Underground Croydon Hip hop artist Kash Million drops hardcore visuals for, ‘GO (Bananza)’

Produced by Elias Beats and engineered by Fangio, Kash Million brings us a blaze-filled gangsta rap track that will have you applauding the rise of the UK Hip hop scene with, ‘GO (Bananza)‘.

Kash Million is a Croydon, London-based indie underground Hip hop artist who shreds the mic with such a strong grip that you might need a ventilator.

With a deep look in his eyes that has you considering that he has seen things that no one should ever experience, Kash Million might be one of the most intimidating rappers around. He summons all his powers on this one with a determined spark that scintillates off an air of dominance, as he sends our minds for a spin with a release all about taking charge of your own destiny.

GO (Bananza)‘ from Croydon, London-based indie underground Hip hop artist Kash Million is an assertive track that lets you know that he is tired of the small-talk and is only going to let the real souls enter his life. With a catchy beat and a powerful delivery that features plenty of clips that are ready to fire off at any moment, this is an experience that will have you recalling the first time you heard that street hop that got you off your seat at night time.

This is the story of just going for it no matter what, and using your smarts to get away from anything that could get you locked up forever. Life is real like that if you don’t keep your team legit.

Check out this new raw music video on YouTube and check out the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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