Rand Bowman – ‘I’ll Be on My Way’ – Delicately Rhythmic Rock


In recent months I’ve become no stranger to Rand Bowman’s compositions of guitar-driven mastery. Whilst his earlier tracks such as ‘Lose My Mind’ hit me with a decadently raucous energy which was all too easy to get caught up with, his latest 2018 single bruised me in a completely different way. You could taste the melancholic soul which was perceptibly poured into his single through the vocals and the poignantly penned lyrics.

The sentiment to ‘I’ll Be on My Way’ may have been pensively deep, yet the jangly progressions which came curtesy of Rand Bowman’s fretboard precision uplifted the track. There is no overstating how uniquely vibrant Rand Bowman is on guitar, match that with his sensuously soft Rock vocals and you’re in for one hell of a treat… and that’s before you get to the intangibly delicate riffs.

You can check out Rand Bowman’s latest single I’ll Be on My Way by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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