Ren – The Timeline: The Raw Comeback Hip Hop Fans Have Been Waiting For

Hip Hop & Rap artist Ren has just dropped his latest single The Timeline off his come-back album ‘The New Cool’, after an 8 year wait it’s about damn time. The way Ren injects his own personality without a hint of futility into his music isn’t something that you hear every day. He sets himself apart from other Rap artists on the scene with his playful, yet dampened beats that ultimately give his vocal diversity the stage.  The momentum around the come-back is palpable you can taste the passion within the delivery as Ren spills out lyrics which are intended to inspire and uplift his fans. If Ren can produce lit tracks like this in his home studio, I’d love to hear what tracks he puts out when he snags that record deal along with the production company (it’s inevitable).

The emerging artist isn’t falling short on notoriety after the release of his latest 10 track album. You can check out the dope new track The Timeline on SoundCloud using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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