TheFemiFactor ”Last Summer” Remix ft Anna Gray is the song we need right now

With a playful start, a background sound that reminded me of a Mario and Yoshi video game, followed by the sultry voice of a goddess named Anna Gray. You just know this is going to be a hit and it exceeds all expectations. Thank you The FemiFactor.

His new 6 track EP called ”Feels Like Summer” is here and this particular track is exclusive on YouTube. Last Summer” Remix contains strong bass beats and a vibe that is so positive that my head just can’t stop nodding in tasty delight.

The FemiFactor has ripped off the band-aid to 2020 and together with the fantastic Anna Grey’s jazzy soul crispy vocals, has just officially opened up summer. With clever lyrics, plenty of audibles, a laid-back beat that I just want to hug, ‘Last SummerRemix will make us all forget about previous blunders and has given us all a song to truly bounce with.

Click here for the exclusive YouTube release of the song that isn’t available anywhere else.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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