T8PES – I Feel Good; The Grime Artist Bringing Back the Old School Rave Momentum

I Feel Good is the latest single from the up and coming Birmingham based Grime artist who clearly doesn’t care for sticking to the genre boundaries as much as he cares about creating electric beats that we can use to share the nostalgia, the connection and most importantly, the momentum behind the drops.

With T8PES latest single you can expect to hear a whole manner of elements of contemporary and retro styles which weave together to create something conceptually beautiful. From Old School Rave, to World Music to Hip Hop, it’s all riddled into the beat. The relentlessly clever and lyrics come in the form of traditional Grime rap verses, yet when the chorus hits T8PES proves that he’s more than able when it comes to vocal harmony with his almost R&B style crooning. What blew me away the most, was the polished standard of production to I Feel Good, it’s pretty God damn rare these days to happen across a Grime artist with squeaky clean production, massive beats and standout Rap talent.

You can check out the official music video to the latest track from T8PES when it drops on August 9th. Stick it in your diary, in the mean time get over to Facebook and join in with the countdown.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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