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Underground Croydon Hip hop artist Kash Million drops hardcore visuals for, ‘GO (Bananza)’

Produced by Elias Beats and engineered by Fangio, Kash Million brings us a blaze-filled gangsta rap track that will have you applauding the rise of the UK Hip hop scene with, ‘GO (Bananza)‘.

Kash Million is a Croydon, London-based indie underground Hip hop artist who shreds the mic with such a strong grip that you might need a ventilator.

With a deep look in his eyes that has you considering that he has seen things that no one should ever experience, Kash Million might be one of the most intimidating rappers around. He summons all his powers on this one with a determined spark that scintillates off an air of dominance, as he sends our minds for a spin with a release all about taking charge of your own destiny.

GO (Bananza)‘ from Croydon, London-based indie underground Hip hop artist Kash Million is an assertive track that lets you know that he is tired of the small-talk and is only going to let the real souls enter his life. With a catchy beat and a powerful delivery that features plenty of clips that are ready to fire off at any moment, this is an experience that will have you recalling the first time you heard that street hop that got you off your seat at night time.

This is the story of just going for it no matter what, and using your smarts to get away from anything that could get you locked up forever. Life is real like that if you don’t keep your team legit.

Check out this new raw music video on YouTube and check out the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All Join Hands: Croydon’s Mick J Clark urges us to make this world a better place on ‘We Know It’s True’

With an honest message that has you thinking about what more can be done to make this a much more peaceful and pollution-free world, Mick J Clark is at his best with a track that has you pondering profoundly about the fresh air that we all take for granted on ‘We Know It’s True‘.

Mick J Clark is a very experienced Croydon, UK-based indie rock singer-songwriter who pens smartly-written lyrics all about love and helping this planet to be a happier place to reside in.

There is much to admire about Mick J Clark, as he propels his voice with a marvellous tone that envelops your ears and doesn’t let go easily. The guitar riffs are supremely proficient and full of varying complexities, that has you fully invested in each second from this distinguished musician.

We Know It’s True‘ from the UK-based indie rock artist Mick J Clark, is a frank message that needs to be heard far and wide. This is the narrative about how the world needs our help quickly as the talking is done – as action is needed now – to save this burning planet from end-of-day destruction. Sung with gritty energy, you feel that this is a track that could inspire change to happen, with an ode to future generations that need our help right now. Long live our beautiful world.

Hear this new inspiring single on Spotify and see more news via his Twitter page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A debut to remember: Miss Garbo bring out long-awaited pop/rock single ‘Forgotten’

Miss Garbo is a UK based pop/rock duo that was formed by singer-songwriter Louise O’Hara and guitarist Andy Chapman who send us a true story of a love that has faded on ‘Forgotten’.

They have been performing together for just over 20 years thanks to an advert on Loot that Louise put up to find someone suitable to play music with. After meeting in Croydon, South London at Scream Studios, they clicked like a light switch and the rest as they say; is history and many live shows before 2020 have followed.

The vibrant start immediately gets you into the mood to go full 80’s with the old school guitar style that simmers through the door and into your living room. With vocals that remind you of the late great Marie Fredriksson, the energy here is tremendous and such an uplifting feeling for the tired heart.

Signed to 2C2C Music, the plan is to record a music video for this song when they can both be in the same room again. They both have a passion for making music together and no matter the circumstances, they will carry on doing what they love.

You have forgotten everything that happened as you have changed now and they haven’t. They are a distant memory now and you are now trying to work out if you are alone or if they are invisible to you. This happens when your heart isn’t in it anymore and the time to move on is here. You have been hurt too many times and are so tired of being with them, your mind has started to block them out.

UK duo Miss Garbo took their time to drop the debut ‘Forgotten’ but it was a worthwhile wait for their loyal fans and new admirers. A classic style washes over the scars of 2020 and this is a throwback to when music was pure and simple.

People change and so did you, as long as you do things with your heart, no one can really blame you. Being truly happy deep inside, is the only way to live.

Stream via Spotify, see the lyrics video on YouTube or see the duo on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Close friends Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue amaze our senses with new EP ‘Sugar Freak’

Sugar Freak‘ is the brand new EP from the UK band with the ultimate artist name- Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue.

Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue are a UK based indie-pop gathering of music lovers and they win our hearts with a genuine feel and jazzy postcards with wonderful vocals and beats. Consisting of members Kami Ivanova (vocals, guitar), Zak Lyons (guitar, keys), Craig Medlin (guitar) and Adam Thomas (bass), you can tell that this band love playing together. The intricate beauty shines above the bursting bass lines and I love the care that each song has been made with.

After meeting in Croydon in England, the band became good mates after University and a music flow soon wove into creations together. This close bond blends a mixer full packed synth-pop journey that gets you reminiscing and grooving.

The highlights on this fine EP are definitely ‘Holding On‘ and ‘Reverence‘ as these two efforts are sung with such passion and the background matched the songs the best I feel.

Sugar Freak‘ is a great release from Tropical Boyfriend Catalogue and the close friends impress on this stripped bare gem. There is an authentic feel that helps our hearts in 2020. They weave pop, rock and jazz into a tight bow of fantastic music.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Head through to the Facebook link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen