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Take Me Away: Towse misses that special fire on We’d Start a Garden

With their highly-anticipated first release in 5 years, Towse is on top form on this delightfully mellow song to try and hold back tears with as the lost romance burns a hole into the heart on We’d Start a Garden.

Towse is a niche indie outfit who are signed by Green Eyed Records and performs with the kind of uniqueness which shall stimulate the mind of those who want something different.

A breakup song about the sadness and confusion of realizing you won’t be spending the rest of your life with someone.” ~ Towse

Written as part of the Song a Day for a Month challenge and recorded in both London and California, Towse drops a bedroom pop-soaked stunner to calm even the busiest of hearts. Kind in nature and relatable in every facet, we are treated to something rather brilliant.

We’d Start a Garden from the superbly visionary band Towse drops a song so deep, it will probably cause tears to stream down at unexpected levels of emotion. Showing us where to go in order to feel happier again and sung so beautifully, this is a catchy single for all the right reasons.

Healing takes time to fully heal most wounds after all.

Turn this up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Michael Court remembers the way that they used to feel on ‘Keedys’

With a reminisce-filled feeling that has you looking at the old house where your ex-lover used to reside inside, Michael Court recalls that time when your eyes were locked together so tightly and the world was just right on ‘Keedys‘.

Michael Court is an emerging Los Angeles, USA-based solo singer-songwriter who resides in his car and lives for that drive which takes him to places that are changing his perspective forever.

Showing us his bedroom-mentality and an old school way of making good music that is rather unforgettably memorable, Michael Court leads us into his ever-evolving mind – that has you in a really thoughtful mood – and has you naturally tapping your toes and grooving along to such a quality performance.

Keedys‘ from the young Los Angeles, USA-based solo singer-songwriter Michael Court, is a nostalgic single that is so well-made and sung with a calming ambience. This is the kind of single that will have you gazing outside your rusted window and wondering regretfully about the one who got away in your life.

Sometimes you just aren’t meant to be together, even if it seems like you definitely should be.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Manila-based L!FE shows us the long game on ‘Mood’

On a self-made catchy beat that leads us into the mindset of a musician who values his creative output, L!FE knows that he needs to keep busy but feels that sometimes he is not always in the ‘Mood‘.

L!FE is a Manila, Philippines-based indie hip-hop artist/bassist, and music producer who makes all his own tracks from the comfort of his studio bedroom.

His music mostly comprises of sample-based melodies with old school hip hop drums funky bass lines and a lower registered voice when singing and rapping.” ~ L!FE

In a world where so many people bleat on about how many songs a musician needs to make each year, L!FE directs us into his life as he shows us a relatable message out knowing that the long-term game is where he is headed. This is an artist who would rather take his time and make classic gems, instead of assembling average music than might dehydrate his heart.

Mood‘ from Manila, Philippines-based indie hip-hop artist and music producer L!FE is an insightful track all about the life of an artist who is perhaps not feeling the creative juices flow into his body today. He guides us into his mind as he wonders why some people just don’t get it – as he slides his headphones on – to get into his zone again to block out anything negative that could ruin his day.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see more adventures via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

See Me: Kalamazoo-based band Basic Comfort return with latest single ‘Blindspotting’

On a memorable groovy interior that has you nodding your head around like a thoughtful scholar, Basic Comfort is back with a new single that will have you remembering a moment where you were almost caught out in an instant with ‘Blindspotting‘.

Basic Comfort is a card-playing Kalamazoo, Michigan-based indie alt-bedroom-pop band who after changing their lineup at the beginning of their formation while being led by Tony Mitchell, now enjoy a stable mixture of fine musicians all joined together as one team.

They believe that music is healing, and with each release, they hope to give people a sonic space to connect with themselves and be their most present. Basic Comfort is more than just a band or catalogue of music— they are a perspective in growth.” ~ Basic Comfort

Basic Comfort seems to guide your frightened soul into a safe space with their family-friendly music that seems to ease the brick-like stress off your shoulders. They bring a whole bag of peace with them and are ego-free, as they spark up our imagination on a really pleasurable release.

Blindspotting‘ from the highly-creative Kalamazoo, Michigan-based indie alt-bedroom-pop outfit Basic Comfort, is a very likeable single that has you in an introspective mood. Filled with dreamy vocals that has you quite lost into a forest of wonder, there is much to be compelled by here by a wonderful band. They make that type of music you just tune into without too much thinking, as this is the kind of song to add to your work playlist and tell your mates about.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No Clue: Ajarr wonders where he is actually headed on his over-thinking journey with ‘Psycho’

As he senses that his subconscious is proceeding to places he is actually scared of, Ajarr wishes that his memories weren’t so fuzzy with this new fast-paced single all about obtaining your coveted path again on ‘Psycho‘.

Raja Naveed aka Ajarr is a 17-year old Pennsylvania-based alt-trap/hyperdrill bedroom solo artist and music producer who has been inspired lately to really find a new outlet of creativity during these harrowing times of doom.

I started making music in May of 2021 with no prior experience in music at all, and do my own songwriting, mixing and recording (in my bedroom). Other than producing beats, I do all of my own music production, and hope to learn beat-making eventually (so I can make fully independent songs).” ~ Ajarr

Ajarr bestows us his promising talents with a super track that takes you to a place you have thought about too many times, as your consciousness starts to tip over and you feel like you are in a different atmosphere.

Psycho‘ from the youthful alt-trap/hyperdrill bedroom solo artist Pennsylvania-based artist Ajarr, is a tight-roped track all about questioning where you are actually going to end up next in your over-stimulated mind that needs some yoga to get back to your much-needed zen. On a sizzling beat that keeps us all thoroughly entertained the whole way through, this is a warning to all those out there – that have been feeling like they are the only ones going a bit dizzy – from all the strangeness that has been going on in the world over the past two years. Keeping that valuable mind sane, is the only way to survive the apocalypse.

Hear this superb new single on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trying To Forget: South Yorkshire singer-songwriter Gerard Frain drops introspective debut release ‘Remember’

Taken briskly from his upcoming debut EP cleverly named ‘Roominate‘, Gerard Frain has us feeling in a rather reflective gaze into the mirror as you ‘Remember‘ being with someone so special, who you thought would be holding your hand forever.

Gerard Frain is a Leonard Cohen, George Harrison and Paul Simon-inspired indie-folk singer-songwriter from South Yorkshire in England. He fuses that memory-filled nostalgic energy which sweeps you outside into the fields full of nature, as you recall those past moments which you can’t easily forget.

Recorded entirely by himself in his bedroom he’ll have you emotionally grasped by the lyrics one second and tapping your toes the next.” ~ Gerard Frain

Sung with a comforting melody full of classic fondness to those who you want to remember, this is a wonderful song with such beauty attached. For a debut release, you have to admire this quality on a track that reminds you of those legendary music days, with the all-time icons he grew up listening to.

Remember‘ from the highly promising South Yorkshire indie-folk singer-songwriter Gerard Frain, is that feeling-I-regret single that has you in a rather sad trance, which is so hard to snap out of. Your mind is transfixed onto that moment which saw you drift away and you feel an empty heart resurface, as you wish things were so different.

No one wants to grow old and alone in this lonely world after all.

Listen to this debut track on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

One Day I’ll Be Fine: Sleepy Soul show us that deep rooted feeling that can’t speak yet on ‘Self’

After having our curious minds in a ”Hazy” state of utter adulation back in 2020, Sleepy Soul return with another absolute gem of the highest standard, with the story of finding your way in this lonely world called ”Self”, which will have you in a thoughtful gaze.

The groovy St. Louis/Minneapolis bedroom pop duo, Sleepy Soul, make that soothing indie pop synth-infused that has been carefully created with love by Nick Hummel and Michael LeFevre.

”Deeply introspective, “Self” reflects on the loneliness and insecurity that accompanies the experience of being in their mid-twenties. An amalgamation of indie pop melodies, bedroom beats, dreamy synths, and dulcet vocals with an accent of lo-fi and jazz.” – Sleepy Soul

With a crystal clean tone and a highly likable energy throughout, you feel like you are welcomed with opened arms on this marvelous single. The vocals are honest and true, the guitar and synth mixture is such a wonderful combination and you feel like you have been down this road before in your life.

Self” from the awesome St. Louis/Minneapolis bedroom pop act Sleepy Soul, is a dreamy experience that puts you in the right frame of mind to look beyond what you see, so you may find the right path and never doubt yourself again. This is a strange world so feeling some insecurities is natural, as you look into the mirror and work out who you really want to be.

Check out this incredibly well-made music video on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen