Snüs Releases Electro-Retro Track “Dendrite”

Borrowing its name from Scandinavia’s most beloved tobacco habit, Snüs is all about creating stunning electronic dance music with a retro feel. I love the funk-inspired synth melodies of this track, which strike for a lush 70s vibes. The bright atmospheric tones are perfect match with the dense and powerful beats, while the song’s production also has many other stunning highlights, such as some chopped up vocal samples, present claps and groovy bass lines.

This mix is truly phenomenal, highlighting a different vision and a very eclectic approach to soundscaping and songwriting. In some cases, artists tend to either focus on their melodies, or on the atmospheric drones behind their music. In this particular occasion, Snüs is able to find the perfect balance, combining engaging melodic hooks with textural beats and backdrop sounds that add a rich, luscious musical landscape to the track. The song closes in at over 4 minutes, but it certainly leaves you screaming for more.

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