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The San Diego Emissary of Soul, Sedríque, Held No Prisoners in His RnB Pop Hit, Sick Of

Taken from his ingeniously titled debut LP, Seduction, the standout single, Sick Of, which has racked up 50k streams on Spotify to date, is the perfect introduction to Sedríque’s fiery brand of contemporary RnB pop.

Sick Of captures the raw, messy, and visceral emotions that follow a toxic relationship and an even more toxic breakup. Some songwriters write what they think their audiences want to hear, and others stay committed to melodising harsh truths, Sedríque well and truly put himself in the latter camp with the soulful vitriol in Sick Of, which will be a hit with any fans of Chris Brown and the Weeknd. The razor-sharp rhythmics of the lyrical blows against the steady tempo of the soul-heady instrumentals created intoxicating aural alchemy that you will want to intoxicate yourself with time and time again.

After finding his voice at the age of three when he started to perform solos in the church choir and learning how to accompany himself on piano by the age of ten, the singer-songwriter’s teeth were well and truly cut by the time he focused on creating one of the most seminal RnB pop records of 2023.

Check out the Radio Edit of Sick Of by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Yung Tilla has brought the hedonistic high-vibes with his RnB Hip Hop track ‘Cash App’

‘Cash App’ is the salaciously fresh latest RnB Hip Hop drop from Yung Tilla, a Burlington, NJ-hailing artist who has garnered plenty of hype around his mischievously hedonistic sound since making his debut in 2018.

Tune out of the lockdown misery and into Cash App which blazons with late night high energetic vibes. If you could imagine what it would sound like if Chris Brown and Tory Lanez had an aural lovechild, you’ll get an idea of how adrenalizingly smooth the grooves in Cash App are.

Yung Tilla’s energy is infectious enough to allow you to shake off any apathy which has creeped into your psyche in recent months, but if there’s anything bigger than their creative energy, it is his motivation. Yung Tilla created ‘Tilla Tuesdays’ to drop a new song every month during lockdown and with their new album due to drop in 2021, he’s definitely one to watch.

You can check out Cash App by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Warningz Release Uplifting Track ‘No Stress’

In a world saturated with overly compressed mumblings passing as expression, it’s always a pleasure to hear a song with a dynamic beat and passionate artists pushing themselves to make something genuinely uplifting. No Stress is produced by the Warningz, who understand that even the simplest of melodies deserve rich harmonic content in order to resonate through a mix in a truly organic way. This song doesn’t feel like it was made at a desk in a studio. It feels like it’s a part of the world around you. You can breathe the summer air from the first snare.

Performed by Maine Gwap and Farees, No Stress is a song that can recognize struggle and confront it with confidence and pride. No Stress is a mission statement as much as a title, and if you bump this song when you’re at a low point, you just might be able to find the hope you need to move through. This song is moving both emotionally and physically. The beat is great and the humanity is greater. The Warningz definitely have more to come and with such talented collaborators, we’re certainly in for a treat.

-Paul Weyer

A&R Factory Present: August Twelfth

The passion for music runs through August Twelfth’s blood being the nephew of prolific blues singer Earl Green, so it’s not entirely surprising that August Twelfth is quickly climbing to success. Inspirations from big names such as Neyo, Chris Brown and Trey Songz, August Twelfth’s swift vocals combined with a breezy summery melody is what makes his brand new R&B track ‘Come Make We Go’ a perfect anecdote to his personal sentiment.

August explains how, “I already know what emotions I want to portray in a song, it’s just finding the right words to say [it]. I find it eaiser to create lyrics using instinct rather than sitting with the lyrics on paper wondering ‘what should I say next?’”

‘Come Make We Go’ is built upon warm, harmonious instrumentals which unite alluringly with Augusts’ flowing vocals, which heightens the romance. August produces traditional R&B, similarities to his inspirations; it’s almost comforting to listen to an old school remake of R&B from the 00’s, a track highlighting the fluttery feeling of lust. The melody has a tropical edge which spills Augusts’ carefree words, conclusively expressing a jovial style ahead of the summer season.

‘Come Make We Go’ will be available via all major media providers from 12th May 2017 and more information about August and any upcoming live commitments can be found on his social media pages.

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A&R Factory Present: Ben Alessi

NYC-based recording artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Ben Alessi, follows his refreshing debut track (“ U ”) with a sultry, electronic dysfunctional-love love song, “ ONLY ”. There’s a magical balance here between what is now a landmark sound for Ben – his layered vocal performance/production woven into the foundational instrumental. Although usually self-produced, Ben was enamored by the emotional instrumental for “Only” created by REO (Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Kid Ink, David Guetta, T-Pain) and so “ONLY” was borne. “U” served as an introduction to Ben’s unique way of envisioning music through color and texture while “Only” seems to let his audience dive right into his soul.

At just 21 years old, Ben Alessi is already leapfrogging through the biz: “U” premiered on Billboard and was remixed by both Michael Brun (3MM Spotify plays and climbing) and Chordashian ; his successful featurings include a Kuren debut release “ Home ” that climbed the Australian charts and national radio; he’s produced/featured on several other viral climbers; he’s collaborating with major music-makers – most recently, Sarz; and, he’s being courted by brands, fashion houses and has landed syncs including T-Mobile. His debut EP is set to drop soon, and several showcases are lined up for March and April.

Since his first self-release, “Primes,” Ben Alessi gained local traction, performing mostly acoustic in his hometown of Buffalo, NY. Ben relocated to Manhattan upon signing with Big House Publishing and dove deeper into electronica. His inspirations, ranging from Cashmere Cat and Jean Paul Gaultier to Amy Winehouse and Tarantino, are present in his art through the essence of these cultural icons. The dark, complicated majesty of these heroes is embedded in the textured, subtle beauty of this latest release.

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A&R Factory Present: Rockie Fresh

If you haven’t heard the buzz yet, let it be known that Chicago native Rockie Fresh is quickly becoming your next favorite rapper. Only starting his music career a few years ago, this young up-and-comer is already one of the hottest independent artists in hip-hop.
After releasing 4 “The Night I Went To…” projects this year, Rockie Fresh is back as he delivers us his first official single on MMG.  Produced by Mike Daley and featuring Chris Brown, Call Me When It’s Over is a big summer anthem that we’ve all been waiting to hear from the Chicago native.
Call Me When It’s Over available on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify now!