the crowd are loving this quality performer. This is the start of the video and I am hooked already. I feel the locals energy and this is the kind of buzz I was hoping for. Then we are led through to SmoothVee’s local hometown and with added flashbacks of the live performance.

We are all surviving. Life is tough right now but we must push on with true friends is the message.

Founder of Label Capital Citizens Records, this is an impressive release and further establishes SmoothVee as one of the best in the UK Hip Hop game. What I like the most about this video is that he is in touch with his community. So often you see musicians get a bit of fame and then change their whole style to fit into whatever current trend is popular. SmoothVee is a man of the people. The streets raised him and he is proud of where he is from. This is a message that is real and genuine. Take note kids.

Stream this new music video right now via YouTube.

For more music news I’d suggest heading to his Facebook page so you can find out gig news and more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen