Say Days Ago – Disquiet: Melodically Mesmeric Post Hardcore

With a palpitatingly sweet prelude, it was hard to anticipate the aural attack which would greet me as Say Days Ago’s latest single “Disquiet” unfolded, because holy fuck. There was no preparing for the switch ups from the tentatively fragile guitar progressions to the raucous implosion of the instrumentals with the screamo vocals in the background as Mollee Allen’s sweetly concordant vocals sat atop of the mix.

Making Disquiet even sweeter is the fact it was created by the Husband and wife duo Thomas and Mollee Allen who are sure to give every fan of Post Hardcore couple envy. Yet, Say Days Ago is more than just your archetypal angsty outfit, Mollee’s vocals are ethereally captivating around the melodically raw instrumentals to Disquiet. I’d get the up and coming band on your radar, even though they may have only formed in 2018, I wouldn’t give it long until they break.

You can check out Say Days Ago’s debut single for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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