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Spirit Of Christmas: The Bilge Pumps elevates our mood for this special time of year on ‘Trimmin’ in the Riggin’

Taken off their ‘A Pirate’s Christmas Wish (Deluxe Edition)’, The Bilge Pumps spring our smiles away from the sadness as we get into the spirit of this special holiday with ‘Trimmin’ in the Riggin‘.

The Bilge Pumps is a cheerful Dallas, USA-based indie-folk band who make the kind of music that is rather nostalgically pleasurable and undoubtedly gets you into a happy place again.

We specialize in performances that combine sea songs, shanties, and Celtic music with a huge dose of silly comedy.” ~ The Bilge Pumps

With pleasant vocals and a pirate video that has you in a better state of mind than before, Bilge Pumps shows us how the holidays are supposed to be spent. As they decorate their proud ship to show the locals how it’s done, you feel a warm sense of family here that is such a joyful experience.

Trimmin’ in the Riggin‘ from the engaging Dallas, Texas-based indie-folk act The Bilge Pumps is a Christmas song to feel so reinvigorated by as they take us to a really happy place most of us have forgotten. With all the doom and gloom merchants around lately, this is an enchanting song to put your stocking up to, as you hope that you aren’t on the naughty list this year.

See this festive video on YouTube and see more on the FB music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

LINN KRISTIN has released the most compassionately nuanced Christmas single you’ll hear this year with ‘Home’.

Home is the latest hauntingly soulful single from singer-songwriter LINN KRISTIN, which may be the most nuanced Christmas single to have ever hit the airwaves. Home was created in recognition of the grief and conflict that emerges at Christmas – despite what social media lets you see. It delivers the essential reminder that friends are just as important as family, and if they’re the people that keep you mentally afloat while your family send you under, that’s more ok,

The atmospheric verses allude to the detachment felt in the absence of the people that complete us, while the strident chorus crescendos complete with festive bells depict the sweeter than sweet feeling of finding your centre of gravity in someone.

The emotional intelligence in Home carries a profoundness rarely heard on the radio. Combined with the fact that LINN KRISTIN carries just as much poise and panache as Winehouse; we can’t help but get excited about what is in store for this empathetically stunning artist.

Home is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Winterbrook – (I Won’t Be Your) Christmas Turkey: The Only Christmas Song You Won’t Mind Hearing on the Radio

With their latest release, (I Won’t Be Your) Christmas Turkey, the indie alt-folk artist, Winterbrook singlehandedly changed my perception of Christmas music. The sweetly scorned, festively spiced power-pop ballad doesn’t pander to the usual cliches; instead, it locks horns with seasonal heartbreak to soak the track in realism and resonance.

You can’t help warming to an artist that makes a vocal hook with “I won’t be your Christmas turkey again”. Better yet, Winterbrook didn’t fall into the twee trap; their stellar songwriting talent and boldly well-invested confidence made sure that there’s nothing novel about this earworm.

As Winterbrook was an early bird, you can catch Christmas Turkey on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Maria Herz & Ron Starr’s Festive Offering with their Christmas Single “Silent Night Lonely Nights”

I’m not all too sure it’s recommended for anyone who finds themselves flying solo to check out Maria Herz & Ron Starr’s Christmas single “Silent Night Lonely Nights”, there’s a fairly high risk of you crying in your mince pies to the smooth sound of Jazz. Yet, anyone who is looking for a romantically inclined festive aural hit, you’ll adore the decadent tonality of the single which puts a unique twist on the archetypal Christmas crooning sound.

It was about time that anyone who appreciates Christmas music had a brand-new duet to unwrap this Christmas. The two artists have kept the classic edge of artists such as Celine Dion, the king of Christmas; Bublé and Sinatra alive through their concordantly heart-warming single.

You can check out Silent Night Lonely Nights for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ensemble Voyagers – El Cant dels Ocells: The Cinematically Medieval Composition Taking Christmas Music Back to Its Roots

We all have pretty fixed ideas about what Christmas music should be about, yet, Ensemble Voyagers’ latest release “El Cant dels Ocells” (translation: the Song of the Birds) has taken it right back to the origins of tradition. The end result? A hauntingly atmospheric offering of traditional music which won’t fail to captivate you through the mesmeric vocals which accompany the acoustic instrumentals through the tentative yet cinematic progression. El Cant dels Ocells is both a traditional Catalan Christmas song and a lullaby which celebrates the birth of Jesus. So, whilst it’s slightly more pious than your average Christmas single, it’s infinitely more authentic.

You’ll have to wait a little bit longer to check out El Cant dels Ocells, but in the meantime, why not head over to Spotify and check out some of their earlier medievally inspired, contemporarily reinvented soundscapes?

You can keep up to date with all the latest news of the Italian artist’s release via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Raemarai – The Reindeer Asked for Ginger Beer: Urban Christmas Pop

Love it or hate it, Christmas music is a fundamental aspect of the festive period. Whilst old classics are getting called into question as to whether or not they are offensive, this was just the first indicator that we needed fresh hits to drink to excess and have family feuds to.

Even if you’re averse to festively-inspired singles Raemarai’s latest single “The Reindeer Asked for Ginger Beer” is well worth listening to. The salaciously urban pop single packs in plenty of the jangly quintessential nature of Christmas music, yet, the unpredictably fresh flow behind the single packs in plenty of fluidly eccentric progression. Whilst the single may kick off not all too differently to a Mariah Carey single, it quickly veers into a contemporarily fresh offering of Hip Hop.

You can check out Raemarai’s single the Reindeer Asked for Ginger Beer for yourselves here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Too Soon Jokes’ Latest Single is the One Christmas Song it Will Never Be Too Early For

“Santy Don’t Visit the Funeral Homes Little Buddy” may be one of the most ridiculous track titles I’ve heard in a while. But what’s even more ridiculous is the fact that I found myself charmed by a Christmas song. With the same quintessentially charming air as exuded as the Beatles, the uniquely uplifting track unfolds with crunchy, angular guitar riffs, and the ever-enamouring sound of brass to create concordant waves of aural synergy. The vocal tonality is warm, infectious, and is enough to make you feel that fuzzy feel you hear when you hear Christmas music. If any track deserves to be a number one Christmas single, it’s definitely this mesmeric work of festive Indie alchemy.

The epically titled single from Too Soon Jokes which will be available on their SoundCloud page from November 16th, you can head over to Facebook and keep up to date with all the latest release news from the band.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jacob Sibi-Okumu – The Joy Christmas Brings: It’s Never Too Early For a Festive Hit

That’s right folks, Christmas is coming whether we like it or not, and so is the Christmas music. You’d be forgiven for recoiling in fear as your first thought turns to Mariah Carey and Paul McCartney. But Jacob Sibi-Okumu’s latest single “The Joy Christmas Brings” may be the festive hit you’ve been waiting to fall in love with. As you listen to the ambiently slow soulful Jazz crooner with his mesmeric vocal capacity, you’re treated to his authentic ability to allow each syllable in the lyrics to resonate over the subtle and tentative arrangement in the single. During the chorus, there’s plenty of groove and rhythmic drive, but the emotive vibe and sentiment of the track aren’t lost. To put it simply, it isn’t a track that you listen to, it’s a soundscape you melt into which will make you hope an album is in the pipelines from the up and coming artist.

If you feel like getting in the festive spirit early, or would just like a pure shot of unadulterated, sweet Funky Soul Jazz you can head over to SoundCloud for yourselves now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ebony Joi – Joi to The World

It is the season when when “twas” and “tis” become an accepted part of the language for the first time since the seventeenth century, gaudy jumpers, or these days possibly onesies, replace having an actual personality, people talk about how A Wonderful Life is the best film ever made and Mariah Carey is every other song on the radio or jukebox. It is also the season when it seems acceptable to release unnecessary and poor quality versions of Christmas classics. That’s why we need Ebony Joi so much.

Eartha Kitt ’s iconic Santa Baby may have been flogged within an inch of its creative life over the years but Ebony Joi has found the perfect new format for the modern age. It loses none of the sultry soulfulness of the original but adds a modern sassy R&B vibe to this new delivery, a slow and sensual grove which wanders wilfully around the beat like a jazz diva and throws in a bit of urban street smarts. Most often there is no need to try to reinvent songs which have all but passed into musical lore but if you do why not give them the perfect make over?