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Adopt the lyrical liberation in Dan Littlefield’s bluegrass to the bone single, Set You Free.

With his trusty Dobro resonator, narratively unshackling lyrics, bluegrass to the bone vocals and folky strings cutting across the accordance, Dan Littlefield’s latest single, Set You Free, will do exactly that for the 4-minute duration and far beyond if you decide to adopt the lyrical liberation.

In any other set of hands, Littlefield’s axe of choice would be in danger of resonating (pun slightly intended) as archaic; with the signature funky twang in his signature style, there was little chance of Set You Free falling into pedestrianism.

We may be living in a post-truth world in 2022, but Littlefield knows how to all too effacaciously entwine the nostalgia for simplicity with neo-blues alchemy for ultimate aural pleasure.

Set You Free is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Brothers Reed take us ‘Home’ in their folk Americana heart warmer

The Brothers Reed’s latest single, Home, is sweet enough to make you homesick for a place you’ve never been. If that doesn’t stand as a testament to stellar songwriting and performative charisma, I’m not entirely sure what does.

The playful bluegrass roots blossom in the eclectic yet traditional folk instrumental arrangement while the lyrics and honky-tonk vocals paint a vivacious picture of miles travelled and home comforts yearned for. If you don’t feel the oxytocin start to flow by the time you’ve hit the romantically punchy chorus, you might want to check that you’ve still got a pulse. We can’t wait to hear what follows after the Brothers Reed’s stint away from the airwaves.

Home will be available to stream everywhere from April 8th, including SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Dive into Stan Silver and the Brave Puppies’ fervently azure folk-rock single, Cool Water

I never anticipated encountering a band that appease my visceral-emotion-seeking soul quite as well as Tiger Army, Koffin Kats or the Brains. The Hamburg hailing Americana folk-rock outfit Stan Silver and the Brave Puppies surpassed all expectations with their latest single, Cool Water.

There’s plenty of reminiscence to Nick 13’s style in the gristly and shimmering Gretschy tones and in the chorus harmonies around the fervent verse vocals that effortlessly paint a landscape that you want to get lost in. Yet, Stan Silver and the Brave Puppies set themselves apart with the rock licks against the psychobilly-style chugging basslines, and the folky picturesque lyrical escapism.

Cool Water is the first song released from the incredibly promising outfit’s forthcoming album. We couldn’t be more stoked for it.

Cool Water is now available to stream on YouTube and Reverb Nation.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Who Could Ask For More: Sioux Falls blues artist Chris Pohlson takes us into his mind-bending expedition with ‘I’m on a Train’

With a cold bottle of beer right next to his parched lips and his mind feeling so calm and serene, Chris Pohlson floats into the happiest version of himself with his latest single all about finding yourself with ‘I’m on a Train‘.

Chris Pohlson is a soulful Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA-based indie bluegrass flat picker and is also a soundscape engineer.

This is about an LSD trip.” ~ Chris Pohlson

As he keeps things mellow and decides to let us into a world that many don’t feel comfortable explaining just yet, Chris Pohlson sings with a smile on his face and a cheeky glint in the eye that shows you he is in a zone that helps him learn more about himself. There is so much to like about an artist who takes the shades off and leads us into a world that is so much simpler than modern life and all the stresses attached.

I’m on a Train‘ from the humble Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA-based solo blues artist Chris Pohlson, is a road-trippin’ track that sends your precious soul on a pacifying voyage beyond what you have thought of before. This is a real storyteller who takes us into his mind that is staying in the moment, as he keeps it simple and just lets nature take over.

Bringing us a single to gaze outside with – this is one of the more relaxed singles you will hear this year – from an unpretentious musician who lets his music do the talking.

Travel through into an altered state via Soundcloud and see more of his cowboy-hat filled journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

D Boone Pittman paints a panoramic picture of romantic disparity in ‘She Likes the Beach’

‘She Likes the Beach’ is just one of the instantly immersive bluegrass singles taken from country-folk singer-songwriter D Boone Pittman’s debut album, Emerge.

The 10-track straight from the soul album pays a fitting ode to the storytelling roots of folk. As the acoustic bluegrass chords lay out the welcome mat, Pittman paints a panoramic picture of romantic disparity with his endlessly magnetic vocals as he expresses his frustration at being with someone that you can’t quite see eye to eye with but you end up in a situationship regardless.

You can check out D Boone Pittman on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Marshall Artz are ‘Coming Home’ with their twin guitars and a brand new album

Marshall Artz

Taken from their fifth album ‘What Matters’, Marshall Artz’ new single ‘Coming Home’ is a mildly folky, Louisiana-tinged acoustic-led duet, fast-paced and upbeat with some bluegrass vibes in places around the banjo-roll lead breaks and slide guitar pieces, all wrapped around the uber-tight fingerstyle rhythm work of Kevin Artz. There’s a folk-rock, Americana feel to the track, reminiscent of 70’s trio America, Bread, or Harry Chapin, with maybe an element of the Doobie Brothers thrown in in the way both players interact organically around the track to create something that sounds fuller than ‘just’ two guitars and vocals.

It’s an excellent track, pacey and tight; lyrically, the title’s pretty much on the money – a long time away, nothing but ‘FaceTime on my iPhone’ to connect with, and ‘today is the day that I’m coming home’. Gentle, fun, and uplifting, ‘Coming Home’ is a great introduction to Marshall Artz new album.

You can hear ‘Coming Home’ here.

Review by Alex Holmes

Psych Folk meets Old School Blues in Reverend James Elmore Jenkins’ single, ‘Rise Up!’

Rise Up! is the latest single to be released by Tennessee-hailing minister and musician Reverend James Elmore Jenkins; the request won’t seem all that unreasonable once you’ve experienced the upraising melding of old school blues and psych-folk.

With dizzying electronic effect, potentially more mind-warping than anything that The Legendary Pink Dots have ever offered, infused into the soulful Americana soundscape – complete with lap steel guitar twangs, Rise Up! It is practically a transcendental experience. Any fans of the Blues greats such as Blind Willie Johnson won’t want to miss out on this release.

Rise Up! officially released on April 1st; you can check it out for yourselves via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast