Soulful Rapper okay(K) Releases Brand New Single

Okay(k)’s sound has always been one that’s content with just being superb. This song has the capability to graceful swirl and enthral its listeners into its immaculate soundscapes that—apart from the ethereal spaces it open up in the minds of listeners—don’t rely on doing much else than just simply being beautiful. It’s always been the appeal behind the artist’s style of music: washy guitar and synth textures that leave just enough space for Okay(k)’s soothing vocals to shine brightly.

The track featured a legion of moving instrumental parts, from densely layered vocal to pleasantly detuned guitar melodies, with no section of the song overstaying its welcome before transitioning into another dreamy movement.

From the start of the song, “We’re Empty When We Aren’t Full” displays a greater focus on percussion than before, featuring a prominent kit instead of the familiar synthetic drum machine sequencing. It seamlessly transitions into the intoxicating beat which teems with melancholia through its balladic unfolding hooks and techy tones.

This track brings the listener into an entrancing gothic void that cuts straight into the heart with the brooding vocals of the artist. The music demonstrates the experimenting with deviations to their pre-conceived sound, challenging listeners to enjoy the song from a wholly new perspective.

The song is a beautiful and well crafted masterpiece.

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