East London’s Bitvert returns with a heavy bass-packed 7-minute electronic speaker-shaker, ‘Leftover’

Leftover by bitvert

Catching us off guard with a really roaring track that magnifies the night in all its glory, Bitvert leads us down the darkly lit alleyway and into a world that might remind you of a venue you frequented in your youth on, ‘Leftover‘.

Bitvert is an underground music producer and artist who is based in East London, UK and makes slow-burning ethereal electronica that will jostle your core awake.

Drawing on a DIY ethos of punk applied to nocturnal electronica and mechanical disruption, Civil Serpent was born in the warehouse subculture of East London, drawing together evil strands of pounding 4/4 techno, darkened electronic textures and stupendous sub-bass frequencies that pull the head of the listener straight to the floor.” ~ Rough Trade Records

With a robust display that further cements his cult status as one of those artists you certainly respect in this genre, Bitvert shows that the music is only getting better and scintillates with a powerful single that might thud hard like a big boot on your face.

Leftover‘ from East London, UK-based underground electronic music producer and artist Bitvert sends us a fuel-injected ride that is ready for us right now. There is a consistent bass on offer that rumbles through to the bottom of your soul and grabs you tightly with much intensity, to wipe away any previous self-doubts you had before. With an experienced skillset on offer that is obvious to hear, this is an assertive release that will get you dusting off those dance shoes that have been lonely for too long.

Listen up to this new song on Bandcamp and see more via the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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