SenSitive- Where Your Heart Lives

British singer SenSitive, gifts music lovers with an irresistible classic love song. If you’ve ever fallen deeply in love with another human, then this is a song you can relate to.

The song plays out on a melancholic note that perfectly conveys the genuine feeling of love. SenSitive also does well to create simple lyrics that reflect the state of being madly in love with someone.

“I’ve got you on my mind and everybody knows, you make me feel alive…” It also has a chorus with lyrics “I live where your heart lives, I live where your mind is, I feel what you’re feeling.” She sings out as one who isn’t ashamed to declare her love. She even goes on to praise the eyes of her lover. “God really took his time and made your little eyes into twinkle little stars.”

SenSitive kills us with her impressive vocals on this soulful song as she’s got a voice that sounds as both soul music mavens Sade Adu and the late Amy Winehouse. We have no idea how she pulled that off, but her vocal delivery on this song shares the same style and contralto voice range of both great British singers.

Enough said, take a break from the fast tempo songs you’ve been accustomed to and listen to this powerful emotional song on YouTube. Trust us, you’re going to love this one.

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