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Sensual East London singer Kateshia Marie is spectacular on move-making ‘No.1 Girl’

The sensual UK singer Kateshia Marie is so spectacular on her move-making ‘No.1 Girl‘ single that has just dropped.

East London native Kateshia Marie is back with a song that shows her intentions. She wants to be number one and sings with such genuine soul and her music is one to be played loud, late at night. The R&B songstress with a sensual style that is always classy, this is a woman who knows her value. Coming family of musicians and music fanatics, Kateshia has been getting her music together and you feel like she is in the zone right now.

You don’t want to be thought as a side thought. You want to be in their life but they have to let you in. You are ready and know what you want.

London’s Kateshia Marie sings with courage and determination on ‘No.1 Girl‘. Her voice is easy to get lost in, you can feel her presence as her uplifting style pushes her above most of her peers. The sound is crystal clear and strikes you inside, she has that rare ability that comes from hard work and dedication. An authentic style helps too.

Head through to the Spotify link.

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Here is the Insta link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Leogang – Chance In Hell: A Moody, Rocky Fusion of Alt-Pop and Punk

Leogang are an up and coming indie five-piece from North East London. ‘Chance In Hell’ is a moody, rocky fusion of alt-pop and punk, the verses bass-heavy with a rolling picked guitar part behind the vocals before the chorus kicks in, all angry distortion and power chords.

‘Is There A Chance’ comes from the forthcoming (self-produced and self-released) ‘Shots Are Coming’ EP and given their pre-lockdown gig calendar there’s no surprise that this sounds like a band playing live, hungry, energetic, the bass a funky, rolling number before the ‘Is there a chance’ breakdown at 2’09”; there’s a Kasabian feel to parts, but it sounds original, comfortable, and fresh all at once. It grooves, it rocks, and it’s got a great earworm hook on that mid-song breakdown before the band rock through to a slow final fade out.

‘Shots Are Coming’ is out now on all major streaming platforms, or you can find Leogang on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes


Polyna transfixes our hearts on ‘Angel’

Angel‘ is the brand new release from the fast-rising Polyna and she certainly has our attention.

Polyna originally hails from a ‘dark town’ in Siberia which doesn’t appear on any map at all and is a Plutonium making town. She wasn’t going to let this stand in her way and embarked on an artistic career which eventually saw her go on to become one of the most successful performers in Moscow’s artistic community.

Polyna now lives in East London in the UK. She is currently preparing to release her debut album which is a collection of Arctic, frosted art-pop with emotional and sometimes dramatic intimacy. This is such a cinematic marvel to behold and you can see the talent dripping off the speakers. Her music could be called angel-pop as her music has that effect on your soul.

Angel‘ from Polyna is a terrific song and I get lost in her music. She is one artist to keep an eye on as you just know that she would be amazing live.

Stream this new dance track here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Indie artist Bonsai Bison trims off the edges with ”No Respect”

Bonsai Bison is a musician and visual artist based in East London in the UK. ”No Respect” is the new release for the newcomer in the music scene and this is an enjoyable single.

This is all about getting that respect that you deserve and not settling for anything else. This is a vital way to go about things otherwise you can go crazy. Being manipulated and hearing lame stories all the time that you know aren’t true is no way to live. This is experimental electronic music and I haven’t heard any style like this before. The beat takes me to a strange place and I am reflective and feel like I am in a far away place. Quite a lonely place.

Bonsai Bison is creating a niche for herself and this East London artist doesn’t conform to any particular box which is refreshing to see. There are some creative sampling here and I like the home kind of feel. This is an artist keeping busy during these crazy times and getting better and better.

Check out the Instagram page now for more info.

Click on the Spotify link to hear this new track from East London musician right now and more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


East London artist SmoothVee strides through stylishly with real ”Surviving”

Directed brilliantly by FourtyFourFilms, this is the brand new music video from the soulful and consciously self-aware UK emcee SmoothVee titled ”Surviving”.

We are taken a local gig where the crowd are loving this quality performer. This is the start of the video and I am hooked already. I feel the locals energy and this is the kind of buzz I was hoping for. Then we are led through to SmoothVee’s local hometown and with added flashbacks of the live performance.

We are all surviving. Life is tough right now but we must push on with true friends is the message.

Founder of Label Capital Citizens Records, this is an impressive release and further establishes SmoothVee as one of the best in the UK Hip Hop game. What I like the most about this video is that he is in touch with his community. So often you see musicians get a bit of fame and then change their whole style to fit into whatever current trend is popular. SmoothVee is a man of the people. The streets raised him and he is proud of where he is from. This is a message that is real and genuine. Take note kids.

Stream this new music video right now via YouTube.

For more music news I’d suggest heading to his Facebook page so you can find out gig news and more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Peaceful energy by South African singer Beverly Jayne on her beautiful single ”Breathe”

When you are thinking too much it can be easy to forget something so simple like breathing. You get caught up in the moment and overthink for hours while pilling up worries like rocks in your backpack. Eventually you are going to be weighed down while climbing that mountain and fall back. Rolling down that hill will be sore but you will learn. Taking that breath will make you feel lighter and happier.

Beverly Jayne is one of the great female rock singers in South Africa and has made her mark fronting SA band Concussion Girl. From growing up with a rocker dad to her music teacher Gran- Beverly was always destined to be on stage. She is renowned as a phenomenal live performer with a distinctively unique vocal style. I get in lost in her voice and I feel like this artist deserves the biggest possible stage.

Breathe” is a strong song and gets you thinking about your hopes and dreams. The track is simple but effective and I suddenly start breathing more while remembering that everything is going to be okay. I’m excited by Beverly Jayne’s song and it makes me feel happy. This is an artist with real stories and soul. She has played all of the country and hopefully will get a chance to tour overseas so that new fans can be born.

Click on the YouTube link to hear this good song and get more from this wonderfully talented musician.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


London’s Sols X the Nominees bring that real funky Hip Hop with ”Best Of Us”

Yes please. This is exactly what the doctor ordered and us mere mortals must just chill back, turn this up loud and enjoy. That good vibe is here and its all going down right in London town, thanks to Sols X the Nominees featuring Braceman.

This stripped-down Hip Hop Funk Jazz band starts us off with some awesome bass lines to dust off the speakers, followed up by the phenomenal vocals of Ashleigh Barker-Hughes to make everything okay. We are treated to a sound that is so joyful and the overriding human instinct is to just smile and dance away.

The Nominees teamed up with Sols, a well-respected rapper and poet from East London recently and together with Braceman, they bring the good times back on ”Best of Us”, a song all about keeping your head despite all the madness going on. The band impresses with a song that is of timeless quality. This is a happy journey of self-reflection and knowing what your best is and keeping that to those that really matter. One of the UK’s biggest rising bands are in top form with this release and the world is their oyster.

Get some funky soul in your ears on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Sparkling, luscious R&B with a wistful atmosphere, coming to you from the talented M.I.

Hidden behind sparse cover art, you’re introduced to the luxurious sound of M.I. by a lonely chord being struck, which then calmly gets weaved into a gorgeous, widescreen tapestry of rich and twinkling music. Call it modern soul, call it R&B, call it bursting at the seams with a sense of longing and regret. It’s a song that functions much like an old photograph would: to remind you of days long past, lives not lived and people who’ve long since disappeared. M.I.’s voice, her strongest asset, is on full display here, and it shines. And as soon as the song hits its dramatic finale, you can’t help but be swept up in it.

In short, M.I. makes tunes excellent for staring out a window to.

Stream the track here.


Kelz TBK – La La La: An Irresistible Offering of Trap

At first, when I first listened to the latest track by the East London based artist Kelz TBK I was conflicted, I was unsure how to transcribe the feeling that he’d orchestrated La La La with.

The tone is ubiquitously lachrymose, yet the vocal delivery is imploring, pounding and brashly, playfully endearing. I was torn. Yet one thing is for sure, this chilled, Trap, Melodic Rap mix is one of the greatest feats to come from the Trap genre in 2017. Kelz TBK is by no means a new contender to the scene, he’s infiltrated the London underground with his infectious sound, and I can only imagine that with his ability to create a sound that grips you like a vice will see him go far within the scene and join other iconic artists such as Migos, Diplo, and Major Lazer in no time on the podium sipping Hennessey. Even if the 420 persuasion is much more of Kelz TBK’s bag, La La La was engineered for smokers who love Trap, if that sounds like you, head on over to SoundCloud now where you can check out his latest track:


SMXKE & DARKBOI’s New Release ‘B@ng’ #POUND

Setting the bar higher for the UK hip-hop scene.

Representing the East London hip-hop scene, #POUND quickly rose to local fame as one of the most interesting new rap acts to be on the lookout for. The group consists of SMXKE, MC DARKBOI as well as producer SUPAWAVE. The former two managed to collaborate together on a new, explosive single titled “B@ng”

One of the most exciting things about this song is that it is arguably the product of two artists who have a very different creative approach. Yet, in spite of their diverse attitude, these two brilliant performers are able to create an astonishing synergy, which truly highlights their talent and vision. On “B@ng”, the pair set out to bounce off each other’s ideas and come up with a song that is packed with amazing melodies and inspirational lyrics that really leave a mark. This song is actually the very first taste of the pair’s upcoming EP, which is currently scheduled for a 2018 release.

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