SEAFAWN – SAFE & SOUND: A Viscerally Momentous Act of Genre Defiance

“SAFE & SOUND” was the first track to be released by up and coming Alt Pop EDM artist SEAFAWN – and the single is just as enamouring as the artist’s chosen title.

Straight from the prelude, you hear SEAFAWN smash the genre boundaries and limitations as the artist plays with viscerally momentous electronic build ups while using a melancholic vocal tone which will keep you hooked into the lyrical narrative.

The lyrics in SAFE & SOUND stretch far beyond what you’d expect from what could loosely be described as a Pop hit, prepare for plenty of hits of metaphysical poetry. And considering the level of distinction in SEAFAWN’s honest and vulnerable vocals, we have every faith that SEAFAWN will be an artist to watch in 2019.

You can check out SEAFAWN’s single SAFE & SOUND for yourselves now by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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