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Mic Hamm sends an invitation to feel with their forthcoming evocatively deep release ‘Pain’

Mic Hamm

Written in response to deep personal tragedy, Mic Hamm’s ‘Pain’ is an intimate, emotionally deep Hip Hop track, all fast flow vocal, rolling piano part, and thumping programmed 808 drum beats. It’s a classy single, dealing with loss, heartbreak, the breakup of a relationship, death, and disappointment, all the while musically well-constructed, overlapping rapped vocals sitting atop soft mellow piano and trappy beats.

Hamm’s sing-song lyrical style and confessional poetic vocal carry the track, the underlying beats and keyboards adding depth and grace and sophistication. ‘Pain’ might have come from a dark, low place, but there’s clearly much, much better things on the horizon for Mic Hamm.

You’ll have to wait a little bit longer before you can check out Pain for yourselves. In the meantime, head over to SoundCloud and check out the artist’s former releases.

Review by Alex Holmes


Lewis Shepperd’s ‘This Blood Is Yours’ – modern yet retro emo-tinged rock single takes us to the dark side.

There’s a distinct ‘Police’ feel to Lewis Shepperd’s bass-heavy driving new single ‘This Blood Is Yours’, a modern-yet-retro pop-rock style delivered courtesy of Regatta De Blanc or Outlandos d’Amour-style guitar and syncopated, off-beat bass work.

Luke Shepperd’s vocal is reminiscent of Sting on ‘Message In A Bottle’ or ‘Roxanne’, mixed in with some serious emo-cred through the track’s vampirism stylings, and with maybe a contemporary Ed Sheeran or Jamie T vibe thrown in for good measure. It’s mature but not jaded, classy without being elitist, the mastering genius of Pete Maher (The Killers, Liam Gallagher, The Rolling Stones) clearly adding a smattering of indie-rock sparkle to the track.

Shepperd’s debut single, ‘Me’, has already received over 25,000 views on YouTube, and was featured in Music Week Presents as well as being the ‘Tip of the Week’ on BBC Solent radio upon its release. On the basis of this, there’s every likelihood ‘This Blood Is Yours’ will outdo it.

See the video for ‘This Blood Is Yours’ on YouTube. Follow Lewis Shepperd on Instagram and Facebook.


Jaxn Faw wants us all to get ‘Next To Me’ with this perfect slice of RnB-tinged indie pop

Clocking up almost a quarter of a million streams and landing on some of Spotify’s biggest playlists in your first year producing your own music is the sort of impact new artists dream of when starting out, but South Australia’s Jaxn Faw has pretty much taken those numbers and run with them. With his first independently written and produced single, ‘Block Your Number’, being name-checked on New Music Friday across Australia and New Zealand, he’s now back with new track ‘Next To Me’.

A delicious slice of slightly chilled out indie-pop, ‘Next To Me’ is a catchy little love story set to a mildly electronic backbeat and nicely bouncy synth chords, all backing Jaxn Faw’s classy upfront vocal delivery, part pop, part hip-hop flow. It’s got some R&B soul in there, alongside the catchy pop sensibilities and charming little end chorus, a touch of old school Boyz II Men or Keith Sweat sitting comfortably alongside the more obvious Ed Sheeran, James Arthur, or Lewis Capaldi references. Put simply, ‘Next To Me’ is a great little radio-friendly indie-pop song, and on the basis of this Jaxn Faw is destined to go on to greater and greater things in 2021.

Listen to ‘Next To Me’ on Spotify; check out Jaxn Faw on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes



Kaedo has dropped their dynamically eclectic debut album ‘Overwhelmed’

After a string of successful singles, breaking Pop artist, Kaedo, has finally released their highly-anticipated debut album, ‘Overwhelmed’. Given that we’ve all spent a significant amount of time with that very same suffocatingly dizzy feeling lately, Kaeodo’s unpredictably immersive album is well worth delving into.

Each track exhibits the artist’s dynamic approach to crafting relatable hits, in the space of a single soundscape, you’re bounced from Ambient Acoustic Pop to Moody Electronic Pop with hints of RnB and Hip Hop in between for good measure. Another thing which remains constant through the 12-track release is the directness of the lyricism. With tracks such as ‘I Feel Used’, ‘What Have I Done’, ‘Lonely’ and ‘Terrified’, you’ve practically got an encyclopaedia of emotion laid out in front of you. The album leaves no room to wonder why Kaedo has been able to attract so much hype since making their debut.

You can check out Kaedo’s album Overwhelmed for yourselves via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Override Anxiety with Breaking Pop artist LIIYO’s Latest Single ‘Overwhelmed’

Usually, Pop ballads tend to narrate love stories which only seem to reflect Hollywood-style romance, with their latest single, ‘Overwhelmed’, London-based Pop artist LIIYO cut the pretence and projected plaintive resonant emotion which we have all felt at some point during lockdown.

Ultimately, Overwhelmed is reassurance that no matter how powerless you feel, no matter how much you feel like your sanity is slipping, those feelings will fade.

Overwhelmed is a sonorously cathartic aural extension of the artist’s compassion and tenacity when it comes to offering his fans exactly what they need to hear. It may have been their first time orchestrating a ballad, but LIIYO was able to bring a striking amount of maturity to Overwhelmed which followed on from their two precious releases ‘Bad Reaction’ and ‘Dizzy’.

With their affinity for KPOP, 90s RnB, Soul and 80s Electro all feeding their way into the mix, which was produced by Will Henderson, the instrumentals are as tender as the lyrics and vocals which offer pitch-perfect Pop harmony.

LIIYO may have only made his debut in Summer 2020, but previously, they were lending their talent to KPOP-inspired UK Pop groups who were responsible for bringing plenty of KPOP fever to this side of the pond. As a solo artist, LIIYO started to strive to find their own sound, instead of celebrating a pre-existing one. The result? Darker, deeper, more meaningful music that will undoubtedly become plenty of people’s playlist staples.

You can check out LIIYO’s latest single Overwhelmed for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Keep up to date with new releases from LIIYO via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Naud – Snaps it to us with his quirky Melting Pop style.

French artist Naud describes his music as ‘Melting Pop’, and while the pun might generate a slightly pained groan, the music certainly doesn’t; on reflection though, it’s a pretty apt description, ‘Snap It’, from Naud’s debut EP ‘Cames’ (which dropped on 31st October), being a bouncy swirling mixture of influences, combining Naud’s funk bass and guitar style with danceable beats, and electro style, and a heavily alt-pop swing to the arrangement and stop-start, sing-song, occasionally falsetto vocal.

Named, one assumes, with a nod to a certain French distillery on the isle of Pinthiers, in Pons, Naud describes his music as a mixture of cultural and stylistic influences, and ‘Snap It’ has the same kind of effect as his namesake’s signature gin and vodka, a heady intoxicating mix confounding the senses whilst remaining wholly pleasing and enjoyable; there’s a touch of Mika or maybe Beck to the track, in that whole ‘quirky, borderline kooky, non-conformist’ sort of way, and that’s entirely a good thing, allowing Naud free rein here to produce a glittering alternative pop track which effortlessly straddles the boundaries of pop, rock, and dance.

You can hear ‘Snap It’ on Soundcloud now, or check out Naud on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes


Jirko has made their Disco Pop debut with ‘I Feel You’

Finnish-born UK-based artist Jirko brought a potent serving of captivating authenticity to the Disco Pop genre with their debut single ‘I Feel You’. With sharp instrumental hooks and seamlessly transgressions, you’ll be rhythmically hooked from start to finish.

With the entrancing grooves, the distinction within their vocals which ooze sonorous magnetism, I Feel You is sure to be hit with any EDM fan who appreciates electronically expressive beats paired with raw, realistic emotion. If it was possible to fill dancefloors in the UK right now, I Feel You would definitely have people writhing to the ardent energy.

You can check out I Feel You via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Dave Sorrendino – No Goodbyes: A Perception-Shifting Elemental Aural Storm

Dave Sorrendino

New York-hailing, LA-based Indie Pop artist Dave Sorrendino has released their elemental aural storm of a single ‘No Goodbyes’. I may never look at goodbyes the same way ever again.

It’s easy to live in fear of loss. It is even easier to sour what we cherish with belief that we need to cling to it perpetually for it to retain positive meaning. No Goodbyes poignantly alludes to the benefit of looking beyond fear and finding timeless appreciation instead of wistful remorse around what we can no longer touch.

With the trepidation-laden moody beats and purposefully placed glitches in the soundscape which is painted in tones of grey, Dave Sorrendino’s powerful message sonorously resonates over the atmospheric instrumentals. If Leonard Cohen made his debut in 2020, I can’t help but feel it would be reminiscent of No Goodbyes.

You’ll need to wait a little longer before you can check out No Goodbyes for yourself. In the meantime, head over to their official website to listen to their earlier releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Ride the celestial highs and sonorous lows in L.H.B.’s standout single ‘You Are Fire’

If your Ambient Electro Pop playlists are crying out for some fresh ingenuity, Leeds, UK-based artist and producer L.H.B.’s standout single ‘You Are Fire’ won’t disappoint.

With celestial highs and sonorous lows within the artist’s dynamic vocal arsenal, you’ll feel every ounce of emotion poured into the contemplatively resounding single. As the lyrics conjure imagery which sits synergistically against the glitchy yet lush Synth Pop melodies, it is all too easy to get lost in the captivating mix.

Stylistically, it sits somewhere between the overwhelming prowess of Lady Gaga’s more stripped back hits and one of Empathy Test’s melancholically tinged works of Synth Pop. Expressively, L.H.B. is in a league of her own.

You can check out You Are Fire along with the rest of L.H.B.’s album Down Yonderland via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



Saphira takes us for an electronic ride down the Apocalytic Highway

Electronic Alternative Pop comes in many forms, from the wistful and ethereal to the heavy and dance-oriented. Sitting somewhere in the middle is this, the new single from ‘singer-songwriter from another dimension’ Saphira.

Taking in themes around impending environmental disaster, and humans apparent masochistic delight in letting the planet burn in the pursuit of a quick buck, ‘Apocalyptic Highway’ is a charming, ironic little satire set over a sparse melody of chimes, swirls, and swoops. Saphira’s vocal is mercurial, wandering between poetic spoken word and whimsical high-register singing, somewhere between Warpaint, Bjork, and the Cardigans. As much performance art as electronica, ‘Apocalyptic Highway’ is out now on all major streaming platforms.

Hear ‘Apocalyptic Highway’ on Spotify. See the video on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes