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RAGS AND RICHES Drop their Raucously Polished Alt Pop Rock Debut “SPEED OF SOUND”

“SPEED OF SOUND” is the debut single from RAGS AND RICHES; an American Alt Rock fourpiece who don’t fail to bring out the raucous side of Pop.

While Adam Levine may have tried his best to give Pop a Rock edge, clearly RAGS AND RICHES are a band blessed with the ability to create perfectly polished buzz saw riffs with raw vocals.

Combining vocal harmony with a complete lack of restraint was an ingenious move from RAGS AND RICHES who are sure to be of appeal to fans of bands such as the Black Keys. While all of the instruments sat in a tight arrangement in the debut, it was the deep reverberant throbs of the basslines which really took SPEED OF SOUND to the next level.

If this is what they’ve cooked up with their debut track, I can’t wait to hear what else they have in the pipelines.

You can check out SPEED OF SOUND for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Coco Valli – Seaside: Alt Pop Perfection

How a single can simultaneously devastate you at the same time as leaving you uplifted is the mark of a flawless masterpiece. While many may see the intricacy, quality, or level of talent on display as what makes a good track, what really matters is that ability to hit the sweet spot with your melody and leave the listener with no choice but to succumb to the allure and resonance of the soundscape.

That’s exactly what Coco Valli did with their latest single “Seaside” which is an unfiltered, sonorous work of Alt Pop Perfection, the duo evidently have a deft hand in conjuring a dreamy soundscape which keeps the instrumentals simple, and he vocal range diverse. From unrestrained screams to pitch-perfect Pop vocals versing romantically lyrics, you’re treated to it all with Seaside.

Coco Valli’s up and coming single which will be released today on February 14th – the perfect timing for an Indie Pop ballad to have you grabbing or the tissues on Valentines day.

You can check out the Seattle, US-based artist’s earlier releases by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Holly Fallon Sent Waves Through the Alt Pop Genre with Her Latest Release “Blonde”.

When it comes to Pop, there aren’t usually too many distorted guitars in the soundscape, thankfully Holly Fallon has come along with the raucously styled single “Blonde”. In fact, Holly Fallon added a fair few prodigal elements to her single; and it definitely didn’t go unnoticed.

Her vocal style sits in between the typically impossible to toe line of unapologetic attitude and a sweet personality. Which makes it all too easy to want to lose yourself in the narrative which she is painting with her sensual, striking vocals.

Along with carrying some Rock sensibilities through the use of acoustic instrument arrangements, the electronic effects allowed Blonde to the flirt with Hip Hop, and that’s a mash up I can guarantee you’ll want to hear.

After making a name for herself in the Nottingham music scene, it won’t be long until Holly Fallon’s radio-ready earworms are being appreciated as they climb the charts.

You can check out Holly Fallon’s latest release by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Teena – Dear Junior: The Soulful Aural Gem You Never Knew You Needed on Your Playlists

In recent years generic Pop artists haven’t left a lot of room for expressively talented Alt Pop Rock artists, yet, one artist who will have no trouble establishing herself is Long Island, NY-based artist Teena.

With her recent release “Dear Junior,” it’s clear that she’s found her signature style through fusing elements of Indie and psychedelic melodies into her synth and piano-led sound accompanied by acoustic drums. Any fans of Big Thief are sure to appreciate what Teena has cooked up with her distinctively soulful vocals which rest against the light instrumental arrangement. Even with the Indie vibe to the track, the production is still pitch-perfect for you to drink in the smooth immersive sound.

You can check out Teena’s latest single Dear Junior for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Marilyn Joy’s Experimental Alt Pop Spoken Word Single “Crisis”

Some may look to music for the instrumental melodies wrapped around layers of harmony, yet others, look for a connection, to hear the expression and poetry which comes to life through the lyricism. And the latter is exactly what Marilyn Joy has cooked up with her latest single “Crisis”.

In a spoken word style, the single unfolds in a way which would surely please fans of John Cooper Clarke, George the Poet and Kate the Tempest. The beat may be kept fairly simple to Crisis, yet, the same can’t be said for the lyrics which hook you in from the first verse and really draw you in through the imagery contained within the London-based artists introspection.

Head on over to Bandcamp to stream and download Marilyn Joy’s latest single Crisis which featured on her album “Crystal D’Arke”.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Chima – Macie: The Snaring Hooks of Alt Pop R&B

Multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and overall aural enigma Chima has recently released his third single “Macie”.  In his latest perfectly-produced single Chima’s emotively soulful sound carries elements of contemporary R&B and Alt Pop which comes together more seamlessly than you would think. To ensure that his sound transcends the vibes from your average R&B track, lush layers of synth are placed down upon a tentatively paced beat to create a uniquely fresh yet commercially appealing sound. Whilst the downtempo rhythm to the track is slow and steady the hooks contained within Macie are enough to snare you into the evocatively poignant sentiment to Macie.

In the short time since his first release in May 2018, Chima hasn’t failed to gain well-deserved recognition for his overwhelmingly ethereal radio-ready sound. And it looks like this is only the beginning for the breaking artist.

To check out Chima’s latest single Macie for yourselves head over to Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Leah Capelle – “Giants” EP: A Raucously Concordant Blend of Alt Pop and Rock

There are things you come to expect from singer-songwriters yet, the soundscapes contained within Leah Capelle’s 2018 EP certainly aren’t amongst them. Each of the five tracks received a perfect polish until they resounded with a sublimely raucous concordant kick.

Under the stylishly slick production lays Leah Capelle’s unflinchingly empowered soaring vocals, sludgy yet light instrumental progressions and some of the rawest lyrics you could ever care to hear. The LA-based artist’s unique style blends Alt Pop, with elements of Folk and Rock to compose a sound which bridges the gap between your contemporary Pop icons and Rock deities such as Hayley Williams with the first three tracks. Track four takes a slightly more archetypal tone as Leah uses an acoustic guitar as a platform for her resoundingly strong vocals. Track five, will crucify you with the power of Leah’s vocals against the wailing guitar riffs.

You can check out Giants for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Her Brothers – Human: Radio-Ready Alt Pop Rhythm

‘Human’ is the latest single from the Vancouver-based familial trio Her Brothers, their unique take on Alt Pop is perfect for anyone wanting to shake up their playlists and add a little vibrant nostalgia into the mix.

The up and coming artist’s diverse array of influences allow them to take elements from each genre to curate a fresh sound that no one can deny has mainstream potential. There’s almost a primal, world music feel behind the prelude of the beat, yet when the chorus hits, you find yourself in the midst of a more archetypal EDM Pop hit. But one thing’s for sure, the three bothers have infinitely more soul behind their sound compared to other boyband’s who are currently dominating the charts. The arrestingly unflinching vocals soar through the harmonies and grip you through the lyrical hooks to create pretty much the perfect Pop anthem.

You can check out Her Brothers’ single for yourselves by heading over to Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Lipstick Jodi – Anymore: High-Octane Bass-Heavy Alt Pop

Anymore is the cataclysmically anthemic Alternative Pop hit from Lipstick Jodi; the Michigan based trio is led by Karli Morehouse who has one of the sweetest antagonistic vocal bites I’ve heard this side of 1995. To create the perfect platform for her empowerment-soaked vocal offering is the orchestration of angular, high-octane guitar riffs which have quite the punch when paired with the tight drum rolls and deep bassline. With Anymore you can expect the polish of power pop paired with the dirty, rolling, grinding rhythms and lack of pure vocal restraint from Karli which gives the track an overall Alternative feel.

You can check out Lipstick Jodi’s single Anymore out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud, any fans of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Tegan and Sera and Metric are going to want out the bands decadently nostalgic bass-heavy Pop soundscapes which will remind you of the days when Garbage reigned supreme and everything was just a little better.

Anymore was just one of the tracks from Lipstick Jodi’s 2017 EP, here’s to hoping they get back in the studio and treat us to some more aural delights soon, because frankly, keeping that kind of talent to themselves would be criminal.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


LILURA – Feel Love: Nihilistic Electro Witch Pop

A Pop artist singing about not wanting to be in love? Has it ever happened before? I don’t believe it has. LILURA’s nihilistic approach to romantic Electro Indie Pop was creates one of the most ethereally compelling soundscapes I’ve heard from the Pop arena to date. It should come as no surprise that the up and coming Electro Pop artist takes inspiration from iconic acts such as David Bowie, Radiohead & Kate Bush to create her pensive offerings of poignant, euphoric synergy. Whilst the lyrics may be a little pensive her vocals are anything but, she gives Pop acts such as Taylor Swift a run for her money. Dare I say she has a touch of the Riot Grrrl empowerment within her vocal range? The passion which she pours into her vocals is perceptible right from the first verse, but the track only gains momentum from there on out. The Scottish singer songwriter may be new to the scene under the name of LILURA, but she’s no stranger to the stage lights after she’s toured the UK festival circuit with her acoustic projects.

You can check out LILURA’s latest track Feel Love on SoundCloud now, head on over to her Facebook page to stay up to date with all her latest releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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