Strats Ft Butla Jones – Fast Life: A High-Vibe Attack of Hip Hop

Fast Life was the first visual release from Urban Hip Hop artist Strats’ double EP ‘Until I Die I’m Full of Life’ The title of that EP alone is enough to win me over. He’s poured the same high-vibe attitude into his stand-out debut single Fast Life.  The North Atlanta, US based producer and sickeningly talented rap artist appeared to exude a pioneering hype behind his latest track. The street style lyrics transform Fast Life into a lyrical masterpiece, however the over dubbed vocals allow Strat & Butla Jones vocals bleed into the track. If the production was stripped back a little and you got the full flavour of the rap artists vocal ability I have no doubt that this would be a 5 star track. Both artists have an infectious hype about them, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if you see a lot more of them in the future.

Check out the official music video to Fast Life on YouTube using the link below:

The full EP is available to download for free here:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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