Forgot My Skin: Dirtycakes dig away to the promised land ‘In The Garden’ (Whisper Version)

Featuring heart-boosting solos that breaks away the flimsy fence so you can sneakily climb into their quickening wheelbarrow, Dirtycakes mess up the flowers and don’t really care at all with their terrific new track called ‘In The Garden(Whisper Version).

Dirtycakes is a formidable DIY Los Angeles, California-based, indie rock/punk band. Their lyrics include stories about drugs politics, challenges and emotional turmoil, whilst encouraging different views so that they may always be evolving.

Excitement & Raw Energy, Rock and Roll is everything we want to be. Unifying, empowering, exciting, dangerous, honest and a release. DirtyCakes is first of all equality for all.” – DirtyCakes

Each riff is so fluently played and filled to the brim with shocking sounds to wake up the pesky neighbors next door, as the talented band keep it simple and just rock it all out. Just the way music should be after all this and is so far from the formula that so many follow. This is that unique rock music that really stuns and has you feeling alive inside.

In The Garden(Whisper Version) from the fiery DIY LA act Dirtycakes, dusts away the prints unannounced and hides the evidence on a real gem of a new single. This is that storming sound that has the thunder in your fragile mind crackling alive with bolts of electric lights and bright ambient illusions. They drop it all on the road with a marvelous track which will open your mind again to what is possible, when you aren’t caged inside.

Hear this awesome new single on Spotify and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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