Silver Screens – Love the Way: The Ultimate R&B Mash Up Track

Listing to Silver Screens latest collaborative track Love the Way was as comfortable as coming home and putting on your favourite sweater. The R&B & Soul track may not be overly pioneering, yet it can’t be said that the track didn’t have charm.

Silver Screens teamed up with Philip Wild, Jess Clark & Chris O to create progressive track complete with organ grinding and some of the harshest Trap beats I’ve heard in along time. The switch up from the vocalists creates an unpredictable flow to Love the Way which was first released April 4th, 2018. The rap verses in the track were undeniably the most immersive element, sure it’s nice to hear a bit of R&B crooning, yet in 2018, there’s not much fresh ‘romantic’ material that R&B crooners can bring to the table. That said with Silver Screens vocals paired up with the rest of the stunning effects, you can hardly dispute that it doesn’t make for a resounding sound.

You can check out Silver Screens latest track Love the Way ft. Philip Wild, Jess Clark and Chris O on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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