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I’m Not Alive: straight stitch feels the haunted world bite hard again on HalfLife

Feeling like the fresh path is close after so much recent trauma, straight stitch aim in the right direction and fire hard with a floor-shaking new track to paste all over your shocked speakers called HalfLife.

straight stitch is a grunge, shoegaze, and noise-rock fused band who shreds the airwaves with a powerful sound your whole soul needed to witness.

They are committed to sonic destruction, all sharing a love for surf-punk in their early teenage years. Now, ages 19, 22, and 21 they hope to combine shoegaze and grunge with the energy of early bandcamp no-wave.” ~ straight stitch

Slashing straight through our eyes and into our deeper conciousness, straight stitch are in no mood to mess around and might cause some loud foot stomping to occur on many sweat-drenched dance floors.

HalfLife from the Austin, Texas-based grungegaze band straight stitch is a heavy-to-the-core track which will evidently soak your awaiting spirit and give it an extra vibration. Turned up to the max and showing us an electric soundscape to truly salivate over, this is a fine effort with that extra underground quality that’s so hard to find easily these days.

Hear this fab new single on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Break Free: PURE is at their heavy best with the rampaging release Caught in the Undertow

Released from their 9-track debut album called Vita Brevis, PURE show us what hardcore sounds like in 2022 with their speaker-breaking single all about being Caught in the Undertow.

PURE is a powerfully constructed Austin, Texas-based indie hard rock and metal band who are influenced by heavyweights such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Alice In Chains, Megadeth, and Metallica.

Formed by Brent Moore, Rob Hanz, and Sebastian Steber in early 2020. Dave Kulikowski was brought in to fill out the bottom end shortly afterword and the band struck gold with their front person, Caitlin O’Connor, in July 2020.” ~ PURE

Snapping away our previously foul mood with a heavy performance to remember forever, PURE pulsate us in places that have been hidden away from the world for years. Rattling with a combustion filled energy that will shock many, this is a heart racing anthem for those who needed it most.

Caught in the Undertow from Austin, Texas-based indie hard rock and metal band PURE is a scorching hot track from an outfit who roars into mountain-topping heights here. With a massively loud and window smashing sound that will wake you up if you were sleeping before, this is a track all of us who need to be uplifted away from the doom of the current world.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Good Time: Honey Made grows tired of the games with the groovy delight Upstairs

After delighting our faces with 2019’s Perfect Getaway, Honey Made are rather incredible on a sensually loving single that will have many embracing their lovers tightly Upstairs.

Honey Made is a 9-piece Austin, Texas-based indie primal-soul RnB band who are inspired by the greats such as James Brown, Sly and the Family Stone, and Earth Wind and Fire.

Gliding in swiftly with a classy tone that might cause uncovered necks to blush suddenly, Honey Made makes that silky treat that is so easy to digest. Vocally excellent and with an aura that shall take you places in your mind that you had forgotten, which brings your mood back to true freedom. There is a hum in the speakers that can’t be taught, as their intuitive melodies bring great joy to all who listen closely.

Upstairs from the 9-piece Austin, Texas-based indie primal-soul RnB band Honey Made is one of the more crisply woven-into-your-soul singles that will make you smile. There is an incredible quality attached here that is rather magnificently created and world class to the max, as you just imagine that sparked up night that has turned into something memorable.

When you look inside those eyes and see that romantic flame, it’s best to keep it alive.

Listen up to this top new track on Spotify and see more news via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Know I like It: Suzanne VanRandwyk wants to feel that tingle again on her spine with Kiss Me Again

Reminiscing about that time when her heart fell in love instantly, Suzanne VanRandwyk sends us one of the most romantic singles of 2022 so far with the joyful smooch-filled gem that is Kiss Me Again.

Suzanne VanRandwyk is a wonderful indie Austin, Texas-based singer-songwriter who blends in Americana, folk-rock and country.

Creates heartfelt songs that tell stories of everyday people in vivid detail.” ~ Suzanne VanRandwyk

Soothing our worries away while she brings a ray of sweet sunshine inside our intrigued ears, Suzanne VanRandwyk shows us we are better off when we are in the zone of love. Her genuine vibes are there for all to see and hear, as there is a warm glow of fondness from a truly classy soul.

Kiss Me Again from Austin, Texas-based singer-songwriter Americana/country artist Suzanne VanRandwyk is that hugely memorable song when you just want your whole body to feel so fine again, like it deserves. Sung with so much love and beautiful energy, this is a lovely effort to put on loud when you need to feel like innocent romance still exists.

Listen up to this fine new single on Spotify and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Texas RnB artist Nubia Emmon can’t help but follow her hungry body on ‘Trip’

Produced by Austin’s DSII, Nubia Emmon wants to get up on it and show her new lover that she is the real deal on the hypnotizing new single to dance all night with called ‘Trip‘.

Nubia Emmon is an enchanting Austin, Texas-born RnB/hip hop artist who makes pure anthems that will uplift your mood and take you to a more illuminated place.

Inspired by the classic 90s and the early 2000s sound, Nubia Emmon shows us her elegant charms and shall slide a cheeky smile all over your face. Guiding us delightfully into a party that is getting charged up, but never too much to handle. With a calming breeze that shall urge you to make that move, this is a smooth experience which will have you in awe of her serene vocal ability.

Trip‘ from unassuming Austin, Texas-born RnB/hip hop artist Nubia Emmon is a soaring single from a singer who is rather graceful and real. Her eyes spark as she shows us this romantic occasion that is out of character-but needed-as her body craves a playmate tonight, no matter what.

When you look into their eyes for the first time, you just know whether it’s going to work.

See this new video on YouTube and check out her IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

San Gabriel is feeling rather washed up on the catchy new nostalgic gem, ‘Circles’

Speculating why this is happening when genuine romance should be the only occurrence, San Gabriel gives us natural goosebumps to look at deeply with the latest release, ‘Circles‘.

San Gabriel is a James Bookert-created Austin, Texas-based indie-pop singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music producer and writer.

Skillfully enhancing our speakers’ capabilities with a tremendously memorable sound to transform the mood of the world, San Gabriel is rather magnificent with a stunning style that shall take you into this picture that is pasted on repeat. Sung with a smooth technique and featuring a radiant beat, this is a song to treasure.

It began as a side project behind the counter of J & J Spirits, an east Austin liquor store, where Bookert took a job between tours with his then band, Whiskey Shivers.” ~ San Gabriel

Circles‘ from Austin, Texas-based indie-pop singer-songwriter San Gabriel might send your mind into a whirlpool-like spin as you recall when you felt so stuck inside something you once cherished. With a groovy texture that sends you into an alternative universe that flips your perspective, that shall have you wondering why things just fall flat sometimes even if you wish for the opposite.

When you feel like your mind keeps on flipping, counting on a better result next time is the only thing that can keep you feeling positive.

Listen up to this summer single to swim into on SoundCloud and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Newborn Stranger: Austin’s Alex Wilson desires that cheeky company on ‘Young Lust’

Is There Anybody Out There? by Alex Wilson

Taken off his highly-ambitious and awe-inspiring 26-track album called ‘Is There Anybody Out There?‘, Alex Wilson is quite outstanding on his brand new single about trying to find that special woman to be romantic with on ‘Young Lust‘.

Alex Wilson is an Austin, Texas-based industrial funk/rock bassist, songwriter, and music producer who makes that raw type of music creation that has you listening twice.

Alex (Wilky) Wilson brings a variety of influences from Peter Gabriel to Pink Floyd to Daft Punk to Metallica to Prince.” ~ Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson unquestionably has an impressively trimmed beard. He shapes through this track like an old pro too as no shaving cream is required, with a rugged display of guitar playing that will have you buying this man a drink from the bar.

Young Lust‘ from the Austin, Texas-based industrial funk/rock bassist, songwriter, and music producer Alex Wilson, shows us his music love potion that is rather enticing on the ears and has you wondering if that girl came around last night. His bass-bending skills are rather superhero-like – and there is much to admire – about an artist who just lets it rip and leaves it all on the line. This is that old school feel that the world needs more of in its overly-sensitive veins.

Hear this fresh new single on Bandcamp and see more news on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Thick And Juicy: High-flying Austin rapper CASINOATX keeps it ‘Poppin’

With an erotically seductive soundtrack and plenty of party undertones, CASINOATX turns the lights down low with the bass up real high to make sure that the whole night is filled with ‘Poppin‘.

CASINOATX aka Malcolm Richardson aka Partyville Mayor is an Austin, Texas-based indie rapper, writer, music producer, one half of SupaSino and is also the co-host of Street Nerdz TV.

This is the steamin’ hot story about finding someone who has your eyes feeling all sweaty, as you lock glances and just know that this is the sweet soul who you feel most comfortable with to be lovers for the night. The dance moves you are seeing are out of this world and you can’t get enough, as you forget about whoever else you have met tonight.

CASINOATX shows us why he is one of the hottest names in rap music right now with another excellent display on ‘Poppin‘. This is one of those juicy tracks to play loud as you hit that repeat button – and glare angrily at anyone – who dares to change the vaporous ambience you are feeling totally thrilled by.

Poppin‘ from the multi-dimensional Austin, Texas-based hip-hop artist, music producer and TV host CASINOATX, is that hot track to get your heart beating so fast you might need to take a nap to recover. There is lots of sensual talk and straight-up mentions, that this is going to be a sexy summer single you won’t want to forget about. Made by a man who is clearly on the up, he keeps the night alive with a booty-shaking experience that you will find yourself dancing to.

Hear this party track on Spotify and see more of his story via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Everyday Struggle: Cowboy Diplomacy urge us to stay strong on ‘Easier When I’m Stoned’

Filled with a daydream-like energy that reminds us to stay positive despite this hard world full of extreme challenges, Cowboy Diplomacy are back with an inspiring track to help us to keep a smile beaming bright despite the pressure of this weird world on ‘Easier When I’m Stoned‘.

Cowboy Diplomacy is a top notch Austin, Texas-based indie rock/blues band, who perform with a tremendously uplifting texture that feels so good in your awaiting ears.

This is a song I believe we can all relate to,’ says frontman Ian Cochran. “Sometimes life and the realities that come with the everyday struggle, can be overpowering and almost painful to deal with. We all have our vices to cope with our hardships: Whether that be drugs and alcohol, eating habits, spending habits, etc. This song is about the “unfortunately” timeless feeling of leaning on other things besides oneself to find fullness and happiness when the realities of life become overwhelming.” ~ Cowboy Diplomacy

This is the type of song to close your eyes with – as you feel like you are in a dreamy state that shows you the way forward – as the kindness is so easy to hear, with intricate melodies to take you into a reinvigorating trance of healing.

Easier When I’m Stoned‘ from the Austin, Texas-based indie rock/blues act Cowboy Diplomacy, is the true story all about finding ways to survive when you are feeling so exhausted from all the wildness in this strange planet we live in. Sung with a calming tone that has your whole heart beating with excitement – and played with a peaceful atmosphere – this is an excellent single that brings relief to your stressful day.

Hear this brand new track on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Travel Time: Texas rapper Slim Pat is ready to impress her on ‘Around the World’ (ft. R Sizzle)

Rapped straight off his new album named ‘Rise N’ Shine‘, Slim Pat gets that jet ready and brings his lover with for the adventure to a better place on ‘Around the World‘ (ft. R Sizzle).

Slim Pat is an Austin, Texas-based indie hip-hop artist. Produced by Vybe Beatz, this is a thinking-about-you-constantly track that is all about wanting to leave your issues behind in the dust, as you sip coronas together on the beach and look into each others eyes all night.

Pat raps with a calm edge to proceedings while we all take some time to relax here, as we are introduced to fresh vocals that puts you into a better place. The beat is chilled and ultra mellow to consume – as you suddenly feel like looking for those flights specials – to a new city somewhere exciting and away from the dull normal.

Around the World‘ (ft. R Sizzle) from the Texas-based indie rapper Slim Pat, is a loving new single about hoping that you can be with your lover and chill together. With the world so stressful and only now only starting to open up, there is so much love and affection here to make that change before its too late. Rapped with a confident flow – this is a track to turn on when you feel like that holiday needs to come as soon as possible.

Check out this new track on YouTube and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen