Smash Gang’s Debut Hip Hop Hit Drops with “Drippin Like Sauce”

“Drippin Like Sauce” is the debut single to be released from Smash Gang who have taken Hip Hop back to Old School with their authoritatively fresh mix. Anyone who favours Eminem’s relentless versing style over modern wavy Trap vocals is sure to appreciate the bars which run so hard you’ll be wondering if Smash Gang actually require oxygen.

The mix is left fairly raw to Drippin Like Sauce, yet, if you came for the lyrics and Smash Gang’s ability to wax lyrical you certainly won’t be disappointed as you listen to the polyphonically sweet Hip Hop mix run through. The beat has been kept relatively simple, yet it still serves as the perfect platform to lay down their bars on and get us infinitely excited to hear what comes next from Smash Gang.

You can check out Smash Gang’s latest single Drippin Like Sauce for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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