Siti Slicka – So What: High-Fire Hip Hop Beats

With his ability to wax lyrical and use his elastic lyrical flex to create one of the most rhythmically on point Hip Hop singles we’ve heard in a while, it’s safe to say Siti Slicka is firmly on our radar.

The up and coming artist’s latest single “So What” is a smooth, yet simultaneously hyped New Wave Trap mix. Yet, one thing that separates Siti Slicka miles apart from the myriad of other New Wave Trap artists clogging up the radio waves is the Miami-based artist’s charismatic approach to his bars. You can hear the raw, uncompromised passion which runs through every line of So What which serves as an angsty offering of existentialism. Never before has a track about the uncertainty and injustice of life has hit harder through a Hip Hop track. Once So What has faded to a close you’re left sobered by the sentiment.

You can check out Siti Slicka’s latest single So What for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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