All Join Hands: Croydon’s Mick J Clark urges us to make this world a better place on ‘We Know It’s True’

With an honest message that has you thinking about what more can be done to make this a much more peaceful and pollution-free world, Mick J Clark is at his best with a track that has you pondering profoundly about the fresh air that we all take for granted on ‘We Know It’s True‘.

Mick J Clark is a very experienced Croydon, UK-based indie rock singer-songwriter who pens smartly-written lyrics all about love and helping this planet to be a happier place to reside in.

There is much to admire about Mick J Clark, as he propels his voice with a marvellous tone that envelops your ears and doesn’t let go easily. The guitar riffs are supremely proficient and full of varying complexities, that has you fully invested in each second from this distinguished musician.

We Know It’s True‘ from the UK-based indie rock artist Mick J Clark, is a frank message that needs to be heard far and wide. This is the narrative about how the world needs our help quickly as the talking is done – as action is needed now – to save this burning planet from end-of-day destruction. Sung with gritty energy, you feel that this is a track that could inspire change to happen, with an ode to future generations that need our help right now. Long live our beautiful world.

Hear this new inspiring single on Spotify and see more news via his Twitter page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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