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She sees through the lies: DaisyJimes is ready for something more substantial on ‘Hard Candy’

Taken off her new bluntly-honest six-track project called ‘Hard Candy Vol. 1‘, DaisyJimes tells it straight up to former lovers who unwisely took her sweet kindness for weakness on ‘Hard Candy‘.

DaisyJimes is a sensational Los Angeles-based, Pomona, California-born indie pop/rock/r&b songwriter, who sings with a new edge to her that is dark and sensual, her striking eyes awakened after being hurt in relationships before, as she sticks up for herself while unlocking her inner passion, that fuels her rise to reach those goals she has manifested deep inside.

Her striking vocals show us she is still sweet on the inside but stronger on the outside now. She sings so passionately and with that extra belief that was missing before, her eyes set for the top after realizing what she really wanted. That enlightening picture has awakened her heart and she knows that others have been holding her back from greatness, but for no longer.

With a sultry elegance that simmers through the airwaves, you feel her growing maturity through your eyes as she now knows her value and isn’t letting anyone play her for a fool any longer.

Hard Candy‘ from the sweetly-tipped vocals of the stunning talent of LA’s DaisyJimes, is a powerful story of getting back control when you are at your most vulnerable moment and have been feeling so down with yourself. She shows courageous strength to move on swiftly and become the boss of her own now and future.

Hear the track on Spotify, see this exciting video on YouTube and follow her career growth on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

LA singer Matt Geronimo roars alive with the electric ‘Future’

Los Angeles, United States is the home of singer Matt Geronimo as he turns the gears up to the maximum on his new song called ‘Future’.

This is all about thinking that the person you are with is the real deal. They want to be with you too and the feelings match like a beautiful sunset and spending it alone together. You are giving this one last chance as things haven’t worked out before but perhaps this is the chance you have been waiting for. You have zero doubts now and just want to be with the special soul forever so you can both be happy.

LA singer Matt Geronimo is thinking about the long-term here on his new song called ‘Future’. With an electronic sound that buzzes alive with gripping vocals, this is an indie ride full of good intentions. The US singer is slowly emerging from the pack as a standout performer that we all need to take notice of.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Head through to the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

LA-based Dance Pop group Yep tell all with debut ”Breakup Sex”

The Los Angeles based indie-pop group Yep show us what they are made of with their debut song ”Breakup Sex”. The new band from the USA are in impressive form and this is an enjoyable song to make you think. They take us into their journey of this touchy subject that has it’s pros and cons.

This is a touching indie-pop release for 2020 that explores this sad love story. You are with someone and you always seem to be breaking up. Then you keep on getting back together and repeating this cycle. This can be fun but after a while you start to wonder if this is going to be the new normal. Is this going to be a familiar ride along this twisting road?

Breakup Sex” from Yep is a fun indie song that is very consistent with the chilled beat and the soothing vocals. With this being their debut there is no doubt that Yep are going to be on our radar with their catchy music.

Click here for the Soundcloud page to hear this new song.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New York Night Market deliver strong indie-pop debut with ”Made for Two”

New York Night Market is an indie-pop music duo first formed in 2018 by Mateo Vargas and Anya Irvin who are now based in sunny Northern California. The talented pair first met while attending music school in Los Angeles and very soon afterwards, their energies were forever synced together. Anya & Mateo spent the whole of 2019 writing songs and digging deep to find a fresh, unique sound as a newly formed band. Tired of the same old dull textbook songwriting, the two decided to leave music school and venture into the music world on their own. With a huge amount of original music they have joined up with Gonzalo Aloras to record their debut EP in 2020.

The start of 2020 marked the beginning of this project, as the three got together in studios in Argentina for the recording of their self-titled EP- New York Night Market. This is an exciting step for the new duo as they look to release lots of music and make their mark on the global music scene.

New York Night Market take us through a romantic pop journey of love that makes me feel warm inside. New love is on it’s way and 2020 will soon be forgotten. Taken as a lesson to help us learn more about ourselves, love is meant for two. Being alone is not what us humans crave at all.

Made for Two” is a lovely song that is a quality debut and I have a feeling we will hear much more from this incredible duo.

Stream this song right now and Soundcloud.

For more info on the new band head to their Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

LA alt-pop artist Livi Dillon grabs her soul back with fantastic ”Who Gave You the Right”

You meet someone and you like them so much and things are good for a while. Then you dig deeper and see so much more. You then realize that are you are in fact with a real dead soul. Someone that is manipulative and they aren’t good for you at all. This changes you and need to find yourself again. A life-long lesson is learnt and you slowly start to dig out of the deep hole and start to see the light again.

Singer, producer and kick-ass artist. This is Livi Dillon. She is here with the brilliantly made ”Who Gave You the Right”. This song is for anyone that has been in a tough relationship with a cold person that showed their true colors to you and you did something about it. This is a top song and Livi is going from strength to strength in her career with consistently good releases for her fans.

Livi Dillon has a new fan right here and I like her music style. Her music is different and she is so honest with her lyrics that I relate to on ”Who Gave You the Right”. I’m glad that she got out of this unhealthy relationship and is now stronger after realizing it was all wrong for her soul.

Head through to Spotify to hear more of this incredible female artist.

Review by Llewelyn Screen

Utah native Connor McCoy wants to stay young with folk-dripped ”Problem Children”

Currently staying in LA, Connor McCoy is an immensely talented singer-songwriter and producer. You can hear the quality in his voice and his guitar skills make my ears listen extra. This is good music with soul.

This song from late 2019 is all about how we want to stay young and not be old and boring. Being free is the best. Who wants to old anyway?

After a classical upbringing it’s no surprise that Connor can read and sing well. Really well. While in High School in Salt Lake City, Utah he then learnt how to play the piano. With new-age piano books lying around thanks to his Mom, he could fully immerse himself into music and really learn his passion.

I love the riff on here and the song is super upbeat. This is indie-folk at it’s finest with Connor’s strong voice that reminds me of Bon Iver. With some alt rock influences you can see why this artist is rising the ranks rather quickly.

The perky percussion on this single makes my foot tap with joy. A student of Music Production & Engineering program at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Connor McCoy is a name to watch in the US folk scene. You can just feel it. The cream rises to the top, no matter what.

Click here for more music from Connor and the fantastic new single via Spotify.

Head to Facebook for more info on gigs and more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

SONA – You must give this a minute of your time

Give Me A Minute exists at a place where electronica meets indie, where underground dance meets mainstream pop, where the cultish meets the commercial. It is a place where the best and most rewarding music experiments happen and SONA is right at the heart of it. The vocals could almost be a slow, charting R&B pop song and as great as her voice is, wandering between haunting and sultry, ethereal and sassy, it is what is going on behind it that really takes your breath away.

A slow clubland groove is layered up with pulsing waves of futuristic electronica, skittering percussion and a wonderful dynamic built through dynamic switches, break downs and crescendos. It is difficult to know where this fits in to the existing musical canon, but you can say that about all the best music. One half of the song screams chart success, the other just wants to be loved by only the most discerning musical tastemakers. That’s going to confuse the A&R teams who will inevitably come calling.