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Post-hardcore went pop in Cosmic Ninja’s latest earworm Stone Cold

Cosmic Ninja’s latest hit, Stone Cold, from the Filth EP, is a Tour De Force of infectiously ensnaring volition and a striking example of genre fusion done right. This track is a scintillatingly assaultive blend of post-hardcore’s raw energy and the catchy, rhythm-driven essence of pop.

The track is a masterclass in electronically augmented dynamic progression, seamlessly shifting from intense breakdowns to infectious hooks. Collaborating with John Mitchell, known for his work with Enter Shikari and Architects, was a stroke of genius. His expertise has helped shape Stone Cold into an earworm that’s impossible to ignore. The track is meticulously crafted, with each element – from the angst-driven raps to the soaring choruses – contributing to its overall potency.

Cosmic Ninja’s songwriting prowess is evident throughout Stone Cold, which unfolds an embodiment of the band’s disregard for genre constraints and their punk ethos. The lyrics are charged with political and social commentary, making the song not just an auditory experience but a thought-provoking protest.

The Filth EP is now available to stream in full on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Beast Killer lived up to their ferocious moniker in their feat of punk rock fervour, Comet

Beast Killer, the dynamic duo from Cleveland, Ohio, has once again proven their mettle in the alt-rock arena with their latest single from the album Dystopian Now/Dystopian Me. The recently released single, Comet, is a high-octane ride that seamlessly blends the rawness of punk with the edginess of hardcore, reminiscent of The Hives but with a distinctly Beast Killer twist.

Chris Wright (Vocals/Guitar) and Kris Monroe (Drums) have been collaborating for over a decade, and their chemistry is palpable in this release. The single bursts into life with an energy that is both frenetic and meticulously controlled, showcasing their instrumental precision. The hooks are bouncy yet laden with emotional depth, compelling listeners to engage with every beat.

Beast Killer lives up to their name in Comet by delivering a track that is ferocious in its execution. They pay homage to the early epochs of punk rock while simultaneously steering the genre towards an exciting future. The track transports listeners through a spectrum of emotions, from the ominous terror of space to a serene acceptance, mirroring the thematic journey of their album. The duo’s live performances are known to be explosive and commanding, and this energy is captured perfectly in this recording.

Comet is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ireland’s Idle Discourse reached the pinnacle of hardcore furore in their mechanical juggernaut, Rotten Egg

Idle Discourse came down hard(core) on the uncompromising nature of society and its proclivity to push the atypical to the sidelines in their ensnaring mechanical juggernaut of a dance track, Rotten Egg,

The thunderous, genre-defying anthem shakes the foundations of hardcore music by combining the raw energy of drum n bass, the electrifying spirit of Prodigy-esque dance, and the unyielding force of TRC-reminiscent hardcore while fusing a cacophonous mechanical edge reminiscent of BMTH and Enter Shikari and blazing past them on the evolutionary timeline of hardcore.

From the first note, it grips you in an adrenalizing chokehold and refuses to let go. Its brutal intensity is its relentless force, yet it’s the cheeky energy and profound message that truly sets this track apart. The narrative is woven seamlessly into the fabric of the song, making it not just a musical experience but a call to awareness and understanding. They used every ounce of their fervid volition to strike a fatal blow in the insidious heart of marginalisation.

‘No diagnosis’ – the chorus line – highlights the plight of those diminished by an apathetic system. It’s a reminder of the unseen struggles many face, from autism spectrum disorder to ADHD and unresolved trauma. Rotten Egg, while light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek, implores listeners to reconsider quick judgments and labels.

The band, comprising Craig ‘Sea High’ Hoey, Lorcan Bowens, Donal Bowens, Rob Gaffney, and Leigh Walsh, demonstrates a profound understanding of the human condition. Their fusion of metallic drum and bass with dystopian synth wave elements and hardcore-tinted sections reveals a band that has evolved in more ways than one.

Rotten Egg will sulphurise the airwaves on February 9th; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The paragons of post-hardcore, Heartbent, gave emo nostalgists more than they bargained for with their seminal hit, House of Mirrors

Emo nostalgists will be in for more than they’ve bargained for when they delve into the third EP, House of Mirrors, from the heretics of post-hardcore, Heartbent. After a melodic pop-punk prelude, the title single lives up to the band’s stake to the claim of being one of the most stylistically unique outfits on the post-hardcore scene.

From start to finish, House of Mirrors is a lesson in hook-rife volition. The pop-punk hooks are balanced between the installations of guttural furore, giving the hit an edge of dualistic Jekyll and Hyde vehemence. With hints of Gallows between the sticky-sweet increments of Rise Against-reminiscent energy, Heartbent found never-before-trodden intersections of hardcore and blazed right through them while bringing House of Mirrors to visceral life.

The way Elle Saulsbury’s backing vox temper Alex Folmer’s scathingly magnetic vocal delivery and the instrumentals thrive on the unpredictability within the progressions proves that Heartbent knows exactly how to tap into their uniquely synchronous dynamism that is taking the East Coast by storm.

The House of Mirrors EP hit the airwaves on January 12th. Stream the fervidly hooked 4-track release on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

the LVP delivered dejection driven through fervid volition in their math-rock-meets-post-hardcore release, Deepest, Darkest

Don’t let the humility in the Brooklyn-based fourpiece’s self-deprecating description of a “remedial math rock band” fool you; the LVP pioneered a meticulously crafted labyrinth of sound with their sophomore single, Deepest, Darkest, which fuses the rhythmic unpredictability of math rock with the electrifying rancour of post-hardcore. The single will throw all your preconceptions of math rock by the wayside with the prolific instrumental hooks which plunge you deeper into the confessionally candid antagonism.

Deepest, Darkest is a testament to the LVP’s lack of fear when delving into the depths of musical and emotional prowess. It is a viscerally intense masterclass in controlled chaos. The guitar lines, intricate and compelling, create a tapestry of sound that ensnares the listener, while the bass growls and drum rhythms punch through with relentless energy.

The band’s approach to math rock eschews genre norms for a sound that’s both innovative and deeply personal. The result is a track that’s as much a journey through the band’s musical landscape as it is a reflection of their inner turmoil.

The single’s emotional core is its greatest strength. It’s a cathartic release of pent-up emotions that resonates with anyone who’s ever felt the weight of dejection. The band’s ability to channel their feelings into a sound that’s both aggressive and melodic is a testament to their skill as musicians and storytellers.

Deepest, Darkest was officially released on December 15th, ahead of the LVP’s eponymous EP, which will hit all major streaming platforms on January 19th. Discover the LVP on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Post-hardcore meets hip hop in SEER SEEKER’s viscerally bruising standout release, GONE TOO LONG

Post-hardcore meets nu-metal and creates friction with hard-hitting hip-hop in the standout cinematic mash-up, GONE TOO LONG, from the hotly anticipated debut album TO THE CORE, from SEER SEEKER.

For the seminal track from the LP, SEER SEEKER took the foundation laid by Linkin Park and launched it into a brand-new scintillating atmosphere, which channels the same tumultuous visceralism as ground-breaking artists in the vein of Wage War, Polaris, and Fit for a King. While some artists are content getting up to speed with the contemporary curve, others are palpably determined to sit on a plateau above it. SEER SEEKER is definitively in the latter camp.

High-octane enigmatic energy courses through the electrifying release as SEER SEEKER uses every ounce of their volition to make the weight of the lyricism cascade with bruising and deeply affecting impact. Between the cross-appeal of the monolithic aesthetic and the up-and-coming artist’s maniacally larger-than-life charisma, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more promising breakthrough post-hardcore artist on the airwaves right now.

TO THE CORE was officially released on December 22. Stream it in full on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The future of alt-rock surged through Adamic’s latest post-hardcore sonic juggernaut, All of a Sudden

Adamic’s latest single All of a Sudden from their self-titled album is a ground-breaking addition to the alt-rock genre. Hailing from Linton, Indiana, Adamic has been shaping their unique sound since 2013, and this track is a testament to their artistic growth.

The song is a masterful blend of alternative, metal, and punk elements, reminiscent of the likes of Deftones, Foo Fighters, Tool, and P.O.D., yet it carves out its own identity. All of a Sudden stands out for its progressive arrangement, echoing bands like Bring Me the Horizon and Enter Shikari while offering a fresh perspective on post-hardcore. The crunchy guitars create a robust foundation, while the percussion leads listeners towards a euphoric oblivion. This innovative instrumentation ensures that the song remains engaging and unpredictable, a quality that will undoubtedly appeal to fans of alt-rock.

The vocal performance by Ian Swaby is another highlight. His endlessly soaring vocal lines drench the track in addictive energy, adding an emotive depth that resonates with listeners. Adamic’s decision to team up with producer Andrew Stanton of Disciple for their fourth studio album has clearly paid off, allowing them to elevate their sound to new heights.

The official music video for All of a Sudden is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Telling Secrets – Fall Behind: Impeccably produced, piercingly poignant post-hardcore

Telling Secrets masterfully captured the essence of emotion-driven post-hardcore with their latest single, Fall Behind, setting a new standard in the genre. The track, a pivotal piece in the band’s upward trajectory, showcases their extraordinary ability to blend thunderous guitars, angelic vocals, and sinister, atmospheric synths into a sound that is both raw and refined.

The polish of the production makes it almost impossible to distinguish where your consciousness ends and the sonics start as the confessional anthem delves into the complexities of mental turmoil. If you know how it feels to wage war with your demons in a bid to not give up the ghost on someone worth persevering, expect Fall Behind to strike some raw chords.

The journey of Fall Behind is as intriguing as its sound. Initially conceived before Telling Secrets was even formed, the track underwent various demos and re-recordings, ultimately culminating in what Vik Kovacs, the band’s founder and creative force, considers one of his best lyrical works.

Kovacs’ influences range from Led Zeppelin to Escape the Fate, contributing to his expansion into songwriting, vocal performance, and music production. This evolution is evident in Fall Behind, where every element showcases his comprehensive musical prowess.

The anticipation for Telling Secrets’ full-length LP, set for release in early 2024, is high, especially with the involvement of talents like Rachel Blum and Elliot Polokoff.

Fall Behind is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Post-Hardcore goes Pop (Punk) in Secular Era & Drexl Bowie’s single, Master Morality

Two juggnautical entities in their own sonic right, Secular Era and Drexl Bowie, converged to show mere mortals what ‘Master Morality’ sounds like with their latest release. With guitars augmented in the same vein as the hooks in MCR’s I’m Not Okay fused with Slipknot-esque nu-metal percussive proclivities and synthy melodies to keep the down and gutturally dirty track upbeat, Master Morality is an adrenalizing slice of ingenuity that will swallow you whole and spit you out drenched in rancorous euphoria.

While many heavier outfits turn their nose up at the tones of pop-punk, Secular Era & Drexl Bowie saw the potential within it. By using the stickiest and sweetest elements and infusing them into a tumultuously electrifying sequence, they made it impossible to find a track that hits harder while simultaneously keeping their finger on the guilty pleasure pulse. Putting Master Morality into words is no easy feat, but if you can imagine Nena’s 99 Red Balloons fused with Sugar We’re Goin Down and tasked Static X to pay ode to the cross-genre synthesis, you’d get an idea of the engrossing, ingenious, uninhibited insanity delivered via Master Morality.

Master Morality was officially released on December 1st; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

valetical synthesised hyper trap pop with post-hardcore in the vulnerable rancour of her latest release, attached

valetical has stormed into the alt-rock sphere with the innovatively cultivated debut EP, solitary, which melds post-hardcore rancour with elements of trap and hyper pop, to delicious, disquiet, distinctive effect.

With vulnerable vocal lines bleeding into the tumultuously infectious production, you can’t help but lean into the volatility that courses through the standout single, attached. For quieter reflections with the release, the EP also features a stripped-down version of the single, which reveals the evocative ingenuity within the lyrical lines, which won’t fail to strike all the right evocative notes.

After starting her career in 2018 as a satirical meme rapper who never shied away from cringey territory, the 14-year-old transgender artist and self-taught producer is making serious waves with her honed and already matured signature Expop (experimental-pop) sound. Solitary is the perfect exhibition of her ability to explore darker themes; it holds no prisoners while narrating the raw emotions a break-up can leave you to contend with as you traverse a surreal aftermath of affection.

Stream attached on Spotify and follow valetical’s ascent from the underground via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast