The Spirit Of Violence Release Melodically Rich Track “Black Golden Body”

The Spirit of Violence are an Albany based rock band with a character and sound that is authentic and rich in harmonic and melodic texture. Their music is not like any of the typical rock out there. It has a very strong character and is musically intriguing in such a way even reminiscent of the music by Queen. Their latest release “Black Golden Body” has a harmonic and melodic drive that takes the listener on a whole journey through a variety of tonalities and chord functions. This sense of symphonic texture which keeps evolving and developing throughout the song make s it interesting from start to finish even for those who might not be into rock. It simply has good musical value and is enjoyable to listen to.

Apart from these drastic changes in harmonies the music is also characterised by tuneful vocal melodies and memorable guitar riffs that push the music forward even more. With piano arpeggiations highlighting specific harmonic changes and electrifying virtuosic guitar solos the music offers a little bit less than 3 minutes of pure energy and drive, leaving the listener wanting more. Check it out and you’ll see how unique this sound truly is.

Sarah Marie Bugeja

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