There are some artists that command an infinite amount of admiration and respect through their music. SAMIERE with her humble demeanour is one of those artists. Her latest hit PRSPCTV featuring and produced by Femdouble is the epitome of an R&B & Soul masterpiece, SAMIERE is an artist that never disappoints with her natural harmonious lyrical abilities which she wraps around the sweet rattle and snare of the drum machine.

When the beat drops, you’re almost certainly going to fall a little bit in love with SAMERE. It’s almost a shame for the artist to put effects over her naturally empyreal voice, but it wraps up the track into the perfect package for fans of mid-tempo R&B to soak up.  I’m in love with SAMIERE’s sound and all she stands for. The profits of her latest EP ‘Moments’ go to help victims and survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Which you can download via iTunes here:

You can check out SAMIERE’S fresh new track PRSPCTV on SoundCloud using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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