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Thought Leaders release Post-Punk single Radiator

Thought Leaders has dropped their single ‘Radiator’ pulling in that fierce Post-Punk sound, not being afraid to inject it with heaviness and a hardcore instrumentation.

From the get go, it starts off with this eerie sound that goes into the harsh riff on the electric guitar, adding in the powerful thump on the drum, making sure they bring the volume up a lot, showing the listeners just how crazy they can be.

With the raucous vocals, tending to go to that more guttural scream and making sure to hit every high note. This really does bring a more modernised twist to the iconic genre of Post-Punk and this band sure knows how to make a killer piece of music.

Having their own unique sound, giving their take on the genre and adding in a dark and mysterious edge to it, it’s manic and there’s a lot going on, but that’s why every element that has been poured into it works so well.

Check out Thought Leaders single Radiator by heading over to bandcamp now.

Review by Karley Myall


Swami Lushbeard releases Enemy: Infusing that old school Rock sound

Hailing from Los Angeles, Swami Lushbeard has dropped their latest single ‘Enemy’, now this is one hell of a throwback to the 80’s Rock scene, but giving it a more modernised twist and it’s perfect.

Starting off with the bash on the bass drum and the pluck on the electric guitar strings as the hit on the cymbal takes place, switching to the hardcore tune on the piano and combining each element to create this loud and manic instrumentation. But also having that occasional funk sound to it with the upbeat and lively melodies that flow in and out.

Having a rather gravelly tone to the voice, adding in that heap load of energy as it courses through the sound throughout. Having these infectious harmonies and grooves and you can’t help but love them as they combine all the elements of a hit rock song together and completely smash it.

Now if you’re a rock lover, be sure to check this one out.

Listen to Swami Lushbeards Enemy by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall


Arivian drops new single ‘Never Been to Paris’

Arivians new single ‘‘Never Been to Paris’’ is one that will get you moving and singing along, it has this insane catchy tune that gives you those feel-good vibes.

Embracing that synth-pop sound, even though it’s just been released it takes you back to that old school 80’s pop style that was a staple in that era. The way in which its sound gives off this cheery and positive feeling, it engages the listener within the first few seconds with it’s vigorous tempos.

The melodies pull you in and you can’t help but get the lyrics stuck in your head. The track is called Never Been to Paris and from what it sounds like it’s about a special someone, and not being to Paris but if he was to go  it would feel like being with her. It’s a sweet, romantic and meaningful song, emphasising that Paris is the city or romance and love.

We always want new musicians to listen too and if that’s something that you want to delve into and add songs to your playlist, make it this one.

If you want to check out Arivian’s new single you can do this by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Karley Myall


Goldielocks releases their latest pensively emotive 80s synth track “Dysphoria”

Dysphoria isn’t exactly the best feeling in the world. So, it came as no surprise that Goldielocks latest single “Dysphoria” ft. Elva Ray was a fairly pensive aural experience.

Usually, synth-laden EDM hits attempts to force-feed you euphoria, but with Dysphoria, Goldielocks wasn’t unsuccessful in creating a soundscape which accurately reflects the insidious disconcertment which comes along with doses of dysphoria.

Without a hint of shame, I’ll admit that I was choking back the tears by the time Dysphoria reached the outro. The Sydney, Australia-based artist and producer perceptibly has a deft ability utilise rhythmic pulses and ominous electronic effect to relay resonantly captivating melancholy. That may all sound a little bleak, but Dysphoria is still a stunning soundscape – especially with the inclusion of Elva Ray’s harmonically celestial vocals.

You can check out Goldielocks’ latest single Dysphoria for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Denim Dan’s – No Lies in Blue Skies: An Aural Offering of Eccentrically Expressive 80s Nostalgia

“No Lies in Blue Skies” is the title track from up and coming alternative artist Denim Dan’s 2018 album which is sure to be of appeal to fans of the indulgently charismatic sounds from icons such as David Bowie and Lou Reed.

Although, contained within Denim Dan’s soundscapes you will find chunkier riffs and a level of distinction which makes it clear that each one of his singles haven’t been composed to assimilate a former sound. Instead, it’s palpable that Denim Dan has poured his own eccentric expression to create accessibly smooth tracks which carry the perfect nostalgia of the sonic sounds of the 80s with a prodigal flair.

You can check out Denim Dan’s single No Lies in Blue Skies for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Dozenz Releases New 80’s Inspired Single “Need Nobody”

Dozenz is a British born, Emirati based songwriter and producer with a passion for Britpop and highly energetic rhythmic play in lyrics. The blazing sound created, particularly in the latest single “Need Nobody” is sure to get any listener moving. With an extensive background in the music industry as a songwriter, performer and producer, Dozenz is capable of creating a truly authentic sound that features a blend of cultural influences and original artistic ideas.

“Need Nobody” is a track which features strongly Dozenz’s Britpop and 80s influences. Apart from this it also features a very modern and crisp sense of melody which makes it the next potential radio hit. This song is guaranteed to have you singing and dancing along and it’s highly energetic vibe radiates fun and excitement. Another interesting factor which makes the song so interesting is its instrumental and vocal arrangement featuring two vocals and a myriad of electrifying synth sounds. “Need Nobody” is Dozenz’s latest single but this is just the beginning of what he has to offer. This track is also followed by a five track EP and a new album which is currently in the making, so make sure to keep an eye out for what’s to come next !

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Dozenz – The Truth: 80’s Pop Hype with A Little Extra Bite

Dozenz is the latest solo project from British singer song writer and producer, that brings the essence of essential 80’s pop to life. His latest track The Truth borders on the classic sound with a contemporary hype. Fans of the genre are in for a treat. His latest track which is now available for download has quickly gained notoriety amongst fans with his unique approach to his music. Inspired by Britpop artists such as Frankie Goes to Hollywood for their playful approach to rhythmic energy and lyrics. Dozenz has created a sound that will almost surely end up just as notorious. He creates an infectiously atmospheric sound, that’s a rich synthesised cacophony as he mixes his unique brand of Hip Hop into the mix

The talent that lies behind Dozens is Saleh Hamed and his passion for mixing trailblazing anthems that are piqued with the essence of diversity. He creates music out of his passion for unity, and uses his platform to spread messages of positivity that can resonate within everyone. With such a charming reproach to music production, it’s hard not to love Dozens.

So, check out the official music video to The Truth on the Youtube link below!


IVRY – Hands Off : A Retro Reinvention of Pop Magnanimity

IVRY is a Brooklyn, NY based Pop singer, song writer and producer, he’s thrown all of his deft talents together to create a sound with sharp hooks drawing to you into the beat. With a backbeat as infectious as Michael Jackson’s Thriller and just as retro the cross generational beat Is simply incorporating all of the best elements that pop has sampled since the 1970’s all the way up to the boy band sound that clogs up the radio waves today.

I adore the originality of the track, it’s evident that it’s not mass produced, polished to please the masses. Hands Off is a demonstration of pop music at its finest, with a beautiful raw element towards it. Right from the moment the beat kicks in, to the moment it fades out is absolutely flawless.

Hands Off is a track that invites R&B, soul, rock and synth into the mix. It takes a talented producer to create a sound today that sounds like it should have accompanied your favourite 80’s film. IVRY’s vocal range deserves a special mention, it’s fuelled by the magnetism of the singer as he skirts around the concepts of unrequited love.

Don’t Miss out on the infectious beat, check IVRY’s new track out on Soundcloud now


Introducing CHMBRS With Her Debut Single ‘Rabbit Hole’ And Artistic Movement Visual Released Via Vevo

CHMBRS is an artist that blurs the lines between electronic music and indie pop. Their sound is dark and moody, yet somehow pleasing and appealing. Their recent single “Rabbit Hole” is a great example of the project’s attitude and drive.

The song begins with brooding, low-ended synth lines, while the vocals creep in and soar beautifully to the top of the mix. The production later comes to life with layers of dreamy synths and powerful beats. I particularly love the fact that this song is truly shape-shifting. The atmosphere of the track varies, from its ethereal and dark intro, up to the really rich choruses and uplifting textures of the arrangements.

Find out more about CHMBRS and don’t miss the stunning music video that was released to accompany the song, now available on Youtube. The video offers a great insight on the CHMBRS aesthetics, featuring some stunning choreography and a nice approach to cinematography.

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Morgan sets the bar with R&B track ‘Upgrade’

Singer and performer Morgan was aiming to set the bar higher with his most recent single, Upgrade – and we can certainly say he managed to accomplish that!

The track falls somewhere in between the beautiful melodies of R&B track and the energy of hip-hop, going for a unique approach that has the best elements from both words. The edgy 808-style beats and beautiful melodic synths are perfect to drive the sound of the music, making for a truly suitable backing track for Morgan’s unmistakable vocals.

His tone is clean, bright and lush, echoing the work of extraordinarily gifted performers, including Frank Ocean, Drake or even Prince, just to mention but a few. Morgan’s singing is a perfect showcase of his lyrical abilities, as well as his talent for crafting memorable melodies and hooks that will undoubtedly remain stuck in your head for quite some time to come.

Every element in this track is top-notch, ranging  from the audio production down to the lyrics, performance and the stunning cover photoshoot, executed to absolute perfection.