Stoney Calzoney releases his latest doughy Hip Hop delicacy with “I’m a Real Calzone”

Honestly, I’m stumped. At this point, I thought I’d already heard everything Hip Hop had to throw at me. But up until today, I’d never checked out a track which solely revolved around pizza, but Stoney Calzoney’s doughy aural delight “I’m a Real Calzone” is a track I will almost certainly never forget.

Many artists attempting to pull off such a track may be in danger of coming across as a novelty act.  Yet the way Stoney Calzoney weaves ingenious lyrics into the concept single is nothing short of genius and thanks to the fiery beats behind I’m a Real Calzone, the track impossibly catchy. It’s artists such as Stoney Calzoney who carry the capacity for viral hits, you’d probably better put them on your radar now.

You can check out the slightly adorable official animated music video to I’m a Real Calzone for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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