Broken Heart: Austin pop duo melotheory asks for one more moment together on breathe

With a refined atmosphere to reminisce inside and taken from their 3-track EP named breathe and no eyes open, melotheory dreams of one more moment with a special kind of spirit on breathe.

melotheory is an Austin, Texas-based indie pop duo who were founded by Austin Pedersen and Patrick Insull. After meeting through mutual friends in 2020, they’ve navigated through a 2-year music project which is clearly made with supreme skill.

With the album now complete, melotheory are re-arranging their music for the stage and will be performing throughout Austin and beyond in the coming months.” ~ melotheory

Tranquil throughout and guiding us through the past trauma and into a possible reconciliation, melotheory shall ease many fast heartbeats and stuns our cold hands with a warming reminder that anything is really possible romantically.

breathe from Austin, Texas-based indie pop duo melotheory is a mellow daydream which shall pour rather beautifully into our awaiting epicentres. This is a soothing soundtrack which is made with so much quality, that shall surely instil a sense of hope that is much needed for many loveless souls.

Each second might change moods forever, in a world which needs much more hope and understanding.

Turn this up on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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