small disco – C R W L N G: The Lucid Catharsis of Chillwave DIY Pop

floralscent by small disco

“C R W L N G” is the latest single from Portsmouth, Ohio-based duo small disco. Their ambiently lucid mixes provide a refreshing soundscape of Glitch and Grime seamlessly weaved together. There is plenty of intricacy within the synthesised melodies, yet the heavy reverb dampens the drum machines glitchy kicks to provide a soundscape which you can’t help but be arrested by.  Usually, when it comes to DIY music, the lo fi production hinders the sound, yet small disco have proven that they have no problem producing fluidly resonant beats after composing prodigally experimental soundscapes.  Their expressive style wouldn’t be complete without the melodic vocals, whilst there is an unholy amount of reverb added to them, the talent behind vocalist Cassy Parker’s is still more than palpable.

You can check out C R W L N G from the “floralscent” album for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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