RXCH – Like You (Feat. Seiairah Page) Raw, Relatable R&B

RXCH (Javon Mitchell) teamed up with Seiairah Page to create a R&B & Soul mix that will make you forget everything you thought you knew about R&B. The dirty mix, curtesy of the Saginaw Michigan based vocalist, songwriter, and all-round music genius has a unique edge to it’s flow, making it stand out in the swamp of sub-par R&B that’s floating round the scene today. His roots have a massive part to play in the orchestration of his tracks, he manages to keep his sound real, and raw wounding lyrics that are truly relatable to R&B/Soul, Hip Hop and Rap artists alike. The concept behind his latest album is to explore the strength of love and relationships between lovers, so if you like your music with a little bit of romanticism injected. You’re going to need to check out RXCH

Back in November 2017, RXCH dropped his debut self-titled EP, which featured Like You as the stand out track from his album, lending a vocal hand from Seiairah Page and her hauntingly melodic vocals which seamlessly resonate over the Synthy soul of the urban beats.

Check out Like You on Soundcloud by using the link below:


Review by Amelia Vandergast

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