Swapna Abraham – Gifted: Meet the Artist Putting Soul Back into the Pop Genre

Swapna is a timelessly talented songstress hailing from Dubai; her latest single Gifted proved to be the ultimate testament to her talent and passion for creating soulful and expressive music. There are few compositions that you will find as expressive as Gifted; the pulsating rhythms may flow melodically, yet the momentum behind the subtle arrangements can only be described as monumental. The recording quality may be a little lo fi, yet, despite that small detail Gifted is still a track with the capability to raise you to a higher plateau as you listen to the tentative piano melodies create an overwhelmingly powerful synergy that’s an absolute pleasure to get lost in.

As the track unfolds the momentum builds around the harmony of the acoustic instruments as they come together concordantly providing the perfect platform for Swapna to lay down her deep, echoing, enchanted vocals.

You can check out Swapna Abraham’s latest single Gifted out for yourselves now by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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