Slamnesia – Leading The High Life

A song called Too Broke to Get Stoned may sound like it is going to be a hippy anthem or a punk paean, but musically it comes at you like a strange, quirky indie-pop song. You have to love a curve ball, but the open and spacious nature of the song seems to fit the subject matter perfectly, more fittingly that some pseudo-hippyism psychedelia or ranting, snarling disaffected rabble rousing chant.

Musically it sits in that classic singer songwriter canon, wandering between English folk, mid-Atlantic acoustic pop and American roots influences, taking none of them too seriously but never slipping into the comedic realms that this subject matter often becomes when it tries too hard and seemingly delivered with a wry smile and a knowing wink. It blends the often overdone “guy with a guitar” vibe with some wonderful instrumentation and musical backdrops, enough sonic detail and wonderful design to keep things interesting but enough space that the song is accessible, honest and a bit strange. Kookiness, it would seem is next to Godliness.

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