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Take up arms with Harlym’s enrapturing Indie Soul Pop single ‘Battle’

If you’re always on the lookout for artists to add to your playlist to keep your consciousness company, look no further than the uniquely soulful aural offerings from American singer-songwriter Harlym.

Her recently released single, ‘Battle’, offers a relatable conversational narrative which doesn’t just help you to understand the artist and their intriguing introspection. You’ll also start to understand yourself a little more as you reflect on your own defences and coping strategies which you adopt to armour yourselves from internal and external trials and tribulations.

By all accounts, Harlym’s sound is stunning, but the essence of her music lies in the affable vibe which makes her music so compelling, sincere, honest and consoling. Say what you will about this generation of artists, at 17-years-old, Harlym offers unparalleled profound enlightenment.

You can check out Battle for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Dutch singer Bryan Montero rolls in with self-reflective ‘The Last’

Bryan Montero is a left handed singer-songwriter from The Netherlands who returns with his new release called ‘The Last‘.

You swear that this is the last time you get hurt from a relationship and then it happens again. You are now in a trap and just have to get out. This song is all about the journey to make sure that you value yourself from now on and not to carry these scars on. Is this way to make sure that you are free?

There are lots of passionate lyrics here from Bryan Montero’s ‘The Last‘ and the whole sound is on fantastic indie pop that tags at your heart strings. You feel sad for the singer as he has been hurt again but know that he will grow from this experience. This is a beautiful song that is one of the more memorable tracks of the year. This is an artist with soul.

Click here to hear this wonderfully vibrant single of YouTube.

Head through to Insta to find out more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Abi Flynn is a fantastic comeback story with ”Courage”

Abi Flynn is from Brighton in United Kingdom and has a spellbinding style that is a pleasure to listen to. She saves the day like a superhero with her beautiful new song called ”Courage”.

Courage” is packed full of deep vocals and magical drum beats and the ambiance is such a welcome addition to the airwaves of the world.

After recovering from the dreaded chemotherapy and making a full bounce back, Abi is one brave woman. She fought through cancer and never gave up. She then found out that she was giving birth and this must of been a huge shock to the system. After being told that her body was supposedly infertile, this is such a miracle of movie-type proportions. Abi Flynn is 2020’s UK comeback artist of the year and what an inspiration she is.

Courage” sums us 2020 perfectly and Abi Flynn is in stupendous form here. What a brave woman and what a talent.

Stream this wonderful soul song right here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

LA alt-pop artist Livi Dillon grabs her soul back with fantastic ”Who Gave You the Right”

You meet someone and you like them so much and things are good for a while. Then you dig deeper and see so much more. You then realize that are you are in fact with a real dead soul. Someone that is manipulative and they aren’t good for you at all. This changes you and need to find yourself again. A life-long lesson is learnt and you slowly start to dig out of the deep hole and start to see the light again.

Singer, producer and kick-ass artist. This is Livi Dillon. She is here with the brilliantly made ”Who Gave You the Right”. This song is for anyone that has been in a tough relationship with a cold person that showed their true colors to you and you did something about it. This is a top song and Livi is going from strength to strength in her career with consistently good releases for her fans.

Livi Dillon has a new fan right here and I like her music style. Her music is different and she is so honest with her lyrics that I relate to on ”Who Gave You the Right”. I’m glad that she got out of this unhealthy relationship and is now stronger after realizing it was all wrong for her soul.

Head through to Spotify to hear more of this incredible female artist.

Review by Llewelyn Screen

Casely urges us to make use of those real moments with ”Time Flies”

Time is always a precious moment and one that we need to make full use of. Being in that moment and really making it count, no matter how much you have of it. Casely has just put out a wonderful single that make you want to fly up and be with all those people you really care about.

This is a stunning song from R&B singer Casely as he takes us on a trip of passion and meaning. His voice is sharp and you want to listen to his every word. I love how peaceful this track is and the guitar riffs are calm and reassuring. His tale of love inside the song is sad but inspiring and we hear the hurt and stories about not letting pride get in the way- as this will eventually, hold us back. This is a fantastic song and one that all ages need to hear so that we can take a breath and look up above for guidance.

Stream more of ”Time Flies” and hear this fantastic artist via the YouTube channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

San Diego act Soul Flow reach the right notes with ”Survive”

Hip Hop soul is such a genuine type of music as it has all the right ingredients. Smooth bass lines, followed by soothing vocals that are of such a high standard. San Diego’s Soul Flow warm our hearts and for almost 3 minutes, helping us forget about all the hate and divide that we see on TV currently.

Just staying alive and going through stormy climates in order to get the promised land is the message here. ”Survive” is the new single for this upcoming band and it’s orchestrated to such effect to heal us all.

Soul Flow’‘ take us on a flight of survival and show you their pain while jazzing it up with a world class sound from the whole band. Trying to find that peace of mind is such a tough journey but we can do it, if we all work together. This is a fairly new band but they clearly enjoy playing together and they must be a pleasure to see live in he face. The song is simple, yet comes off genuine and effective. This is the start of an exciting chapter and we are along for the soul ride.

Stream this new Hip Hop band’s music right here on their Spotify page to get that good soul music.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

TheFemiFactor ”Last Summer” Remix ft Anna Gray is the song we need right now

With a playful start, a background sound that reminded me of a Mario and Yoshi video game, followed by the sultry voice of a goddess named Anna Gray. You just know this is going to be a hit and it exceeds all expectations. Thank you The FemiFactor.

His new 6 track EP called ”Feels Like Summer” is here and this particular track is exclusive on YouTube. Last Summer” Remix contains strong bass beats and a vibe that is so positive that my head just can’t stop nodding in tasty delight.

The FemiFactor has ripped off the band-aid to 2020 and together with the fantastic Anna Grey’s jazzy soul crispy vocals, has just officially opened up summer. With clever lyrics, plenty of audibles, a laid-back beat that I just want to hug, ‘Last SummerRemix will make us all forget about previous blunders and has given us all a song to truly bounce with.

Click here for the exclusive YouTube release of the song that isn’t available anywhere else.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Italia Shaniah shows the world her spellbinding voice in ”Mind Bound”

That beautiful moment is so rare, you can barely remember when it happens. Good things come to those who wait they say and my goodness, that saying is so right at this precise moment. Italia Shaniah has just taken my breath away and I think she will do the same to you.

A woman who is clearly very talented as she sings, plays the piano, dances and also is a guitarist. Italia Shaniah has just dropped her single ”Mind Bound”. This song is all about finding focus, slowing down and being patient for that moment that is coming. When is this moment you may ask? That is the point. We don’t really know. When it does come, you will know and you need to be ready. Have that conversation with yourself and get your mind right for this sacrifice will be worth it. For such a young woman, a realization like this is truly remarkable.

With police sirens in the background, I visualize Italia Shaniah to be looking outside her window at the world, confident in her abilities and getting ready for the next step of her career. ”Mind Bound” is one of the breakout tracks of 2020 as this cinematic experience portrays poise & class with a touch of reflection and maturity, which has been sent to us by Italia to keep our hearts warm and motivated, during this strange time in the planet around us.

YouTube is the place to hear the incredible talent that is Italia Shaniah.

Review by Llewelyn Screen

Acoustic Pursuit – S.H.Y.: Soulfully Mesmeric Acoustic

If your playlists are missing a little acoustic soul, then there really is no better sound to turn to than Acoustic Pursuit and their latest release S.H.Y. (She’s My, He’s My, You’re My…). The Pennsylvania-based artists reinvented the timeless bluesy rhythm under their acoustic procession which includes one of the most mesmerising basslines I’ve ever heard. The bassline intricately yet rhythmically thuds under the light notes of the guitar for the ultimate ethereal effect.

The synergy which sits between the male and female vocals is nothing short of alchemy together, they allow the sentiment behind S.H.Y. to really resonate, as if you’re hearing two sides of the same story and actually getting a full picture. Whilst there may be many tracks which are home to dual-vocals, there aren’t many acts who could rival that chemistry.

You can check out the official video to Acoustic Pursuit’s latest release by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Fantastic Mr Marcel – ‘Superman Cape’: Tearjerkingly Beautiful Acoustic Soul

Well, when you declare yourself as fantastic in your artist name, you’ve got a hell of a lot to live up to. But it’s safe to say Fantastic Mr Marcel is alive and kicking with his latest single ‘Superman Cape’.

Fantastic Mr Marcel may verse about gravitational forces within the lyricism, but the irony is that gravity is exactly what is contained within his soundscape. Before the first verse in the acoustic rendition fades out you’ve built a strong connection to the folkish quintessence which hits you curtesy of the acoustic guitar and ethereally bewitching vocals. Seriously, there’s no preparing you for the depth and essence offered to you by Fantastic Mr Marcel’s vocals. Superman Cape had the same bruising feeling as Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car on, you know the feeling – the one where you choke back the tears as you’re overcome by the stark beauty contained within the lyrics.

You can check out the video to Superman Cape by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast