Too Soon Jokes’ Latest Single is the One Christmas Song it Will Never Be Too Early For

“Santy Don’t Visit the Funeral Homes Little Buddy” may be one of the most ridiculous track titles I’ve heard in a while. But what’s even more ridiculous is the fact that I found myself charmed by a Christmas song. With the same quintessentially charming air as exuded as the Beatles, the uniquely uplifting track unfolds with crunchy, angular guitar riffs, and the ever-enamouring sound of brass to create concordant waves of aural synergy. The vocal tonality is warm, infectious, and is enough to make you feel that fuzzy feel you hear when you hear Christmas music. If any track deserves to be a number one Christmas single, it’s definitely this mesmeric work of festive Indie alchemy.

The epically titled single from Too Soon Jokes which will be available on their SoundCloud page from November 16th, you can head over to Facebook and keep up to date with all the latest release news from the band.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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