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Inside Your Mind: OXYG3N tells us the real story on ‘Channel 33’ (feat. Highndeaf)

With a brooding rhythm that is notably threatening and gets your nervous heart pounding as fast as a voracious lion stalking its prey, OXYG3N asks us to turn on a new mindset so that we can see things so much clearer than before on ‘Channel 33(feat. Highndeaf).

OXYG3N is a Corona, California-based underground hip-hop emcee, Cannabis Stock Fund advocate, NFT Art creator, crypto investor and music producer.

He started making music due to his older brother being a producer too and is influenced by Ab-Soul, Lil Wayne, A$AP MOB and 50 Cent.” ~ OXYG3N

OXYG3N shows us his astonishingly hard bars that slam down with some force like a thunderbolt from the shadowed sky, to speedily awaken those who need to open up their sleepy eyes. There is a full-paced tempo here that doesn’t let up, as the booming beat keeps you locked tight into this vividly described picture.

Channel 33(feat. Highndeaf) from the prominent Corona, California-based indie hip-hop artist and music producer OXYG3N, is a really powerful track that is one for those real music fans who love this storytelling genre that will never die. You feel the hungry nature of this experienced artist that urges us all to slide those sunglasses off and take note of these troubled times with waves so big, that many will not make it through to shore. The world is unnecessarily cruel like that sometimes.

Hear this fine new single on Soundcloud and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Struck A Nerve: Los Angeles underground rapper Jozondi shows his massive frustration with life in America on ‘Joker’

As he raps with such a meaningful barrage of mass disbelief with the police situation in the USA as it stands today, Jozondi pleads for the racial discrimination to end immediately on the power-punched new single named ‘Joker‘.

Jozondi is a self-aware Corona, California-born, Los Angeles-based indie rapper and screenwriter. He brings us heartbeat-raising conscious music that is real and to the point, never adding fluff and always keeping it truthful.

There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality, and then there are those who turn one into the other.” – Douglas Everett

His eyes have seen so much and he knows that it makes a difference what color you are on the street to the blue lights. He acknowledges that there are indeed good people interwoven into the brigade too, but there aren’t enough right now to make things better short-term. He flows with a such knowledge of the current situation and you have to admire his bravery in telling it how it is, despite him now being possibly targeted by those who will think he is too extreme.

Joker‘ from the courageous Corona, California-born indie rapper Jozondi, shows us an artist on a mission to get his message across. He believes -with millions around the world nodding their head in agreement –  that things needs to change soon, before more lives are either lost or destroyed, from a force that needs to clean up quickly. Injustice must be eliminated and fairness needs to be the norm, not the opposite.

Stream this new track all about the struggles in the USA on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stuck Inside: OXYG3N asks us to open up our minds to what is really happening on ‘Forbidden Cube’ (ft. ASAP Twelvyy)

With rare eloquently explained insight and total self-enlightenment from carefully opening up the creaking doors to their over-stimulated mind which could of said no, OXYG3N unlocks the code for us to look inside briefly on ‘Forbidden Cube(ft. ASAP Twelvyy).

Carmichael Cotton aka OXYG3N, is a self-taught underground emcee, Cannabis Stock Fund advocate and music producer from Corona, California. He starting making music due to his older brother being a producer too and is influenced by Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne and 50 Cent.

With a catchy delivery that shows us so much world class flow-hard bars that have you looking up to the innocent moon, this is the true message that shows you that no one is going to hold your hand for this one. This is the story needing to trust your eyes and unplug from the vicious confusion around – that can wrap you up slyly and plaster your brain – to make you go totally insane.

Forbidden Cube(ft. ASAP Twelvyy) from California artist OXYG3N, shows us two confident rappers that shred through the fake paper over the walls that so many don’t even try try to break, as they ask as all to stop and think about things properly. The world is so full of fools-gold nonsense and its so unbelievably easy to get sucked inside, when its better just to use common sense and not believe everything you see on tv or in media.

With stories like this – plus a venomous beat that kicks the gate off its hinges – this is a hip-hop track that is up there with the best of 2021.

Stream this awesome new single on Spotify and check out the IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

TANTRIC CYCLE releases Corona (It’s a long, long story)

TANTRIC CYCLE has dropped the latest release ‘Corona (It’s a long, long story)’. A song based on the way we’re all living at the moment and it’s safe to say it sums it up well.

A rather long piece of music, at a solid seven minutes, with lyrics that portray the truths of the world at hand. Besides the meaning of it, the instrumentation that goes through it is a lot more lively and catchy. Having the fast pace riffs on the guitar and the tap on the drums adding in the electric guitar shreds towards the end.

The vocals are filled with energy and have a rather quiet volume to them, with a soft texture. Halfway through the style changes a little and becomes more of a rock song, as the volume is heightened and the instrumentation becomes slightly heavier.

Listen to TANTRIC CYCLE’s single Corona (It’s a long, long story) by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Karley Myall