Sauce – Virginia Wine: The Cathartically Mesmeric Blues Single You Never Knew You Needed

“Virginia Wine” is the stunningly striking latest single from up and coming recording artist Sauce’s debut self-titled album. Straight from the prelude to the track, you’re gripped into the alchemically alluring progressions of the Jazz Blues guitar which switches into an off-beat rhythm once the hypnotically resonant vocals kick in.

Even after Virginia Wine concordantly swept to a close, there was no forgetting the cathartically mesmeric single which came alive through eclectic instrumental arrangements. Vocally, Sauce’s timelessly hard-hitting soulful vocal prowess should be enough to leave even the most acclaimed Blues crooners audibly quaking. There really is no overstating the strength behind his unrestrained, raw style. Fans of Michael Bublé will definitely want to check out the singer songwriter’s contemporary twist on Jazz Blues infused Pop

You can check out Sauce’s latest album by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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