Steve Buzzotta – Conscious Surrender: Sublimely Eclectic Alt Rock

Conscious Surrender is just one of the stellar singles from Steve Buzzotta’s latest album ‘Out of Order. If you’re a fan of Queens of the Stone Age or Iggy Pop you’re going to want to tune into the sublimely eclectic Alt Rock anthem. The riff heavy composition kicks off with a concordant cymbal thrashing before progressing into verse where you’re treated to an almost classic styling of Rock. Yet whilst Steve Buzzotta has roots in the classical his own unique brand of raucous energy carries a charismatic edge which is palpable right up until the fade out of the track. With the extended instrumental breakdowns Conscious Surrender is an audiophile’s treat. That’s without mentioning the seamless switch to the Industrial EDM arrangement which draws Conscious Surrender to a close. Some artists need an entire album to display their diversity, Steve Buzzotta only needed one track.

You can check out Steve Buzzotta’s latest single Conscious Surrender for yourselves by heading over to Reverbnation now

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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