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Finding Confidence: Hip-Hop violinist Shrey Panda drops debut track that has your body mesmerized on ‘Conquest’

As his skills bend tremendously with the ultimate belief in himself after he was enlightened, Shrey Panda builds up our mood with one of the most fascinating experiences you will hear all year with ‘Conquest‘.

Shrey Panda is a superb hip-hop violinist from Austin, Texas, who makes the type of music which opens the door to your mind, looking deeper to find that best version of yourself and ultimately winning at what you set your goals towards achieving.

”Through melodic violins, classical instruments, and colorful beats, I take listeners on a story about triumph, self-doubt, and ultimately finding confidence in one’s self.” – Shrey Panda

Inspired by the likes of Kanye West, Hans Zimmer, and Beethoven, he seems to morph your speakers into play-dough — as molds your mind like he has special powers — urging and twisting you into his music kingdom, with seemingly effortless charm.

You sit back and marvel at his brilliance, he has been building up for this moment and perfecting his craft night and day. The calm is unleashed so spectacularly here, to wash away all that suffocating self-doubt that does nothing to help you grow.

Conquest‘ from enrapturing Texas-based hip-hop violinist Shrey Panda, is that awe-inspiring track that puts your attitude into fifth gear, you are ready to make those moves you have been talking about, as you bounce your head to this instant memorable debut classic. With more music to come, it feels like we are witnessing the rise of someone different to the rest.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Slow Down: Texas emcee B Tha One shows us how to ‘Let It Go’

Taken off B Tha One’s debut ten-track hip hop album called ‘Two Sides to My Story‘, ‘Let It Go‘ sees him eagerly shedding off that last remaining self-doubt to fully flourish and be at one with himself in the world, with an entertaining effort of top quality.

B Tha One is a talented Austin, Texas indie rapper who imperviously flows with a consciously enlightened style that captures the real picture of life, with no unnecessary flash or fake energy in sight.

This is the story about hurting hard from being back-stabbed and lied to, it stings hard like a bee’s furious bite at first, however over time you heal up and learn to grow that vital thick skin, that is absolutely impenetrable.

He raps with a true sense of what is going on in reality and sweeps your mind into another place, the stories of avoiding temptation in this easy-to-lose-it type of world shows you the way forward, as you build a metal fort around your own demons, so that they never escape again.

Let It Go‘ from the B Tha One, is that call to take time to search for yourself, as you replenish your soul after much stress and dealing with undesirable drama. His haunting flow washes all over your bodies hard-to-reach toxins, as he brings us a track to feel a bit sad and inspired with.

Stream this powerfully portrayed single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Push yourself forward: Buenos Diaz aims make amends through heartbreaking loss on ‘Beautiful’

His passion evident on this personal single about losing a friend recently to horrifying heroin addiction, the incredibly talented Buenos Diaz sends out a ‘Beautiful‘ tribute on this deep new single, which is taken off the new five-track EP called ‘Remember‘.

Buenos Diaz is a seven-piece team that is lead by self-taught Austin, Texas-based indie lofi-pop/blues singer-songwriter Nick Diaz and Grammy Award winning producer Beto Martinez, who somehow make that personal story type of music that fills your heart with sadness, love and thoughtfulness all at the same.

This is a fascinating mixture of wondrous sounds that perfectly encapsulates modern day society. The unimaginable story that you thought couldn’t happen but actually did. He sings with all the experience gained from being in various bands and genres all over the USA, his life as a travelling musician is a movie-like experience that needs to be shown on the big screen for all to learn.

Beautiful‘ from the Texas alt-pop wonder Buenos Diaz, is a special story about making sure that you look after your sobriety, as you want to live a better life and not go down that dark road. He sings with such passion and deep reasoning, each word and story meaning something special for us to embrace.

This is a truly remarkable single that will have your mind a trance for a while, as you gaze outside and wonder where you will end up in this crazy world.

Hear this stunning tribute on Spotify and see his future travels on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Stylish Space-Pop singer Lonesome Rhodes slide in with the honest ‘Bad News’

Lonesome Rhodes is an exciting Austin-based musician and this sound is time-travel pop which helps stir the perfect tonic in 2020 with ‘Bad News‘.

Texas artist Kevin F. Johnson is the mastermind behind this incredible sound that is show-stopping with an all ages appeal. There is lots of glitz and glamour here but you can also feel that this is a down to earth musician with talent oozing from the dance floor. The singing is so vibrant, he clearly has style and charisma. This is that happy Pop music that will get the whole family singing, the smooth sounds are incredible.

Bad News‘ is a tale of realness from Lonesome Rhodes as the story of watching your friend back is needed. She is trouble and you have warned with your words but will it be enough is not clear.

The vocals are crisp and well-sung, this is a classy performance that has you in a god place. You get the feeling that this is an artist on the rise through a music barrel, this is a scrumptious effort for our ears. Lonesome Rhodes is fantastic on Bad News.

Click here to stream.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trey Connor saunters in with indie-pop love letter ”The Way You Move”

Trey Connor is a 23 year old indie-pop-rock songwriter and guitarist from a small town close to Detroit in Michigan. Rising the music scene quickly since his debut at 13, Trey has written and released two EP’s with the band called “Punished For My Innocence” and “Here We Come”.

This new track ”The Way You Move” is taken off his latest release ”Horizons” and comes crashing in like a blue beach on a stunning summers day.

Now based in Austin, Texas- Trey is back with a hot new single to keep the pulses racing. This indie-pop served up in a star dusted love letter. Trey makes his mark here with his trademark voice that is clearly improving all the time. This is a love-story of love that is up and down. You care about each other but perhaps the timing isn’t quite there.

The Way You Move” by Trey Connor is an excellent single that is well-crafted and a pleasure to the tired ears and heart.

You can learn more about the journey here on Facebook.

Stream this new track right now on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lend Me Your Ear – Luv EXP: Soulful Witty Hip-Hop

You should believe these fellas, if you get down with soulful hip-hop, you should Lend Them Your Ear.

Okay, their name is Lend Me Your Ear and as someone who acknowledges that one of the first problems that new coming artists will have to face, is how they will name their project; Lend Me Your Ear has done a splendid job there, I’m sure you will agree. I mean, on probably the first artistic decision that they had to make, they gloriously hit the nail on the head.

And their name is only a small portion of this Austin, TX duo’s goodness.

Off their 2019 album called “Forbidden”, we have listened to the song “Luv EXP” (over & over & over). The music production is gorgeous to the bone. From the outstanding, vigorously cool rapping by both emcees to the beautiful instrumental, and God forbid if we don’t pay the proper attention to that sax; this sounds like body lotion for the soul.

This is a concrete artistic proposal that Lend Me Your Ear are offering here: hip-hop music that is digestible, splendidly ear-pleasing and simultaneously stuffed with artfulness. Play “Luv EXP” and get hooked.

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

A&R Factory Present: Tje Austin

Tje Austin is an ambitious Austin-based R&B singer-songwriter. Tje’s personal brand of soul derives from various influences that include John Legend and Lenny Kravitz. Introspective and passionate, Tje uses life experiences to explore the sensitivities and nuances of loss and broken relationships. He strives to create and perform the quintessential emotive experience, with touches of optimism and authenticity.

Originally, from Hawaii, Austin was adopted at four days old, by a loving Mormon family with military ties. He was raised in a multicultural family, which includes five brothers and three sisters – with six kids being adopted from other families. The accidental vocalist eventually made his way to the University of Texas at Austin. Initially there to complete a political science degree, Tje flipped a hobby into a full-fledged career, with some encouragement from some friends.

Tje was a contestant during the first run of the North American adaptation of The Voice. He’s co-written songs with three-time Grammy award winner Taj Jackson (for his Xperience album.) Amongst his received honors, Austin was a Semi Finalist in 2015 International Songwriting Competition – R&B Category and was featured at the 2014 ASCAP Expo for Pop Songwriting.

Completely self-contained, Tje manages himself through his company, Falling Giants Music. An artist in love with the road, he performs continuously throughout North America, and has been a recurring featured artist for Texas on Tour, a State of Texas initiative.

Tje Austin’s new EP, ‘I Belong to You’ can be purchased here.