One Day I’ll Be Fine: Sleepy Soul show us that deep rooted feeling that can’t speak yet on ‘Self’

After having our curious minds in a ”Hazy” state of utter adulation back in 2020, Sleepy Soul return with another absolute gem of the highest standard, with the story of finding your way in this lonely world called ”Self”, which will have you in a thoughtful gaze.

The groovy St. Louis/Minneapolis bedroom pop duo, Sleepy Soul, make that soothing indie pop synth-infused that has been carefully created with love by Nick Hummel and Michael LeFevre.

”Deeply introspective, “Self” reflects on the loneliness and insecurity that accompanies the experience of being in their mid-twenties. An amalgamation of indie pop melodies, bedroom beats, dreamy synths, and dulcet vocals with an accent of lo-fi and jazz.” – Sleepy Soul

With a crystal clean tone and a highly likable energy throughout, you feel like you are welcomed with opened arms on this marvelous single. The vocals are honest and true, the guitar and synth mixture is such a wonderful combination and you feel like you have been down this road before in your life.

Self” from the awesome St. Louis/Minneapolis bedroom pop act Sleepy Soul, is a dreamy experience that puts you in the right frame of mind to look beyond what you see, so you may find the right path and never doubt yourself again. This is a strange world so feeling some insecurities is natural, as you look into the mirror and work out who you really want to be.

Check out this incredibly well-made music video on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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