Dive into Stan Silver and the Brave Puppies’ fervently azure folk-rock single, Cool Water

I never anticipated encountering a band that appease my visceral-emotion-seeking soul quite as well as Tiger Army, Koffin Kats or the Brains. The Hamburg hailing Americana folk-rock outfit Stan Silver and the Brave Puppies surpassed all expectations with their latest single, Cool Water.

There’s plenty of reminiscence to Nick 13’s style in the gristly and shimmering Gretschy tones and in the chorus harmonies around the fervent verse vocals that effortlessly paint a landscape that you want to get lost in. Yet, Stan Silver and the Brave Puppies set themselves apart with the rock licks against the psychobilly-style chugging basslines, and the folky picturesque lyrical escapism.

Cool Water is the first song released from the incredibly promising outfit’s forthcoming album. We couldn’t be more stoked for it.

Cool Water is now available to stream on YouTube and Reverb Nation.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


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