Rachel Rolleri – Favours: Stripped Back Acoustic Soul

Favours is just one of the blindingly emotive tracks from Rachel Rolleri’s latest soul inspired latest album ‘Black Book’. Rachel’s stripped back vocal style carries an almost overwhelming amount of weight as they verse the pensively penned lyrics which won’t fail to leave you feeling empowered after the track has drawn to a close. The acoustic instrumentals provide the perfect platform for Rachel to lay down her tentatively paced vocal offerings of sultry angst. It’s hard not to pity the fool that inspired Favours.

You can check out Rachel Rolleri’s latest album over Black Book over on Spotify now; if you’re looking for a sultrily veracious artist to add to your playlists, you definitely won’t be disappointed in her tantalisingly paced offering of pure aural alchemy. Each one of the tracks on Rachel’s 2017 album stands as testament to her talent when it comes to creating harrowingly resonance through her vocal harmonies. If you’re a fan of artists such as Christina Aguilara and Alicia Keys you’re going to be in heaven with Rachel Rolleri.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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