Who Could Ask For More: Sioux Falls blues artist Chris Pohlson takes us into his mind-bending expedition with ‘I’m on a Train’

With a cold bottle of beer right next to his parched lips and his mind feeling so calm and serene, Chris Pohlson floats into the happiest version of himself with his latest single all about finding yourself with ‘I’m on a Train‘.

Chris Pohlson is a soulful Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA-based indie bluegrass flat picker and is also a soundscape engineer.

This is about an LSD trip.” ~ Chris Pohlson

As he keeps things mellow and decides to let us into a world that many don’t feel comfortable explaining just yet, Chris Pohlson sings with a smile on his face and a cheeky glint in the eye that shows you he is in a zone that helps him learn more about himself. There is so much to like about an artist who takes the shades off and leads us into a world that is so much simpler than modern life and all the stresses attached.

I’m on a Train‘ from the humble Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA-based solo blues artist Chris Pohlson, is a road-trippin’ track that sends your precious soul on a pacifying voyage beyond what you have thought of before. This is a real storyteller who takes us into his mind that is staying in the moment, as he keeps it simple and just lets nature take over.

Bringing us a single to gaze outside with – this is one of the more relaxed singles you will hear this year – from an unpretentious musician who lets his music do the talking.

Travel through into an altered state via Soundcloud and see more of his cowboy-hat filled journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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